Most Common E-Commerce SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Most Common E-Commerce SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO is one of the hottest methods of marketing in current times, and it is clearly here to stay. Almost every brand, big or small, tries their at hand at SEO. However, not everyone out there makes the best of it. One of the primary reasons for this being the fact that they end up concentrating too much on the strategy and miss out on some of the basic requirements of SEO marketing. And as fate would have it, this mistake is mostly committed by e-commerce brands.

So, to help all the e-commerce brands out there, here is a list of the Top E-Commerce SEO Mistakes to look out for.

E-Commerce SEO Mistakes to Avoid 

E-Commerce SEO Mistakes


#1. Lack of proper market research

SEO is not only about tips and tricks. One of the primary reasons why SEO fails is because brands end up using tactics that are not really meant for their market. Having a solid SEO strategy involves extended and deep market research and application of the strategy as per the results of the research. Every market has its own nuances and therefore SEO must be applied to each one of them in its own way.

#2. Ignoring long-tail keywords

Firstly, SEO is not just about keywords. And for those who can get by with the minimum amount of SEO, it is not only about primary keywords. Every brand out there is targeting more or less the same keywords that you are and hence these keywords are overcrowded leading to lack of proper reach via them. Rather, it is the long-tail keywords that have more chances of getting organic hits and thus they should not be ignored.

#3. Being fixated on Facebook and Twitter

When e-commerce brands hear the word SEO they immediately jump on to their FB and Twitter pages and start stuffing keywords. While this is not entirely ineffective, the truth is that there are social media platforms out there that have a much better user-friendly algorithm, making them more suitable for marketing purposes. These include Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. Not including these platforms as part of their plans is one of the biggest SEO Mistakes Of E-Commerce Brands.

#4. Keyword stuffing and spamming

Search engines, especially Google, are getting smarter everyday and they are now better at being able to sniff out baseless marketing strategies like stuffing your content full of keywords. Rather, having a well defined primary and secondary keyword strategy that leaves enough room for original and engaging content is the best policy when it comes to SEO. And the list of Top E-Commerce SEO Mistakeswould is not complete without the mention of spamming. This involves sending the same content over and over again to the same user.

#5. SEO beyond the main content

SEO has much scope beyond the main content of your webpage or blog and this is rarely utilized. Meta descriptions, call to action button texts, website URL, etc. are all areas which can be integrated as a part of your SEO strategy. And outside your own website utilize all possible textual areas that are related to your brand. These can include reviews of your product or service, social media page descriptions, etc.

#6. Not cleaning up your website

No matter the effort you are putting into blogging and keyword research, you will never land up on Google’s first page if you have a slow website with UN-optimized content. Google will always rank higher on the website that is the most user-friendly and features SEO as well. Hence, you need to clean up those broken links, remove large-sized images, videos, and animations, fix all the internal linking, etc. and ensure that your website is optimized fully and can load at a moment’s notice. website development company 

#7. Traffic and conversion

The way you judge the success of an SEO strategy is as important as the strategy itself, and this is forgotten by most. People tend to concentrate on the traffic side of things more and spend most of their time thinking of ways to increase website traffic. However, not dealing with the conversion of this traffic is one of the Top E-Commerce SEO Mistakes that you can make. Having mid-range traffic with high conversion rates is much better than a high trafficked website with lower conversion rates.


Hopefully, you will steer clear of these mistakes in the future when you sit down with your SEO team. You may also want to hire professional E-commerce SEO Services to ensure that your process provides you with maximum returns.


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