How can I rank number one on Google search?

How can I rank number one on Google search?

When you're trying to know how to make at number one position on Google, you need to spend a lot of time. The biggest challenge is that giants almost always dominate the first page unless you're searching for local data. Yet how did they make it to the first page?

Most of the giants on Google's first list have been around for quite a long time. For e.g., if you search Google for Plagiarism Checker, you'll see Prepostseo and a few other long-established companies on the first page of Google.

Which means they got the right things done for SEO, and you just can't compete with it. But there are other options to get onto Google's first list. You shouldn't use one-word keywords, and it's very likely. Have a look at Their hundreds of tools helped dozens of companies to get to the first page of Google, and they are also on the first page.

In this post, we will guide you on how to get your website on the first page of search engine. It needs your patience and hard work, but it will be totally worth it.

Make sure your site is fast enough

Google loves websites that are fast in loading. It is because quick websites give users using Google search great user experience. For every second, the website takes to load the bounce risk improves dramatically.

What you need to remember first is your hosting. Hosting your website with a quick and reliable and great hosting company would play a huge part in your SEO ratings.

Good hosting is the first step you ought to take to get a fast web site. You have to select a reputable partner if you are using a website builder as it also plays an important role in your company.

When you are using a WordPress theme, I find that in Google's Page Speed test, it is useful to check the sample websites. This way, you're going to be sure you get an optimized theme.

While researching how to get to Google's first list, it's crucial to remember that getting a sluggish website ensures you're never going to move into the first page. But making a fast website just ensures you've got a chance to appear on the frontlist.

However speed is strongly related to multimedia content. Whether you use high-resolution photos or videos on the website, the hosting software uses a lot of bandwidth, so the page loads slowly. Google Page speed helps you to check loading speed. When you have plugins for the sites, make sure to upgrade them along with the content management program that you are utilizing.

Develop a strategy for keywords

Keywords are vital elements to rank on the first page of Google. A keyword plan is simply a collection of keywords that you can address through your blog articles, ads, or something else. Through using a tool for keywords research, you can determine which keywords will better produce the data. A number of those tools are available such as Google Keyword Planner.

Essentially, what you want to do is to identify keywords that have a good search volume, but that is not too intense. When you've discovered ideal keywords for your website, continue applying them to your website everywhere. This covers products, articles, blogs, and everything that is on your website.

This should dramatically boost your SEO scores as long as it's normal and not unnecessarily pressured and make you rank higher on Google.

Compose marvelous content

Content is the most critical aspect of a website because, as often as it is SEO-optimized, it would never show in the top places if it is not relevant to the consumers as they search.

You have to compose writing, which is entertaining. Using real-life sources, equate, and use simple vocabulary. Carefully remove all grammar mistakes or use a grammar checker like to save time.

Write about a single subject, and do not overuse keywords. For e.g., use tabs to organize the content in such a way that Google can understand it too.

Optimize your website

It's just about improving the site to achieve the strongest potential SEO. You may think this guide isn't helping you know how to get on Google's first list, but it's vital to your future. Let's see some suggestions on website optimization.

  • Layout of the Website: When the website's layout is so complex, Google would consider it difficult to navigate and search all content. It is because there's little time for the Google crawler bot to crawl the website. And the website is suggested to be no more than 3 levels nested.
    Also, Google's John Mueller said in a hangout that pyramid-structured websites operate because the material is interrelated, and connections are important. When the material just exists in the sitemap so you can't access it from page to page so it's pointless because Google won't search them. 
  • Customer-first approach: Note that the website is not just about you or your company; it is also about your visitors' user experiences. Google is working tirelessly to seek and grasp the website's content and deliver clever responses and search queries.
    So searchers need to have successful exposure to premium material. Write about what the guests might expect, for example, use straightforward explications and plain words.
    Avoid densely filled menus, do not fill up the links on the page, and use short paragraphs. When indexing sites, Google wants to think about a searcher, so make the website based on them.

Insert backlinks & Increase Domain Authority+

Links are the internet's backbone. Hyperlinks allow websites to connect to each other. Throughout this way, searchers may view material from one website and proceed to read in another if the connection is important to them.

Hyperlinks from one website to another website are referred to as backlinks. If a resource is backlinked by several other websites, the domain owner's credibility rises. So it is quite likely that Google would rate that material higher on the search engine.

Backlinking is the most common way to do guest blogging. It's a mechanism where you write on another forum, typically in the same field, and in that blog post, you attach a link to your web site. Google counts the number of sites that connect back to your website, which is why guest blogging has recently become so common.

You can track backlinks and see if they are all connected to trustworthy websites using a backlink checker. Bad inbound traffic will destroy the credibility of your search engine, but the Google webmaster tool or bulk DA PA checker tool can help you to track and avoid this.

All in all

In no time, a brilliant SEO technique can get you rated high on Google. When you start using really aggressive keywords, of course, it would be a long time until you are on the first list.

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