Importance of Local SEO Services for Startup Companies

Importance of Local SEO Services for Startup Companies

It is becoming increasingly important for small businesses and shops to use local search engine optimization (local SEO) to attract relevant website visitors as well as visitors in the physical vicinity of the point of sale. Below are some tips that will help your company with this.

First, explain what is the importance of Local SEO for startups and small businesses now. While the signals had been clear for quite some time, the importance of local search became a fact with the launch of Google's latest algorithm update on July 24, 2015, dubbed “Pigeon”. The pigeon update from Google is an algorithm update that shows more relevant and accurate search results that match the local environment of the Google user.

All recent updates from Google were named after an animal, a penguin, panda, and hummingbird. This update, which is all about local search results, was unofficially named after the pigeon because pigeons tend to fly back.

Start with an SEO Audit

Look before you optimize. If not, you already have a reason why your local SEO services aren't paying off. This is not a uniform sausage. No two companies are the same, so we don't apply everything we can.

Choose a number of optimizations that suit your company. That is why it is best to start with an SEO audit. Does the word "audit" give you the chills? Don't put this in a bad light, as if you were getting a VAT audit, but consider this an important learning moment.

Everyone needs help from time to time. An audit or an analysis by an external partner can provide many innovative insights. If you want to take control of this learning moment yourself, take a look at this instructive blog post from SEO Services experts.

Tips & Benefits of local search engine optimization 

After the SEO audit, you will get a clear picture of where the weak points lie and what actions are needed to improve your search results. For 2020 and the near future, the following tips will help in most cases.

1. Mobile friendly

Since April of 2015, Google has opted to mobile-friendly websites at the top of search results on mobile devices. That development, along with the fact that the share of mobile search can reach as much as 35%, means that mobile optimization should be a priority for any business website. Google prefers responsive web design.

2. Google Business Page

It has been a long time coming, but a Google Business Page is important for local SEO for startups. You want your location in Google to exactly match the actual location. You want to complete your profile as completely as possible with opening hours, contact information, presentation of your company, payment options… and of course linking to your own website. A Google business page gives you extra visibility in the search engine results. Especially with the holiday approaching, this is an opportunity for mobile search traffic to local businesses.

3. Optimize metadata

When it comes to optimizing the pages themselves, the metadata of a web page is the most important part of optimizing with locations. Metadata is essentially data about data itself. It is a way of telling people and search engines what your web page is about. It is the text that Google (or another search engine) shows in the search results. So you optimize it not only for search engines but also for people. It is therefore important that this encourages people to click. If you do not bother to enter it yourself, the search engine will fill it in at its own discretion. The most important three meta tags displayed in the search engine results are the title, description, and URL. Here writing of meta tags by following google algorithms is not easy, to overcome the competitors hire the best digital marketing company who can do this easily to get into the rankings of SERP - Search engine result page.

4. Location pages

Create detailed pages on your own website that respond to the various locations with relevant and descriptive keywords. Place the same combination of city/municipality and province in the META title, the H1 header, and URL of your pages. Looking at the proper example by competitors, you will see that the top website has a separate location page, with metadata optimized for the keyword used.

5. Local business directories

The “Pigeon” update, which thus ensures that better local SEO ads and benefits with better results are displayed in Google, also boosted local directories in the search results. Your Listing a business in the major and most relevant local directories not only boosts your TOP SEO AGENCY IN INDIA but also gets you direct traffic. These listings and links from your business are usually easy to get. Make sure to use your name and contact details consistently.

6. Backlinks from local websites

One of the best ways to increase the relevance between your website and local searches is by obtaining links from local blogs and websites. You can look up websites with a simple search using the terms “[city / town] blog” or “[city / town] [industry / category] blog”. When you find this website in search engines, there is a good chance that they will be well listed by the search engines. By building relationships with these webmasters or bloggers, you can hopefully obtain a listing or a guest blog Publish.

7. Longtail local keywords

In addition to creating location pages, it is important to target the content on those pages with long-tail keywords.

'Longtail' in English means as much as' long tail'.

Long Tail keywords consist of 3 or more keywords. Keywords and phrases that people use to search in search engines.

The texts, images ... of the location pages target geo-specific long-tail keywords, for example, “lawyer in asse”.

This kind of local and long-tail search now accounts for more than 70% of all searches in Google. And it usually makes more sense to score high for "lawyer in asse" than "lawyer". People looking for legal help in Asse are more likely to use your services than someone looking for the generic term.

8. Use social media

In 2020 we can no longer ignore social media. When we think about optimizing the local results, you can use social media to respond to local traffic and the conversations on it.

Conclusion: Google says 'Go local'

Do you want to in 2020? If you are successful with search engine marketing, then you will have the best eye for these tips. It always comes down to the same result: to achieve better search engine results with improved user experience.


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