Importance of Branding in the Automobile Industry? 9 Strategies to Drive More Sales

Importance of Branding in the Automobile Industry? 9 Strategies to Drive More Sales

Importance of Branding in the Automobile Industry

Regardless of whether it is a family carriage, a luxury car or the first traveling trolley: Digital Marketing Strategies of the Automobile Industry are extremely important. Because a successful online presence has a positive impact on customers' buying decisions. We show you current studies on the automobile industry in terms of social media and online marketing, introduce you to the most successful internet campaigns of the past year and clarify about social media trends that will become important for the automotive industry in 2020.

In the industry comparison, the auto industry is a real engagement hunter and what more could you ask for as a social media expert than followers who like to interact? Nevertheless, the automotive industry still has a lot of potential to generate new target groups and achieve a greater reach. In recent years, all major car brands have started to be present online and invest in the online sector. Now it will become clear who is really good at digital marketing and who is running out of rank.

Let's have a look on Digital Marketing Strategies of Automobile Industry

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important measures to attract new visitors to the website. Who optimizes his site can be found for search engine keywords. For efficient optimization, it is necessary to determine the most important keywords of your company and to integrate them repeatedly into the content of your website (on-page SEO). Of course, SEO Services is much more than just important keywords. A well-developed link structure with both internal and external links, versatile content formats and high technical functionality are essential. According to recent research almost, all the requirements of the automobile industry are taken into consideration. We run numerous analytics to determine the best automobiles SEO Servicesand strategies and attract more and more traffic to your website. Our automotive SEO experts will make sure that your website gets it’s due from the search engines.

  • 84% of all buyers of new-vehicles are using a search engine before shopping for a car which is a record in itself.
  • 73% of those who are shopping for cars will read a dealership review online which would be written by other buyers of the same product.
  • 88% of users looking to buy a new-vehicle now use the Internet.
  • It is a proven fact that online shopping is a time-saving and cost-effective process, starting from researching to the buying process.

Content Marketing

Content is king. And not without reason. Good content not only attracts visitors and keeps them on your website, and good content also supports the expert positions of companies and convinces customers to trust (and ultimately buy) the company and the products. Many people may be unsure which model/brand should buy and which gives good fuel efficiency and mileage, for them the content marketing services is the only way to give information. Providing the information related to the models, brands, their features in the form of blogs sounds great and marketing it through social media is fuel to your industry. The main advantage with high-quality and SEO-optimized content you manage to rank in search engines and in this way attract potential prospects to your site. Content marketing and SEO must, therefore, go hand in hand.

Google AdWords Advertisements

Google AdWords ads are a paid marketing strategy to attract new customers on the internet. An AdWords ad is a text ad for a specific keyword that you specify. For example, if someone is looking for "buy a new car", your store ad may appear when you bid money on this keyword.

Select keywords that are relevant to your business and place ads for the most important keywords. Briefly and concisely communicate your Unique Selling Points and integrate CTA texts that encourage you to click on the advertisement. The advertisement must be linked to a landing page on your website to bring users one step closer to the product and therefore to a conversion.

Importance of social media platforms

A study by Track Maven examines the social media impact 2016 across various industries. It showed that followers of the automotive industry are spread across all social media platforms. Facebook is still the undisputed number one, with the largest number of followers in the industry, but Twitter and Instagram, in particular, are also stable pillars for the various car brands. Pinterest is rather negligible, but otherwise, you shouldn't rely solely on the Facebook horse, but the different channels should be used. Since the automotive industry has a very diverse customer group, this need increases to serve a good mix of social media sites with content. It has also been clear for a long time that potential customers primarily use online information to make a purchase decision. However, the buying decision process for a car is more complex than that in the clothing industry, for example. It is, therefore, all the more important that the automotive industry achieves stable brand awareness via social media: users from a wide variety of target groups should have a positive connection to a car brand before they even think about buying a new car.

  • Statistics prove: the number of followers is not the same as engagement

This is also proven by one of our studies: The automotive industry gets exorbitantly more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook, although Facebook is the social media platform with the largest number of followers. Facebook, on the other hand, gets even less interaction than Pinterest - the pin platform is in a second-place far behind Instagram. Twitter, on the other hand, takes the last place.

So the automotive industry has to make a decision: reach many users via Facebook, but get little commitment for it? Or invest in Instagram to generate new target groups through interaction with followers? Best of both. We recommend to be aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of the platforms and to design the marketing accordingly. Our best-of-campaigns show why.

  • Online reputation management with social media

What happened at Opel? Did they get hacked? These and similar questions were probably asked by Opel followers last November. Because the automotive group was really unfriendly via Twitter - other companies, but also their own company, were victims of the various posts. Eventually, Opel disbanded and explained that the world-famous cat Grumpy has taken over its marketing management.

Under the hashtag #OpelGoesGrumpy, the car company entertained the users and there was even a Grumpy Opel calendar to stage the new marketing face aka Grumpy Cat. And of course, a suitable event was not to be missed - the new Opel Astra was officially presented on it. Because that was the idea behind the fun social media strategy: marketing the new Opel Astra. We think that Opel did a wonderful job. And we think it's great how, thanks to Grumpy Cat, the group raised the Twitter engagement low.

  • Email marketing: activate leads with newsletter campaigns

You can also generate organic reach via emails and social media. With an advanced social media strategy and creative, targeted posts, you can inspire your buyers and increase visibility. It is not only about publishing perfect articles and news, but the company profile is also important. It offers the opportunity to profile you as a reliable and professional company.

  • A possible order of such a mailing series might look like this:
  • Welcome your prospects and new contacts. For example, offer discounts or vouchers in the mailing, or request more contact information to get to know your new readers better.
  • Use buying interest with special discount promotions or recommend a specific product to the recipient.
  • If you have contacted a customer, maintain communication. Keep new customers interested in discounts, thank them for reading the mailings and give relevant product recommendations.
  • Loyalty programs reward the loyalty and trust of your customers. For example, send vouchers for birthdays or anniversaries to strengthen your relationship with the customer.


Mostly in the automobile industry, every dealers needs to increase the sales and brand awareness for their brand, this can happen when you hire the best automobile Digital Marketing Agency. The best strategy approach can sell the product very easily, target the modern customers and connect them digitally.

As per the recent reports almost 70% of marketing is investing in digital marketing. The automotive industry also must under the needs of the consumers to buy effectively using digital marketing and take their business to a high level.

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