How To Grow A Startup Or Small Business With Low Costs

How To Grow A Startup Or Small Business With Low Costs

Behind every successful Business or big- there lies a saga of a fine balance between revenues and expenses. It is easy said than achieved. Most businesses end up in the dumps for failing to restrain its spend bill prudently.

Small businesses face this more so because of the very nature of their revenue inflows. Outflows during growth stage are diverse and each expenditure for business seems vital. A very fine line divides the necessary and avoidable, at times.

Several constituents contribute to the cost of running a business. Apart from the regular employee remuneration cost, the likes of communication costs, sales costs, customer management, research, etc chip in to swell the overall expenditure on business. A prudent business grows only when these variables are under control and are in justifiable limits as compared to market reality.

Choose Right Platform for Small Business Communication:

One of the most important dimensions of business is the versatility of its communication channel. Recognized as the virtual lifeline, small business marketing tends to splurge on this segment with an urge not to miss out on vital information flow. Additionally, the urge and need to stay connected all the time with the latest happenings in the business domain, right from the grass root level to the top, put a burden on the entrepreneurs to spend on costly and top-notch gadgets.

Startup Business is a picture of volatility and is usually a theatre of multiple locations. Unlike traditional forms of business, the current-day business is spread over vast geographical locations, spanning continents, sometimes.

Also, the necessity to tie up myriad issues from outside a central office space places a constraint for achieving the free and timely flow of information between stakeholders. This commands a unified platform for communication to minimize the cost of data exchange.


Sales- The Vital Building Block:

Sales channel forms a vital building block in the process of building your business swiftly. A properly designed and implemented sales funnel can help in automating most business activities.


Factor Technology:

Technology and its proper adaption to business will turn out to be its biggest growth facilitator.

Cut down the manual and time-consuming processes and procedures and ring in digital dimension into your business. Go tech, take your business, have a great website for your business, provide Mobile Apps for customers and see your business flourish rapidly.

Mobile technology eases communication between suppliers, clients, customers, and business owners and boosts the overall efficiency of the business. Use customer management software to scale quickly and without pitfalls. Leverage business-specific digital platforms to take your business global without heavy outlay in infrastructure.

Over the last couple of years, the concept of business chat apps has been proving a panacea for business communication ills.

Despite the presence of big players such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, etc., team communication tools from small software start-up’s are more easy to use, economical and trusted.

A recent survey indicated that more than 65% of SMEs prefer their own and personalized network of chat over the existing open-ended platforms like WhatsApp. Though the Facebook acquired WhatsApp has forayed into the business segment with its Business version, primarily, it retains the tag of the team chat app.

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Keep Your Ears To The Ground:

Research on competitors, market conditions, innovations in your field of business goes a long way in making qualitative changes in your business wherever required. Ensure to have a finger on the pulse of clients and customers through easy-to-use market information aggregator apps. Give your business the Growth Business tag by being at the forefront of competition. If you learn how to make money blogging, then you’re in the right place.

Sustain and Forge New Relationships :

Retaining existing customers and attracting new ones is a vital function for business growth. Both call for diverse strategies and require detailed strategizing and implementation of the same. Offer loyalty rewards, bonuses, coupons to keep customers interested in your business. The rewards and loyalty program is a sure shot method to fast track business growth. Offer incentives and deep discounts as a means to attract new customers.

Branch & Franch:

Spread wings, grow the faster way by franchising your business. Popularize your brand and let it make money for your business without the bother of investing heavy.


Look inside your business. See the gaps, possible fissures in processes, plug them. Analyze and understands your business demographics better to forge profitable relationships with suppliers and clients. Identify new opportunities on the go. There are likely dozens of new opportunities you could pursue immediately with the proper amount of analysis.

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