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Social Media Segmentation

- Target audience segmentation for fine-tuned servicing
- Meet segments at targeted social platforms
- Understand your clients closely
- Target manageable segments with varied relevant strategies
- Marketing strategy tracking and evaluation
- Go well-organized

Sentiment Analysis

- Analyze your brand position and reputation
- Evaluate your online presence and product or service quality
- Act on marketing strategy
- Heighten campaign success rate
- Improve product management
- Shape up customer service
- Generate potential leads

Social Media Amplification

- Armed with skilled marketing strategy
- Potent audience search
- Reach optimization
- pull quality traffic
- effective client handling
- profitable client relationship building
- higher user engagement
- conversion rate optimization

Our SMM Solutions

We use social media platforms to help our clients increase sales, drive website traffic, and build their brands. Our dedicated social media marketing team works on generating user content, image, captions, scheduling, publishing, providing hashtags, analytics, profile management, data reporting, interactions etc. We help businesses by -

Boosting their awareness, making their brand stand out to stay ahead of their competitors.
Driving more inbound traffic to their websites and offering profile management.
Providing creative strategy, online campaigns, optimisation, and management.
Generating the reports, scaling systems for improvisation, and analytics.
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Reputation Management

Going social is easy but maintaining online reputation with excellent product or service rating and a constructive review is a challenge to grapple. Your social presence must be soothed pushing our audiences to go for it. In this high time, it’s quite congested to manage business and online reputation side by side. With Online Reputation management (ORM)-

list_styleImprove your search ranking
list_styleGet higher visibility on SERP
list_styleEffective brand promotion
list_styleWith minimal spent stay clean
list_styleIncrease business transparency
list_styleGet ready to go leads

To make your business clean white, we at Geekschip, a social media marketing company assist our client over reputation management for lead upturn, sales boost and ultimately business optimization.

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