Importance of Digital marketing for Healthcare industry

Importance of Digital marketing for Healthcare industry

Progress is the name of change, adaptation, and naturalization. In this context, marketing techniques play smart to attract customers and it has become easier with digitized marketing processes boosting sales, profit, and Return on investment. Now, this marketing is spreading towards healthcare industries taking healthcare services to the next level. But how things are changing quite exciting to know.
According to Google, one out of every twenty searches on its platform is related to healthcare. And more importantly, the number is on a constant upswing- meaning happy days for the sector. This is good news for healthcare advertising agencies encouraging them to multifold their jobs to garner more eyes. Digital marketing has completely replaced the traditional Healthcare Marketing Practices.

Why you need Digital Marketing for your Hospital or Clinic?

Report says –

  • 84% of patients avail offline as well as online sources for clinic/hospital research.
  • Patients search for symptoms and conditions of diseases on the digital podium before visiting a doctor.
  • Digital content comes handy to schedule an appointment.

Before Scheduling an Appointment –

  • 44% of patients book appointments who research hospitals site using mobile.
  • 83 % of patients visit the hospital site to be informed about the service offered.
  • 50% of patients get influenced by sites rich with health information.
  • 26% of patients leave reviews on social media, websites, and Google reviews.
  • 1 in 8 patients follows online videos for testimonials and reviews.

After Booking an Appointment –

  • After availing service from a particular hospital, patients share their experience.
  • 12% of patients post review on social media.
  • 6% post reviews on hospital or clinic website.

How Digital Marketing Holds Advantages for Healthcare Sector?

  1. With digital marketing, you can track your customer’s behavior to streamline your services for elevated customer experience.
  2. Digital marketing reduces the spending on marketing by opening up loads of tiny yet effective marketing approaches, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Content marketing, broachers, website, and many more.
  3. It lets you engage your customers with alluring and informative content and infographics.
  4. Through email marketing and social media marketing, you can directly interact with your potential customers.
  5. With regular updates, you can maintain a healthy and long-lasting customer relationship.
  6. Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing Companies offer increased chances of personified marketing experience.
  7. Digital marketing is time-efficient, pocket-friendly, instant, effective and it offers the best possible ROI and up to 80% higher revenue over your marketing spend.

In light of the above impacts and advantages, the prime takeaway is –the healthcare sector should practice digital marketing. And if you are wishing to have higher visibility and build brand loyalty, it’s better to hire an effective healthcare marketing agency that might help you out with desired results.

Six Key Servings of a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

1. An easy to navigate presentable website

A finger-friendly website full of the desired information is paramount being the mirror to reflect you among your customers. Ensure to design an easy to use, mobile responsive, and patient-focused website with engaging content and info-graphs. Additionally, include your contact and address details, list out your services, appointment schedule, timings, and doctors profile for better understanding for your visitors that might aid you to get ready to go customers.

2. Informational blogs embedded in the website

Rich blog content helps your website to be at the top of the search engine result page and make you visible to customers wishing to avail healthcare service. Along with blogs, do publish the customer experience availing your services or testimonials that may inspire other patients to visit you. Updating novel medical information about diseases, causes, treatment, world survey results, healthy diet, and lifestyle is the key to the higher time of retention.

3. E-mail marketing

A captive website with rich text makes you searchable but with an informative email, you will be a step ahead. While some exclusive offers and promotions are going on, do a broadcast with informative bulk mail with an inviting note to make a large number of customers visit you.

4. Video marketing

Video marketing is in trend being time-efficient and educative at the same time. Do prepare relevant videos with associate physicians, doctors, and people having medical knowledge or your regular customers by asking them to share their experience. Then share those videos in varied social forums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube having huge customer followings. And if you are into healthcare services, then this article is exclusively for you. Take a look.

5. SEO to be taken care of

Search engine optimization holds significance for online visibility. Without any compromise implement a white hat SEO strategy for organic leads. While talking about white hat SEO, keywords come into the picture. So before doing any sorts of content do a thorough market and competitor research and list out potential keywords that are potent enough to drag customers to your site with ease. And include those shortlisted genuine keywords in your website and blog content, email, audio, and video to effectively invite loads of customers. In addition SEO Tricks, using an SEO tool, track your website performance and improve with desired elements to stay ahead of varied penalties asked by Google.

6. Social Media Marketing

Being an open forum, social media addresses huge customers. Hence, it is advisable to make your social visibility strong enough to arrest the interest of the visitors. With apt media, marketing planning picks the social podium that suits your business the best. Bombard that social media with relevant infographics, images, videos with inviting content taking leverage out of the broad forum by targeting genuine customers that result in conversion rate optimization and ultimately higher revenue.


Admiring the vitality of digital marketing in the healthcare industry, its implementation is paramount to experience sales boost with heavy web traffic. Estimating time and resource, plan for digital marketing strategy, and for the best result hire a healthcare digital marketing agency that aids you to uplift your online visibility and ultimately business optimization and a higher return on investment.

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