How to Develop an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019?

How to Develop an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019?

Let us not beat around the bush. It is inherent to know why a strategy is important before jumping into the development.

Why is owning a strategy necessary?

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” – Lee Bolman!

Well, Lee is absolutely right and so are you! Choosing a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business Goals is immaculate in this current contemporary world. The marketplace is indeed a war zone and if you want to triumph in it, you certainly need to strategize. There would be no delicious execution without meticulous planning. Get a crystal clear idea of who you are targeting or what exactly is your bottomline. Walking a long way does not matter if you are not sure of the destination. It would more like a “broken clock” theory. It is true two times a day and I agree. But, what about the rest twenty-two incorrect times? That’s why it is fundamental to have a strategy.

Identify the people who are interested in your kind of services and dig deeper to understand why do they like your brand. Invest your time and efforts in learning their behavior and chances are that you might come across your imperfections in approaching them. When you know your end users are, customizing the digital marketing services for business becomes easy-peasy. You cannot implement some random strategy and hope for a miracle.

Got it?

Now, let us look at how to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business Goals. And, digital marketing, because it has raised the bars for businesses to connect their customers anytime, anywhere online!

1. Search Engine Optimization:

The very fancy term you would come across while talking about digital marketing. Search engines, in general, are user-centric(especially Google). Before you kick into the marketing your service or product, the customers should identify you first. But this is where many businessmen go wrong! They only see it as a practice that would bring a better online presence and user experience, perhaps. But, the search engine’s idea is to let the businesses play and the website which incorporates all the guidelines would lift the trophy!


Why does Search Engine Optimization work?


Because more than 90 percent of the traffic comes from search engines.


But how should I use SEO for Effective Marketing Strategy?


  1. Implement long-tail keywords. And, I am telling you it never hurts to rely on long-tail keywords. Because they already contain your nuclear terms. For instance, American Designer Shoes for Men consists of Designer Shoes for men, men’s shoes, and as specified American designed. You see, one stone, two birds! Boom!
  2. Develop rich content and take advantage of link building. According to Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, creating high-quality content along with link building are important SEO indications.
  3. The SEO services have become so comfortable that even local search optimization is possible now. It is known that more than thirty(30) percent of people use mobiles to search for the geo-location-based results.
  4. Pay keen attention to page format, website load speed, metadata, duplicate content, responsiveness, accessible URLs, sitemap and more.

    2. Blogging:

    Blogging is effective but if the site isn’t being updated often, chances are that it could be considered as irrelevant and mostly rank lower. That’s why the company blog has to publish new content regularly not to fall out of the league.


    Why does blogging works?


    Because blogging four times a week can fetch you 3.5 times more website traffic and updating or republishing the old posts can also increase the traffic by more than 100 percent.


    How should I write an effective blog?


    First things first, do not write because you have to. Any niche of blog posts works only if the content presented there is compelling and beneficial to the users. Make sure you do not sound too professional while writing a blog and storytelling approach always works! Discover your own voice and organize the post well. It must have a noticeable goal and should drive the readers till the end.

    Never ever stuff the whole content in a single paragraph. You should always lend an ear to readability. Divide the content into simple and digestible chunks. Adding images, GIFs, or even embed videos could work as a cherry on the cake.

    3. Social Media Marketing:

    Social media marketing is unarguably one of the cost-effective and fruitful marketing strategies that come with an abundance target ways. We wake up with Facebook tagged notification and doze off with good night stickers in WhatsApp. People or users(read: you and me) have set up our accounts based on our likes and interests. It has become easier for the channels to discover the right type of audience and also to find out the feedback/opinion on our services.

    Social media marketing for brand reputation is indeed a bullseye! Creating brand awareness can be the foundation for successful marketing. It is also known that businesses are planning to invest more in social media to attract new customers and quickly obtain the reputation. And people also approach these channels in case of any feedback or query to be resolved.

    Why does social media marketing work?

    You know what, people search for more than two billion times on Facebook each day. And 61 percent of the website traffic comes from Facebook. Surprising eh?

    How to use Social Media effectively?

    Social media channels or platforms offer a magnificent playground and can be molded however you want. It can be automated and also scheduled for days, weeks, or even months in advance. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has allowed the audience to get in touch with the brand directly. And in return, brands are getting benefited because they will be forming healthy relationships with their prospective customers. You can conduct polls on Facebook and Instagram directly to know what customers are feeling about your brands so that you can serve better. Use this two-way communication and achieve better results.

    4. Email Marketing:

    E-mail marketing is NOT dead! It is evolving. It is usual to come across title proclaiming that email is dead! But the truth is it is far away from dead. As a matter of fact, it is stronger than ever and expected to grow further. Because customers still read emails and are absolutely okay with frequent emails if they are relevant to them.

    Why does email marketing work?

    Let the numbers speak in convincing you why email marketing has to be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing has made 122% Return On Investment(ROI) which is FOUR times greater than organic search or through social media. And retailers also claimed that it is one of their greatest ways of winning customer retention. According to a recent survey, it is estimated that the number of email users will touch its pinnacle, 2.9 Billion across the globe.



Despite the fact that these marketing tactics are effective in their own way, not every strategy can reach your expectations or achieve your goals. But one thing is for sure, you cannot just rely on a single resource. You have to bring multi-channel into play for productive outcomes. You can also associate with the best digital marketing agencies in case if you are looking for professional help.

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