8 Reasons Why Digital Marketing for Business Growth is a Must?

8 Reasons Why Digital Marketing for Business Growth is a Must?

Reaching new customers and creating customer loyalty is the reason why traditional or online marketing is important for small businesses. However, in a company where every marketing euro counts - and let's be honest, nobody advertises to waste money - I think online marketing works faster, more effectively and in many cases cheaper than traditional marketing. In this blog post, I explain why!

1. Specific targeting - bait the hook

With Digital Marketing Services, you can reach the target group very specifically and quickly. This will allow you to target prospects, a target group that has never been in contact with your product/service, in different ways.

Below is a selection of the options:

1.Prospecting is intended to generate visibility and new visitors. Often the number of impressions, clicks and click-through ratios is looked at.Impressions are the number

2. of impressions on the web and in fact, indicate how "visible" you have been with your target group.

3.Clicks and click-through rates are the number of times that a potential customer has clicked and viewed the ad.

4.The great thing about online marketing is that you can also retarget. With retargeting, we approach people who have already been in contact with your product or service, but who have not (yet) purchased anything. By approaching this group of people again, you ensure that they make a purchase faster, simply because you remain top of mind with the potential customer with your product or service.

2. Range - the sky is the limit

When you sell products online, the world is the market - or as far as you are willing to ship products. Digital Marketing Companies will give you the opportunity to approach more people faster and more directly. In addition, you can create a presence at any time and on any device. People use their smartphone when they are on the move, with a desktop and laptop at work, but when you are at home on the couch, you use your tablet again. By being present at the right time, with the right message and on the right device, the chance of conversion is greatest.

3. Better ROI (Return on Investment) - value for money

Why? Because you are in control! You also see a higher return on investment when digital marketing strategies are used professionally. The points above are a good example of this. You are much more focused and you can analyze everything with Google Analytics. This way you can quickly exclude campaigns that do not pay off and use your budget efficiently for campaigns that are successful! Create awareness and stay top-of-mind, this leads to more conversions ... or more value for money!

4. Testing - put your website to the test

Online marketing offers the possibility to test initiatives effectively and quickly. Of course, there is the possibility to put a promotional code on a flyer or a telephone number in a magazine, but online marketing gives you the chance to follow the customer on many more variables. Where did a potential customer start searching, which search terms did he/she use and via which device was that done? Which text works best with which photo? Which advantages to name have the most effect on the website? What color should the button of your shopping cart be to stand out as much as possible? In short, how does a customer convert the fastest? Online marketing offers you the opportunity to work more responsively, to chart the customer journey and to use your media budget even more effectively.

5. Real-time - respond quickly & immediately

Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business or medium business in real-time marketing. Press "publish" and your message will be distributed immediately. Have you made a typo? No problem, this can be solved immediately! Traditional marketing is often time-consuming in publishing and printing errors are difficult to adjust. How annoying is it if, for example, your data is in a magazine, book or guide for a year? Or that the message does not match your target group at all! With online marketing, campaigns can usually be realized quickly, so that you can respond immediately to changes in the market.

6. Two-way traffic - "we" instead of "me" and "they"

Online marketing has the power to engage your customers. Think of social media management services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Interaction with customers ensures that you create customer loyalty and increase engagement. The feedback that customers leave, both positive and negative, is particularly valuable. Learnings based on this feedback give you the opportunity to grow as a company. Also for your NPS (Net Promoter Score) where the customer loyalty of an organization is measured, it is important to enter into interaction with your customer. Several studies show that organizations with high NPS have loyal customers who make repeat purchases faster. These loyal customers, also called "promoters", are the word of mouth of your company! The more, the better, right ?.

7. The world from "offline" to "online"!

Nowadays, people are increasingly orienting and reading via the internet. You can publish a printed text in a magazine, but many large magazines also have a digital edition/version. Traditional media no longer has the exclusive right to publication. A blog can now have many more readers than a newspaper. A YouTube or Facebook video can be viewed more often than a television program. For example, YouTube has more than a billion visitors per month. Publishing relevant information - also known as content marketing - is good if you want to attract more traffic to your website. Content marketing also ensures customer loyalty and authority within your industry, which in turn leads to more sales.

8. Available for everyone - small players and big boys

In short, whether you are a large organization or just a startup: online marketing is available for everyone. By offering high ROI within the less investment, online marketing helps both small and medium-sized businesses to compete with the big boys.


After reading the blog ask yourself what online marketing can mean for you, and how online marketing will aid your business growth while comparing with traditional marketing, and feel free to contact us without obligation!

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