10 Years Challenge – Digital Marketing

10 Years Challenge – Digital Marketing

Well, if you are an internet-savvy like me, without any doubt you come across the 10 Years Challange – Digital Marketing happening on social media for the last couple of weeks.

From celebrities to crying-in-the-corner singles, millions of have accepted this challenge. In the beginning, I thought it could be just another social media challenge nothing unusual than throwing buckets of ice water or accidental possibility challenge like Kiki. But, boy, I was so WRONG!

It is just BOOMING!!

And we must also admit that so much has happened over the last 10 years. So much that it has caked our minds how the things used to be earlier. Therefore, we decided to give a shot for this #10yearchallenge and take a look at how the business operations have changed over these years. And going down the memory lane is nostalgic, isn’t it?

Let us get Started:

We have seen countless technological advancements that have made a cakewalk to communicate with someone even on the opposite side of the globe. Back in 1990, the internet was a lethargic place and social media was simply unimaginable. In 1993, for the first time, the world is known to its first web banner and digital Marketing Services have set the ball rolling.

Yahoo was born and in no time, the organizations started participating in the race to have their own digital presence. But then, Google entered the marketplace and led us to the light and power of digital marketing. The situation has been more like, blink and you have missed it. With the growth of digital marketing, I can certainly say one thing, ‘if you do not keep up with the #trend, you will be left behind.” You always have to be up-to-date in the industry. By the time you complete reading this article, a new algorithm of a search engine might get launched. Seriously, no kidding!

Digital Marketing: Then and Now – 2019

Google Got Better:

Once upon a time, the only convention to make the customers know your product or service is through Newspapers, Voice Announcements, Yellow Pages, Business Magazines, Television commercials, and Billboards. A full page of advertisement could signify that it is a big business. All these practices were to increase the brand awareness and acquire customers in every possible way.

Here, there were search engines like Infoseek, Lycos, Yahoo!, and WebCrawler have made noteworthy steps in the digital evolution. But, as a matter of fact, the golden years did not occur until Google set afloat in the year, 1998 and there was no looking back. It is still the most popular and widely used search engine. With the introduction of Google Adwords in 2000 and Search Engine Optimization in 2003, everything changed online!

The search engines have started integrating advanced ranking algorithms and browsing has become personified like never before. Being able to aim the target browsers and develop strategies based on search patterns have raised the bars of an ultra new way of selling and communicating.

In a nutshell, the major difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is, it is a one-size-fits-all approach and on the other hand, it is customizable.

Marketing Became Less Pushy:

For the longest time, businesses and marketers have had to rely on cold calls, blindly targetting all in the hope of reaching at least someone interested in or even contacting without permission.

But now, things have changed upside down. Completely! You can now interact or engage with the end users who are really into your line of work. Thanks to the creation of content marketing and inbound marketing. You can now appeal to the customers’ interests and needs with tailor-made content.

And that is one of the ways how the internet has changed the way we market.


Social Media – Kept us Connected!

There was a time where everyone kept talking about a thing called ‘Facebook’ where you can be friends with anyone on the globe(only if they accept though!). Other than word-of-mouth or door-to-door marketing, there was no other way to interact with the consumers. However, with the emergence of social media platforms, over a billion people were connected and marketers immediately adapted to this quantum shift. By creating digital media campaigns, businesses have customized their search patterns according to the users’ choices and preferences. Thereafter, YouTube, WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Instagram have also held the tail of Facebook and given business a new way to engage with customers.

From preparing the database, filtering according to regions or gender, and then cold calling them all day long. But in this digital landscape, you can get in touch with the customers of any location, anywhere, anytime.

The digital landscape is the dynamic playground for marketers in today’s world and you must constantly scratch the surface of it to be in the wheel. It is full of real-time, data-driven, and personalized interactions with consumers. It has given the businesses an incredible power to reach anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

And, in the end, I would suggest you take up this challenge. And you may ask, how on earth this challenge is going to help my business? Well, businesses survive only if it follows the trend in this contemporary world!

So, do not get left behind. And get in touch with us to stay on top of your game.

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