April Calendar for Digital Marketing Events

April Calendar for Digital Marketing Events

Irrespective of the industries or technologies you are into, you need to keep pace with ongoing trends and turns. Digital marketing, the sizzling hot marketing platform that addresses contemporary Marketing Strategies tuned with digitization is no exception. If you are a digital marketer or a digital marketing analyst then updating your strategies and knowledge is primarily vital as fresh knowledge comes from the fresh air. There are varied forums worldwide to conduct talks, summit, meetups, conferences, and seminars to update the knowledge pile, polish it and streamline it in terms of tools and technologies. And for upcoming Digital Marketing Events and Conferences in April 2018; there are loads of such events with predefined dates and venues. If you are into digital marketing then you are at the right place. Just take a look –

Name Date Place Language Speaker
Email Evolution Conference Apr 4-6 New Orleans, Louisiana English
  1. Bob Garfield (co-host of WNYC’s on the media)
  2. David Sax (Journalist and writer for publications)
Nabshow Apr 7-12 Las Vegas, NV English
  1. Greg Walden (United state house of representations)
  2. Marian Pittman (Cox media group)
  3. Macro Tempest (directors fellow at the MIT Media Lab)
  4. Neal Mohan (YouTube)
  5. Christy Tanner (CBS news digital)
Marketing United Apr 9-11 Nashville, Tennessee English
  1. Mel Robbins (Award-winning CNN commentator and best-selling author)
  2. Jay Acunzo (Host of “Unthinkable ” podcast)
  3. Kindra Hall (Award-winning columnist, Author, and storytelling advisor)
Digital Dealer Apr 10-12 Orlando, FL English
  1. Ken Frye (e-commerce director, Jeff Wyler Automotive Family)
  2. Brian Finkelmeyer (Director of conquest business development, v Auto)
  3. Megan Glick (Director of Digital marketing strategy, Dealer eProcess)
Digital Summit Los Angeles Apr 10-11 Los Angeles, CA English
  1. Mitch Lowe (co-founder, Netflix)
  2. Jessica Coen (Director in chief and SVP, Mashable)
  3. Sofia Booth (VP, Audience development, Goop)
  4. Andrew Malcolm (CMO, Evernote)
  5. Mario Vinasco (Marketing analytics and data science, Uber)
  6. Ginger Shipm (marketing director, SAP)
Pubcon Florida Apr 10-12 Lauderdale, FL English
  1. Adam Proehl (Managing partner, NordicClick Interactive)
  2. Andrea Corson (Video Strategist and consultant, Video Pop)
  3. Andrea Silas (VP of technical support, DreamHost)
  4. Purna Virji (Senior manager of global engagement, Microsoft)
  5. Rachel Meyer (SEO manager, Infusionsoft)
eTail Connect Apr 11-13 Miami, FL English –––––
LocalU Apr 11 Austin, TX English
  1. Mike Blumenthal (Local University)
  2. Mary Bowling (Ignitor Digital marketing)
  3. Marissa Nordahal (Google, Inc.)
  4. Carrie Hill (Ignitor Digital)
LocalU Advanced Apr 12 Austin, TX English
  1. Mary Bowling (Ignitor Digital)
  2. Mike Ramsey (Nifty Marketing)
  3. David Mihm (Tigings)
  4. Marissa Nordahal (Google)
  5. Cindy Krum (Mobile Moxie)
Hero Conference Apr 16-18 Austin, TX English
  1. Brad Geddes (co-founder, AdAlysis)
  2. Frederick Vallaeys (co-founder, Optmyzer)
  3. Michael Akkerman (Head of a marketing partner, Pinterest)
  4. Puja Ramani (Head of marketing, Quora)
  5. Christi Olson (Head of the evangelism search, Bing)
Digital Summit Seattle Apr 17-18 Seattle, WA English
  1. Scott Dikkers (Founder, The Onion)
  2. Rachel Hepworth (Director of growth marketing, Slack)
  3. Peter Weinberg (Strategist and channel development, LinkedIn)
  4. Shama Keskar (Senior test engineer manager, Amazon)
  5. Mathew Sweezey (Principal of marketing insights, Salesforce)
MarTech Apr 23-25 San Jose, CA English
  1. Todd Barr (Sr. director of digital demand, Red Hat)
  2. Martin Aubut (Chief digital officer, L’Oréal Canada)
  3. Leigh Fatzinger (Founder and CEO, Turbine Labs)
  4. David Johnson (Director, Product Marketing, Oracle)
Marketing Summit Apr 23-24 Boston, MA English                    –––––
Social Media Week Apr 24-27 New York, NY English
  1. Meredith Kopit (EVP and COO, The New York Times Company)
  2. Melissa Bell (Publisher, Vox Media)
  3. Anjali Sud (CEO, Vimeo)
  4. John Nitti (CMO, Verizon)
SMSS Chicago Apr 25-26 Chicago, IL English
  1. Elly Deutch ()Global Social engagement campaign and advocacy manager, McDonald’s)
  2. Ryan Riess (Sr. Brand manager, Reese’s Brand, The Hershey Company)
  3. Lance Trueb (Social marketing manager, Microsoft)
  4. Jessila Weiss (Agency solutions manager, Facebook)
Interact18 Apr 25-26 Columbus, OH English
  1. Robert Rose (chief strategy officer, the content marketing institute)
  2. Michael Aagaard (Conversion optimization specialist)
  3. Amy Harrison (Sales Copywriter)
SoundBoard Apr 27 Atens, GA English
  1. Jasmine Atherton (Airbnb)
  2. Elli Bishop (Clearlink)
  3. Justin Blyden (Autotrader)
  4. Russell Jones (Moz)
  5. Rita Kozlov (Cloudflare)
  6. Peter Manca (HubSpot)
  7. Michael Papish (Sonos)
The Place Apr 30-May 2 New York, NY English
  1. Sarah Bird (CEO, Moz)
  2. Raj Sabhlok (President, ZOHO)
  3. Phillip Rather (Head of local partnership, Facebook)
  4. Anita Perez (VP of operation, TopSpot)
  5. Kelly Thomas Nojaim (VP, Partner Development, Microsoft)
Collision Apr 30 – May 3 New Orleans, Louisiana English
  1. Brad Smith (President, Microsoft)
  2. Mark Hurd (CEO, Oracle)
  3. Elie Seidman (CEO, Tinder)
  4. Anjali Sud (CEO, Vimeo)
  5. Antigone Davis (Global head of safety, Facebook)
  6. Navin Chaddha (MD, Mayfield)
  7. Monica Adractas ()Global director, Workplace by Facebook)
  8. Vish Makhijani (CEO, Udacity)


Plan accordingly. Try your best to join these events and take leverage out of these knowledge-sharing forums. Get back with the best outcomes and incorporate in your marketing blueprint to climb sky-high staying above the crowd. Good luck.

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