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Digital Marketing Course

Quality Digital marketing courses in hyderabad and training program with placement assistance

Digital marketing is here to stay! It is a contemporary marketing strategy that is precise in identifying target audience and leaving a fruitful mark. Simply, the digitized marketing works for the same goal as that of traditional marketing practice. But comparatively at a very minimal cost. This is the modernized aspect of marketing - using props of digital media, digital analytics and many more. Digital marketing course in hyderabad is omnipresent. The ads you get in your browser i.e; in mobile, desktop and your active social media channels – all form various avatars of digital marketing.

In this competitive era, everyone wishes to be at the fore front with proficiency and expertise in tools and techniques. To be ahead in that queue, you need a training assistance for sure. We at GeeksChip – a Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad offers quality training program by our expert trainers having decades of marketing excellence.

Gearing your career up with Digital Marketing
  • In-demand profession
  • Prestigious career options
  • Opportunity for high pay jobs
  • Ever-growing industry demand
  • Diverse career options of your choice
  • Global exposure
  • Polished outlook
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why digital?
  • Get a high paying job
  • Master the digital marketing field
  • Design effective digital marketing strategies
  • Design digital marketing campaign
  • Design Ads marketing
  • Be proficient in user engagement
Social Media Analyst
Salary : 20k to 32k
After 3 years of experience
Designation - Social Media Manager
salary 42k to 80k
PPC Analyst
Salary: 15k to 25k
After 2 years of experience
Designation - Sr. PPC Analyst
Salary: 35k to 50k
Content Marketing Executive
Salary: 25k to 40k
After 3 years of experience
Designation- Content Marketing Manager
Salary: 50k to 70k
Digital Marketing Executive
Salary: 27k to 45k
After 3 years of experience
Designation- Digital Marketing Manager
Salary: 65k to 1L
Online Reputation Executive
Salary : 20k to 32k
After 3 years of experience
Designation- Online Reputation Manager
salary 42k to 80k
Freelance Digital Marketer
Monthly earning with just 2-3 projects: 50k to 85k
Monthly earning with just 4-5 projects: 1.2L to 2L
Course Particulars
Duration : 45days
Price : 25,000/-

Digital Marketing Training

  • SEO Audit strategies
  • Local SEO
  • Google analytics
  • Content marketing
  • International SEO
  • App store optimization strategies
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Online reputation marketing
  • Press release strategies
  • Branding
course outcomes
get your
dream job
  • Birds eye view of Digital Landscape
  • Ability to design and strategize online campaigns
  • Understanding and implementing brand building techniques
  • Using social media effectively to achieve desired goals
  • Ability to devise multi-channel strategy
  • Proficient knowledge in achieving traffic, engagement, conversion etc
  • Using tools and techniques to measure and monitor online strategies
With a very clear goal to make you market-perfect, here is GeeksChip

Digital Marketing Course

in Hyderabad . We provide real time experience under our Digital Marketing training program, which covers 90% of practical Training and 10% of theoretical training addressing all industries. Our comprehensive training program is conducted by industry experts.
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