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Out of sight is out of mind – the adage holds good across time periods.

Social media audit

Whenever there is an ongoing debate on Social media marketing, the discussion ends atFacebook and Twitter. But if you once do an effective market search with an open mind you maymeet other potent social platforms that may place your business on its online forum and you willcome across your targeted audiences with a smooth& close interaction. And it fuels social mediaoptimization coupled with sales elevation.

Geekschip- A leading social media marketing company offers unmatched SMM services withhundred plus satisfied clients over the orb. With effectual marketing strategy and innovativeideas, professionals at Geekschip shape businesses to lend higher visibility. Their knowledge ofsocial platforms, their evolving demands and recent market trends is totally up to date to craftyour business for user engagement and higher conversion rate for business uplift. Updating withrecent market vogue, we are offering quality SMM services through our affordable value-added social media marketing packages.


Social media is too huge and powerful a platform for businesses to take them light. For that, yourstrategy must be updated, media friendly and captive to pull thousands of eyes for dense traffics.And your business has that magnetic effect on social forum with planned Social listing.However, Social listing is all about efficacious social media research to hook the customerdemand and after getting that you can just implement that to your marketing strategy for higherclient engagement.


Pre-planning makes way easy. Persona development is the warmer that bakes your business tostand straight. The first and foremost check box is audience analysis, audiences’ requirement andtheir ever-growing demands. And this analysis helps serve the audience in a more pleasant way.So, develop an extra sense to pick your audience, get them and alter your business strategy in asuitable way.

In SMM, the media platform selection is vital. You have to do a thorough research over yourclients and competitors to get your potential customer and it aids to develop an idea aboutcustomer reach and list of platforms to be reached. In addition, SMM also deals with attractive and unique content for customer engagement minimizing bounce rate.

Here at Geekschip, we do a recce of client requirements, social media reach, recent contenttrends, customers’ needs and brand ethics & value to craft your business in the most organizedand presentable manner.

You need
  • Target audience segmentation for fine-tuned servicing
  • Meet segments at targeted social platforms
  • Understand your clients closely
  • Target manageable segments with varied relevant strategies
  • Marketing strategy tracking and evaluation
  • Go well-organized
Sentiment analysis
  • Analyze your brand position and reputation
  • Evaluate your online presence and product or service quality
  • Act on marketing strategy
  • Heighten campaign success rate
  • Improve product management
  • Shape up customer service
  • Generate potential leads
Social media amplification
  • Armed with skilled marketing strategy
  • Potent audience search
  • Reach optimization
  • pull quality traffic
  • effective client handling
  • profitable client relationship building
  • higher user engagement
  • conversion rate optimization
Reputation management

Going social is easy but maintaining online reputation with excellent product or service ratingand a constructive review is a challenge to grapple. Your social presence must be soothed pushing our audiences to go for it. In this high time, it’s quite congested to manage business and online reputation   side by side. With Online Reputation management (ORM)-

  • Improve your search ranking
  • Get higher visibility on SERP
  • Effective brand promotion
  • With minimal spent stay clean
  • Increase business transparency
  • Get ready to go leads

To make your business clean white, we at Geekschip, a social media marketing company assistour client over reputation management for lead upturn, sales boost and ultimately businessoptimization.

Analyze your brand position and reputation

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