Importance of Digital marketing for shopping centers and Retail Stores

Importance of Digital marketing for shopping centers and Retail Stores

The online world has become part of our society and offers us many opportunities. Consider, for example, the convenience of being able to buy products and services online from home. The ideal opportunity for companies to respond to this and reach customers digitally, with the help of online marketing.

But where every rupee counts in every company, you as an entrepreneur may also ask yourself: what is the importance of digital marketing for shopping malls? Are my reach and success not enough with offline marketing alone? And does it actually make a significant contribution to achieving my goals? This blog will clear all your doubts.

Brief intro about Digital marketing platforms

First, digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing methods. An email campaign or a social media campaign, for example, can bring an advertisement to the consumer for a fraction of the price of an advertisement in weekly magazines or the design, printing, and distribution of an advertising brochure. Moreover, you can reach a much wider audience.

But one of the biggest advantages is the ease with which results can be measured and tracked. Instead of expensive or time-consuming market research, you can quickly collect data and measure the success of your marketing campaign almost in real-time. This allows you to optimize and set up the next campaign more efficiently.

The biggest motivation to add more and more digital elements to your marketing is that digital forms of marketing are rapidly taking over traditional information channels. More and more people are making their choice online when looking for certain services or products. The digital age is here. You can't escape that, even if you wanted to. Digital Marketing for shopping mallsthat do not adapt in time to the new marketing climate run a great risk of sooner or later experiencing the consequences of this and going under.

Why is digital marketing necessary for online shopping stores and malls?

Shopping areas today have to fight for the favor of the consumer who no longer naturally makes all his purchases in the nearest center. In addition, consumers are increasingly using different customer contact channels during the buying process and are developing into 'cross-channel shoppers'.

The aim of the digital marketing for the shopping mall project was to map the extent to which shopping centers can promote consumer attraction and combat spending power with the help of the Internet and social media. Based on content analysis, it was investigated to what extent shopping areas make use of the internet and social media (quantitative analysis). In addition, with the help of interviews, a number of best practices were described that give entrepreneurs and shopping area managers more insight into how shopping centers make effective use of the internet and social media in practice.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services for Shopping malls and retail stores

Many shopping areas are under pressure today. Partly due to the economic crisis, over-shopping, and the still increasing sales via the internet, many shopping centers in India are faced with declining visitor numbers. Here we explain and convince you of the importance of digital marketing for retail stores and shopping malls, with the following reasons.

Online marketing dominates the commercial world

It is almost impossible to ignore it: people are massively orientating online or are being informed en masse via online platforms. From reading a blog, comparing products to seeing inspiring videos. Whatever you wish to see or read: the internet provides the answer to your needs. It is therefore logical that your customers are also increasingly navigating online. A natural consequence is that offline marketing has faded into the background and online marketing is booming. Therefore forget the offline billboard, traditional newspaper advertisements, and TV promotions and get to know the importance of online marketing and the accompanying wide range of online possibilities to reach your target audience.

Reaching personal

Consumers today are inundated with information. Grabbing the attention of your target group is therefore becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, online marketing is the solution for you! Digital marketing services for shopping malls will have an asset in your hands by approaching people in a personal way and by targeting your target group. With personalized marketing, messages can be adapted to the needs of your target group and you can address them in a personal way. Think of messages that fit their interests or needs. For example, someone who already shows interest in your product or service will see a different message than someone who does not yet know what they are looking for.

Online marketing also offers a great opportunity to retarget. People who have previously come into contact with your product or service are approached again and are convinced to choose your product or service in an attractive way, based on a personal message. This way you receive more relevant leads through online marketing and they are turned into loyal customers. A good reason why online marketing is important.

Online marketing is measurable

In contrast to offline marketing, digital marketing services are completely measurable. By linking your website to Google Analytics, all actions by visitors to your website can be measured. Who came in how, which pages do they view and how do they convert? How many visitors request the newsletter? How many people don't pay for the shopping cart? Online marketing is a handy way to receive important results from your website and webshop and to keep a close eye on your online performance. On the basis of this data, your channels can also be set up in a more targeted manner and you can thus better respond to achieving your goals.

Two-way traffic - greater connectedness

Seeing a banner on a billboard or watching a TV commercial. They are old-fashioned ways of one-way traffic where you as a company just have to wait and see how potential customers respond to your ad and whether they can find your company. With the advent of online marketing, a new world of advertising has emerged. After all, the importance of online marketing lies in the power to engage customers. You offer customers an accessible way to contact your company. By means of various buttons on your website and the various contact options via social media, e-mail, website chatbot, or live chat, interacting with customers becomes easy. Involvement is increased and customer loyalty increases.

It is a great two-way street that helps your company to build relationships with customers. You get to know them better, their company. Customers feel valued and build a bond with your brand. With a Digital marketing companyyou have the key to building trust. The result: loyal customers who will return.


Making a profit as cheaply as possible and achieving success. Every company wants that, right? Online marketing is simply cheaper than offline marketing. For example, online advertising via Google Ads or Facebook Ads can be used much more cheaply, compared to advertising via a TV advertisement or in a magazine. In addition, there can also be more targeted advertising, so that no money is wasted on people who fall outside your target group. Add to this that all results are transparent and can be used to be able to use your online marketing even more effectively and thus save more costs, then the question ‘What is the Importance digital marketing for online shopping stores’ has already been largely answered.

How Geekschip helps to achieve its marketing necessity?

Promotion and marketing for your shopping center are essential. The consumer can choose from a huge range of shopping options and should be tempted to come to your center. And preferably as often and as long as possible.

Our marketing managers are fully active in the field. They work together with retailers, trend watchers, colleagues, and our center managers to arrive at the right marketing strategy and promotional campaigns. We investigate what resonates with residents in your catchment area and present our plan to make your shopping center lively and successful. We coordinate and monitor the complete implementation by the selected advertising agencies.


Due to increased competition between shopping areas, effective marketing is crucial to winning the favor of consumers. Internet marketing and social media can play an important role in this. Nevertheless, many shopping centers do not yet make sufficient or insufficient use of these marketing channels, while they can have a positive effect on consumer loyalty and turnover.





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