E-commerce SEO Checklist – 2018

Any endeavor to be successful needs to be pursued in a methodical manner. Sequential to-do-list will help in achieving the target within the time frame with least deviations. Business is no exception to this. In fact, chalking out a checklist is paramount for entities to be on the path towards their goal.

Are you a new merchandiser in the market? Did you start your e-commerce application recently? Are you looking for the best SEO services to make your e-commerce website or application reach the top of Google search?

list of must-do activities in E-Commerce SEO

Featured products

On your homepage, always keep some well-known spot for your featured products especially for the product items that are continuously in demand or currently on sale. It will allow customers to trigger shop. Ensure them that they have chosen the right platform for the online shopping

Brand Recognition

The primary thing you must be acquainted with is that you must use consistent branding today and always. Also, ensure that your logo or brand should be clearly visible on your page title or on your homepage. It will indeed help to establish and promote your business, assist in trigger recognition, support in search engine result pages and facilitates in building up trust all around in the digital markets.

A compelling call to action

Call to action

Always ensure that your product must have capabilities to influence the customers and it must meet the expectations as well as needs of the visitors. Therefore, it is indispensable that your homepage demands a compelling call to action. Never hesitate to share your online shopping experiences regarding the products on social media

About us

Customers are also conscious to know about the SEO company from which they are buying the products and they are also keen to know about their story and what motivates them etc. Business values and prominent beliefs motivate them to buy the products of their own choice. Return feature also motivates customers to buy products from the online stores. Team photograph and about us establish a healthy relationship between the seller and clients. Patagonia and Doppler are good examples to gain some inspiration.

Search option

Search option

There must be a search option for every online store where around or more than 20 products are available. To have a great visibility, ensure you put a right search option so that navigation for the customers should be user-friendly.

Shopping cart

Shopping cart

Every business has an objective of making more and more money via the shopping cart. So, in every E-Commerce Seo Services Website, the shopping cart must always be visible to the customers. Also, allow customers to add more and more products to the cart so that they can memorize about already added items to the shopping cart

Complete Engagement

Newsletters and advertisements engage the customers up to the maximum and transform visitors into valued customers. User-friendly websites help in overall engagement so that customers can feel comfortable in exploration and subscription

Immense Categories

Setting up of various product categories along with their accessibility to the customers is very important.

These structured categories facilitate visitors to reach out the different products’ groups as quickly as possible. These categories support customers about specific products to buy. Categories facilitate easy shopping process for the customers. Put yourself in the place of the shoppers and explore the available set of categories. Think from the customers’ viewpoint

Meta description

Meta descriptions indeed serve a very significant purpose in promoting online purchases. It is always recommended to add a product-focused Meta description to the product pages. It is indispensable to avoid Google from using the irrelevant or erroneous text in the search results

Product thumbnails

Product thumbnails

Most of the times, images say a lot more than words can do. It is particularly applicable when you have limited space to describe your products. To acquire the maximum number of clicks on the web page, encourage the addition of the stunning thumbnail images of your products. It becomes easy for the customers to pick up the product of their choice from huge varieties of products

Introductory content on category pages Adding the catchy introduction to each category page draws the customers’ attention towards the products. This introduction is like the glue that holds the collection of products on that page together.

Searching a particular product becomes an easy job for the customers.

Product imagesProduct images

Ensure to add clear images of the product on your product pages. These images must contain multiple views and must be zoom-able. Great images leave a great impression to improve the overall sales.

Product reviews

Product reviews

Trust as well as third-party reviews play a vital role in increasing the overall sales. Genuine product reviews trigger customers to shop for a particular product. The website must possess positive comments and reviews so that users could make up their mind to go with the particular product.

Be clear about pricing

Be clear about pricing

Never ever hide costs associated with the products. Always ensure a fair price to the customers so that they should not backfire or decide to cancel the order at the later stage. Such situations force shoppers to abandon their purchase.


SEO Services are needed for reputation driven marketing and management within the online domain of search engines and helps you to strengthen your brand name and consequently awareness and identity. Always inform customers about additional costs like shipping or taxes at the initial stage by Posting blogs about product pricing and offers. Sales level can be increased by offering free shipping etc.

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