7 Tech Trends to Watch out For 2020

7 Tech Trends to Watch out For 2020

We have already witnessed groundbreaking tech innovations in recent years. There was the rise of social robots, personal assistants, and the proliferation of the next new trend of voice search. We have seen a heavy deployment of chatbots and AI. 2020 is going to bring us a lot more!

It is essential for individuals and companies to keep up with current tech trends. With a futuristic approach, you can grasp better opportunities for your business. Take the instance of Artificial Intelligence. Companies have readily incorporated AI solutions into their business operations.

I spend most of my free time watching documentaries - thanks to my Spectrum TV Essentials package. Recently I saw one showcasing the next new trends in technology. Here's a list of key tech trends that are going to affect us soon!

2020’s Top 7 Tech Trends


1. Mobile Commerce.

2. 5G Network.

3. Artificial Intelligence as a Service.

4. Prescriptive Analytics.

5. The Decline of Applications.

6. The Collapse of Alternative-Cryptocurrency.

7. Tech Growth in Mid-Market.

Trend 1Mobile Commerce

It is not a new concept for any of us. It has been edging for quite some time. We are accustomed to shopping on our smartphones using mobile-optimized websites and intuitive apps.

But now we are about to be ushered into a completely card-less and cashless world! With the ability to make payments in brick-and-mortar stores with your Google Wallet and Apple Pay, we are going to experience something different. It’s already functioning in major cities in China. The use of WeChat and Alipay with the help of QR codes has made lives simpler. This trend will be more prevalent in 2020.

The only problem could be the battery life of our smartphones. But it can be taken care of!

Trend 2 : 5G Network 

Phone carriers have already introduced the fifth generation of wireless technology. Even if you are already using it, know that you can expect a lot more from this lightning-fast internet this year. The tidal wave of 5G continues to roll despite the concerns of the experts about what it can do to human bodies.

In 2020, expect to have simpler setup processes and increased bandwidth. We also anticipate 5G networks to facilitate the use of driverless cars and drones. This will allow rapid and smooth communication with other smart vehicles in the vicinity, which are going to be essential to smart, futuristic cities!

Trend 3 : Artificial Intelligence as a Service 

Combining AI services with Software as a service (SaaS) business model can help in bringing AI to more people without a huge price to pay. Impact of Artificial Intelligence  is becoming more advanced with every passing day. There are already AI-incorporated platforms, which offer services like processing-intensive GPU.

Tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others are currently offering machine-learning and training solutions. We are expecting to have a proliferation in these areas. 2020 will bring more specific and subscribe-able AI tasks.

Trend 4: Prescriptive Analytics 

Ever since the products of data-analytics began to proliferate, perspective analysis is been considered as a holy grail. So far, analytics tools are focused mostly on predictive and descriptive applications. We are expecting better arrangement and representation of historical data to have an improved understanding of the changes at hand. This will also help in making better predictions about future behaviors and events.

Prescriptive usage will become more refined with the tool in question being able to deliver useful options to take advantage of the results of predictive and descriptive analysis. Sectors of healthcare and oil and gas have already adopted Prescriptive Analytics. But we are going to witness it being widely adopted in many sectors in 2020. Here we discuss ITIL Introduction to business needs.

Trend 5: The Decline of Applications 

Finding and downloading apps is going to be the next problem for companies to be solved. This will bemuse them, considering the massive investments they have made for apps. They ventured into these heavy investments because of the competitive nature of app stores, which we have. Today, most of the Android users somehow face such kind of error, apps not downloading android error solution which restricts them from accessing their app from play store by not allowing them or stopping the downloading process.

Many tech pros believe that making apps more accessible from a cloud service is a good idea. This could also be done by scrapping them together for futuristic and progressive web apps. This will be more cost-effective and useful in the long run.

Trend 6 : The Collapse of Alternative-Cryptocurrency

Did you think we were going to miss out on blockchain and cryptocurrency on this list? Bitcoin is currently dominating the crypto market. And no one can deny that. This goes for those who think that it is the future of money and those who think it is a giant fraudulent scheme. Many cryptocurrencies have gone through a rise and fall. But Bitcoin has been consistent in its dominance. With its recent dominance to up to 69 percent, it is reckoned as the digital gold of a new kind!

In 2020, we are expecting a more practical application of Blockchain technology in sectors of healthcare, intellectual property, asset management, and so on. The changes that it is going to bring will be radical.

Trend 7 : Tech Growth in Mid-Market

It has been a common practice in the technology sector that we tend to determine decline or growth by considering the tech giants and big companies only. This approach is going to be changed. Tech growth in mid-market businesses is attracting more interest. They have a lot of growth potential and investors have recognized that.

Investors are now coming to terms with how to operate, own and invest in emerging online businesses and tech companies. We are already witnessing reports on the potential of the mid-market sector. I saw one on my IPTV that predicts that 2020 is going to be an interesting year for both tech giants as well as budding entrepreneurs and companies!

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