How to choose the right Ecommerce marketing Agency for online Store

How to choose the right Ecommerce marketing Agency for online Store


Online advertising has plenty of channels and strategies to browse and it is continually evolving. An organization that focuses on digital marketing will have the information, aptitude and time to stay aware of changing trends. It's extreme for occupied experts and business people to keep steady over the most recent trends, learn new platforms, and an ace on digital marketing. E-commerce marketing If you have set up an online store or you want to do this, there are different ways to reach your target group. The importance of E-commerce Marketing for business comprises all activities to promote the sale of the products.

A selection of the possibilities

Below is a selection of the many possibilities to approach customers, both on their own web store or through other channels such as comparison websites. The marketing experts of the best digital marketing agency can guide the entire marketing strategy, but we can also advise you on a specific part of eCommerce.

Choosing the right eCommerce marketing agency will help you with the following services

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

With search engine optimization you achieve higher positions in Google. So you approach people who are actively looking for your products and strive to attract as many potential visitors to the webshop as possible. In addition, good findability contributes to the reliability of the organization. The basis of search engine optimization at marketing companies lies in collaboration; you know the market and we know the behavior of an internet user. Organic search results offer a sustainable result, which is why choosing the right eCommerce Seo company strategy will often focus on optimizing the website for organic search results. With this, you are always one step ahead of the competition and you create lasting visitor flows for the webshop.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In addition to improving findability through search engine optimization, you can also use Google Ads. With the help of this Search Engine Advertising, you can quickly and efficiently attract relevant visitors to the website. Because you can define specific target groups with Google Ads, we can use the Ads campaign very precisely on keywords that you would like to emphasize or keywords with which you have had little result in the organic search results. So with Google Adwords, results are within reach. Because we provide direct ROI insight for you, you can see every day whether the campaign is still profitable and whether you want to continue, adjust, or stop it.

3. Social Media Marketing

Besides advertising in the search engines with the help of Google Ads, you can also advertise through other channels on the internet. Think for example of banner campaigns, video marketing, social media marketing services, and other websites where your target group is located. With online advertising, you can efficiently create brand awareness and brand experience with your target group. During surfing, the logo and slogan is regularly shown to the target group. Logically, the start of an online advertising campaign starts with defining the target group and analyzing the behavior of the people in this target group. How do you appeal to the potential customer and how do you want to evoke the customer? At Geekschip - Ecommerce marketing company we think it is important that there is a good balance between being present on the internet and bothering the customer too much.

Social media is seen as the holy grail by many online store entrepreneurs. We want to nuance this view because we are convinced that there must be a good balance between the use of social media and the rest of the marketing strategy. Nevertheless, we are aware that you can reach large groups of potential customers with social media. You can also approach your target group very specifically through various channels. For example, via Facebook, you can build a valuable community and make effective use of the advertising space that is offered on the medium. This also applies to multiple social media.

4. Email marketing

Social Media is often mentioned as an instrument to reach a large audience. But also with email marketing, you can inform many people about the developments within the organization and thus create loyalty with the customers. Moreover, you can provide more and more relevant information with email marketing. However, the approach to email marketing is very close. How many emails do you not label as "spam" and immediately throw them away when the email arrives? That is why it is important to carefully compose every aspect of the email in order to maximize the return. At Geeks Chip we have the knowledge and experience to help you with email marketing and we can offer you the platforms with which you can easily send many emails in order to keep the target group involved in the ins and outs of the organization.

5. Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, advertisers reward their partners (affiliates) for the generated sales or forwarded leads. You can therefore easily offer the products from the website on other websites and thus increase sales. This will only cost you the reward you offer to the affiliates. Often this reward is expressed as a percentage of the sales price. We help you find the right partners and make the website suitable for affiliate marketing. So the support is in our hands, the success of the affiliate marketing is then for you.

6. Comparison sites

Comparison sites allow customers to easily compare products and base their decision on multiple factors. With our eCommerce marketing, we can select the relevant comparison sites for you and deliver the products in a structured manner to these websites. By registering the website on the various comparison sites, you show that you distinguish yourself from the competition and you are also present on a platform where people are looking for your product


Choosing the best eCommerce marketing agency could be the distinction in development or disappointment. A smart and very experienced agency will develop income, handle all that you need, and prevent you from going through the cash it takes to manufacture a group in-house, leaving you to concentrate on what you need to concentrate on. It is anything but a choice to be messed with and seeing how to get ready during the selection process can make it that much simpler on you and your group.

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