How Website Hosting Can Impact Your Marketing?

How Website Hosting Can Impact Your Marketing?

Most of the business owners, especially the new ones, think hosting server as just a place where their website can reside. That’s the big illusion they have. In actuality, web hosting can make or break their online business. Just think of the situation is the hosting server goes corrupt and your hosting services provide even have not backed up the files. Unfortunately, you will lose all your data.

So, rather than considering hosting as just a way to make your website live, you should consider the impacts it can have on your business and its marketing in the long run. To help you understand hosting services a little better, here we have listed the ways it can impact your business.

Page Loading Speed:

Though page loading speed also depends on the website’s features and functionalities, it is highly dependent on the hosting server. For instance, if your website is not allocated enough resources or your hosting server has a high downtime, it will slow down the website speed and will distract the visitors.

According to research, over 40% of the visitors are likely to return if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Keeping this in mind, you should look for the best hosting provider that can assure minimal downtime and fast loading speed. Otherwise, you can use digital marketing services such as SEO to improve page loading speed.

IP Address:

It depends on the type of hosting plan and whether your website is provided with a personalized IP address or a shared one. In case your website is allocated a shared or insecure IP address, it will be easy for the spammers to target your website. Not only it will affect the functionality of your website but it will also have a negative impact on its credibility. You should always choose a plan that allows you to create a personalized IP address for your website.


In case your hosting provider is not able to maintain 99.99 uptime and the downtime turns out to be more than expected, it affects the reliability of your website and thus, your marketing efforts too. No matter what tactics you are using to enhance your website’s traffic and leads, you will not get success unless and until your website does not seem to be reliable.


If your hosting provider is not able to update his server as well as your website according to the latest updates, it will affect the performance of your website. A website that is not updated is likely to appear less in the searches and thus, will affect your marketing efforts.

Location of the Server:

Though the location of the server does not have much impact on marketing, it is likely to affect the results. As search engines try to provide local and relevant results to the users, your website will have a high probability of appearing in the searches if the hosting server is in the same location as that of your own location.

It is clear that Hosting Foundry plays a major role in making or breaking your marketing efforts. So, it is necessary to choose a hosting provider as well as a hosting plan carefully.

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