itelligence india PVT LTD, an NTT DATA company offers fast-track SAP solutions powered with a perfect balance of technology innovation and intelligence. Founded in 1989, it has been developing tailor-made SAP software solutions to meet customers’ needs globally

We are delivering the best Digital Marketing Services for its innovative SAP solutions with the latest industry updates to get the desired results.

Challenges Faced
- Boost Organic website Rankings
- Increase the Organic Website Traffic
- Build brand awareness through Social Media Channels.
- Increased Social Media Followers
You need
Online Marketing Goals
Increase Rankings in
Search Engines
Content Marketing to provide regular news about the company and ongoing technologies
Increase Followers for LinkedIn India and Qatar Business Pages
SEO Activities
  • First, we have analyzed the competition within the industry. Based on the competition, we perform the complete website audit report.
  • Based on that report, we did the keyword research and finalized high competition business keywords.
  • After keywords are finalized, we made the complete on-page and technical setups to increase the visibility on all the search engines.
  • After that, we conduct the off-page audit for low-quality backlinks and removed them.
  • By doing the Off-page activities, we have increased the number of Quality backlinks
  • Within 45 Days, we have shown the website on the top page of the search engines and Increased the Traffic in India and Qatar locations.
SEO Appearance
It is the search results page that shows itelligence india website in the third place for the keyword “sap consulting companie”
Content Marketing
The main objective is to provide more information about their services and the latest updates
- we have created content weekly
- Increased no.of unique visits to the blogs
- Increased no.of reshares to each post
- Increased no.of backlinks
LinkedIn Followers
Social media is a golden nugget for business success. So, we made the best use of LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and followers by showcasing the client’s business and their services. For this, we have performed the following activities:
  • We have optimized their business pages as per the latest industry
  • Created Multiple Campaign to increase the User Engagement to the pages
  • Created Multiple campaigns for India and Qatar Locations for followers
  • Increased Followers for Both the locations
Ranking on the 1st page of Google for his keyword searches.
Increased the rankings for all targeted business keywords and Traffic of 60%.
Reached the potential customers by giving regular updates about the company and services.
Increased the followers for India location by 70%
Increased the followers for Qatar location by 50%
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