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Why ORM?

- Monitoring your brand
- Tailor fit ORM campaign
- Build client trust and credibility
- Evaluate your company reputation in online world
- Get to know your client
- Embellish your visibility
- Safeguard your digital footprint

Manage Search Engine Reputation

- Pull-up positive results
- Tackling negative reviews to ground
- Website link optimization
- Robust social media profiles
- Monitor traffic with Google Analytics
- Nurture online presence
- High ranking with more conversion rate

Be Benefited With Geekschip ORM

- Incremental growth of business
- Long lasting customer loyalty
- Attain brand exposure
- Restoring online presence reputation of your products
- Positive word of mouth on your brand
- Surge your transparency
- Improved keyword rankings
- Confer negative reviews

Our ORM Solutions

We understand that you believe in your products/ services, but since social media has evolved into a type of bait, Google search results ultimately define your product sales and its popularity, arousing the interest in your customers, regardless of how superior it is to those of your competitors.

You don't need to worry if you are unfamiliar with online strategic influences because we have a group of ORM service providers whose expertise will improve the ranking of your products while downplaying the negativity.

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How we work

How Geekschip Works?

Be relaxed and stay peaceful about your online reputation. We at Geekschip are always beside you and adept at executing the right techniques and strategies to project perfectly coupled with marketable picture of you. Our ORM services ensures to show positive results and related content too when someone Google you.

list_styleValue for branding
list_styleEmpower valuable insights and sales
list_styleBuild good will
list_stylePreventing disruptive rumours
list_styleRemapping Google SERP’s

We Identify – Evaluate – Convert through our online reputation management strategy and follow to take the necessary steps that boost up your reputation online. Moreover, our team members of digital marketing services are from diverse fields such as public relations, marketing and technology to give a rounded and professional service to clients.

Business's reputation is a glorified envelope, and you are looking at its strategic architects.



Geekschip delivers real business outcomes. Not marketing fluff.


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