7 Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Furniture Store Sales

7 Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Furniture Store Sales

The furniture industry is one of the most profitable sectors of the global economy. In addition, there are numerous competitors in this industry. In this cut-throat competition, how can you stay on top of your game in increasing your furniture store sales?. There is the only way out!. Improve your online presence through digital marketing. Let’s talk about

7 digital marketing business ideas that boost furniture sales!.

1. Website optimization

Your website is the index of your furniture business. Many people search online before they purchase anything. So, ensure you have an appealing, updated, and user-friendly website. In addition, below furniture marketing strategies will improve your sales.

  • Setup a chatbot:  Chatbots can address all the queries of your website visitors in real time without your intervention. So, if visitors get the information they are looking for so fast, they can turn into prospects. Thus, website visitors can move towards a purchase.

  • Do organic SEO: Ensure your sites are optimized for high-value, buy-intent keywords that generate significant income.

  • Use 3D technology: You can showcase your furniture to customers so they can get a real sense of your inventory by using tools like AR (Augmented Reality) and 3D technology. Gather more eyeballs using 3D images of furniture on your landing page.

  • Use Crisp Content: Make sure your content is clear, concise, and compelling so that your customers can attract, engage, and retain with you.

 2Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the best digital marketing strategy that connects you with people worldwide. Through images, posts, and videos, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Messenger, and Pinterest enable businesses to establish a personal connection with customers and cultivate a relationship with them over time.

  • Instagram is an image and video-sharing social media platform. Feature your furniture consistently in your posts. Use high-quality HD and 3D images for a more personalized user experience. Also, showcase all variations of your furniture and create buzz for new furniture before arriving in your furniture stores.

  • Facebook: Create a business page, post regularly, and provide offers and discounts. This will definitely help you to improve sales of your furniture business.

  • Snapchat: Use Snapchat ads to reach the right shoppers, broaden your audience, boost sales, and cut advertising expenses. Your business will definitely reap improved ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

  • YouTube is an extremely powerful medium for the furniture market as this platform has 30 million daily active users. People love audio and video more than images. A video replaces a million words if a picture can convey a thousand words. So, introduce yourselves, your business, catalog of furniture, and other services in a short duration. Post videos regularly, engage them with your content, and establish personal connections with your audience.

  • LinkedIn: Create a business page for your furniture stores on LinkedIn, post your content with stunning visuals, and provide links that direct the users to your website.

  • Messenger: Many companies and startups have already utilized the mesmerizing features of messenger apps like WhatsApp Business for their furniture marketing.

  • Pinterest is a visual platform and must be included in your digital marketing furniture strategy because you will have the powerful audience engagement of social media networks and the traffic-generating potential of a visual search engine when you utilize Pinterest for business. Create attention-grabbing visuals with catchy lines of description, use rich pins, and provide links of your website so that you can improve more furniture store sales.

 3. Paid Ad Campaigns:

Sales can be increased more with Paid ad campaigns through PPC Advertising. Do A/B testing for landing pages of your furniture stores using multiple variations. Observe the ads that are gaining more traffic. It helps you to save time and money on the things that don’t work out.

Hire an advertising agency that is good at PPC marketing and paid ad campaigns.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

It is another profitable furniture marketing strategy to follow. Allow people who want to partner with your business as affiliates. In return for a commission, they can promote your brand and sell your furniture. Thus, you can boost furniture store sales and revenue with minimal effort.

5. Use AR/VR technology:

The use of AR and VR goes beyond only using them for video games. They are also helpful tools for marketing and sales. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have revolutionized the furniture market by providing interactive and immersive experiences to customers. They can visualize how the furniture a customer selects will look before purchasing it. Include this technology in your digital marketing strategies and improve customer experience.

6. Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing can also be included in furniture advertising ideas. Outperform your competitors by providing your services through mobile. People always won’t hold laptops everywhere they go, but they won’t forget to bring mobiles.

So, ensure your website is mobile optimized and allow shoppers to make payments seamlessly through Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other third-party payment methods. Furthermore, it is better to have a mobile app to break the furniture store sales funnel.

7. Influencer Marketing

Last but not least, collaborate with influencers. You can search for influencers, either social figures or experts in the furniture market, whom you think are the best fit to represent your quality furniture. Or else, you can associate with digital marketing companies like Geekschip, which specializes in influencer marketing. Run attractive influencer campaigns, attract more customers, improve furniture store sales, and earn more ROI.


How can the furniture sector remain outside this digital era when the rest of the world embraces new technology?. Leverage digital marketing strategies to boost your furniture store sales today. Because online marketing won’t break your banks as it is budget-friendly. Also, you will have improved brand awareness, sales, and revenue. Why wait?. Kick-start your ROI like never before!.

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