Best 7 Performance Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

Best 7 Performance Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

The remarkable Internet transformation has changed how consumers browse and purchase products. It also modified the way companies advertise and sell their stock. Due to the global pandemic, the popularity of online shopping has grown, which led to the growth in reaching and engaging with more customers.

Nowadays, marketers can collect the data of different marketing campaigns 24/7. Based on this, they measure the outcomes as they happen. Attribution seemed impossible in the past, but now transparency in data allows marketers to enhance their marketing campaigns for better performance. It is the reason it is known as performance marketing. So let’s discuss what performance marketing is?

What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is the term provided for online campaigns where advertisers will pay advertising platforms or marketing companies for the acquired results such as conversions or clicks. This type of marketing is utilized to drive actions and trace and measure those actions while attributing the Return Of Investment(ROI) of every activity, campaign, or asset.

Performance marketing will put the power in the advertiser’s hand. You are the one to determine that action and later pay when the action is finished, whether it is a click, lead, or sale.

The working of performance marketing

Advertisers will keep their ads on a specific channel and pay depending on how that advertisement performs. Here are the different ways to pay when it comes to performance marketing.

Cost Per Impression(CPM):

The views of your ad are called impressions. You have to pay for every thousand views.

Cost Per Click(CPC):

Advertisers will pay depending on the number of times their advertisement will be clicked on. So you can drive traffic to your site quickly through this way.

Cost Per Leads(CPL):

You will pay when someone signs up for a webinar or an email newsletter. Cost Per Leads(CPL) generates leads such that you can simply follow up with the customers and drive more sales.

Cost Per Sales(CPS):

You will pay when a sale happens, and an ad drives that. Affiliate marketing utilizes this type of system.

Cost Per Acquisition(CPA):

CPA is similar to CPS and CPL but more inclusive. Through this activity, advertisers pay when a customer completes a particular action.

Now, let's discuss the top 7 performance marketing agencies in Hyderabad

  1. GeeksChip:

    GeeksChip is the best performance marketing agency in Hyderabad. It is a well-known company for its smooth handling of customers and being polite with them. It offers the services like social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, video marketing, lead generation, online reputation management, search engine marketing etc. The team here is dedicated to turning the customer’s visions into reality.


    • GeeksChip team is competent in delivering satisfying outcomes to the customers on time.
    • It provides cost-effective and reliable marketing services.
    • It is better at optimising the online visibility of a client.

  2.  3dm Agency:

    3dm Agency is a famous performance digital marketing agency. The company provides the best paid marketing strategies to improve brand image and increase a client’s brand awareness. When it comes to advertising, brand positioning is necessary. They concentrate on interactive online campaigns to serve appropriate consumers to render the desire in their minds so that they take the purchasing action.


    • It offers various strategies for different social media platforms to get their client’s brand promotions and comprehensive marketing in all the digital routes.
    • It helps you with responsive and dynamic websites, empowering you to communicate and turn visitors into potential consumers.

  3. Sanbrains:

    It is a famous digital marketing services in Hyderabad with 15 years of experience. Sanbrains drive instant leads, and higher conversion rates and enhance your brand’s global presence to attain top rank in the Google Search engine for your business growth. It is an expanding and emerging organization known for reinventing the brand with its strategic and systematic methods.


    • Provides exceptional performance marketing services and delivers the projects in a short time.
    • Maintains transparency in the assigned tasks.


  4. GenY Medium:

    It is the best performance marketing agency in Hyderabad, which serves enterprise brands across education, B2B segments, consumer internet, and health care. The services included here are content marketing, social media marketing, and performance marketing. We execute chatbots and marketing automation systems and will guide their clients to grow business through digital channels.


    • Maintains professionalism as the employees here are well behaved and well mannered.
    • A performance marketer works under supervision while dealing with everyday task.


  5. Opendg:

    It is the leading performance marketing company that has offered services to top organizations like Horlicks and Dr.reddy’s labs. It provides the clients with all the methodologies for building the company name.


    • Being a client, you can acquire this company’s services at an affordable cost and support.
    • The top priority here is given to customer care.
    • The team of this agency works together to stabilize the brand's reputation.


  6. Digitalzap:

    It is one of the best performance marketing companies that build lasting relationships with its clients. Your business results matter to this company to create your brand image. They are a great team of professionals who work hard to solve complicated issues. This company is fully dedicated to its client's long-term success and growth. It also strives hard to produce believed outcomes and measured value.


    • It offers a high level of performance marketing service through constant enhancement, best efficiency, and high performance.
    • It leads by example to reach its objectives.


  7. Brandwizz:

    Brandwizz is the best performance marketing agency. Here a performance marketing manager offers result-oriented and digital strategy services to organizations and businesses to help their clients define, accomplish, and sustain their marketing goals.


    •  It works on catering to the demands of its consumer base.
    • It ensures a positive customer experience and provides high-quality goods and services.


Difference between digital marketing and performance marketing

Let’s compare performance marketing vs digital marketing:

  •  A part of digital marketing is performance marketing, a combination of brand marketing and paid to advertise where the buyer just needs to pay when there are only positive outcomes.
  • On the other side, digital marketing is a generic term comprising various techniques and channels. But performance marketing can optimize these strategies and channels.
  • While digital marketing offers the brand competition and shows it to a large audience on little marketing budget, performance marketing grants the brand control and power since payment is made only while the target is attained.
  • The digital marketing success rate is less because it consumes more time deciding which plan works better for your brand. But the performance marketing success rate is higher as it is result-driven and campaigns are targeted.

Pros of performance marketing:

Here are the benefits of performance marketing that a performance marketer needs to know to trace and optimize campaign performance.

Easy tracking of performance:

Measuring your company’s marketing strategy performance and effectiveness with performance marketing is simple. The owners of a business don’t have to make estimations or guesses on how many leads were converted from a provided initiative. But when you accomplish desired outcomes of an initiative, like a strong consumer clicking on an ad or signing up for the company’s marketing emails, these results are monitored by the performance marketing tool of a company.

These teaching tools will acquire the raw data from marketing initiatives and interpret it to provide the organization with a look at its ROI accurately. It will allow any marketing performance agency to assess the success created by larger campaigns and little initiatives.

Lower risk:

Compared with other kinds of marketing campaigns, performance marketing has less risk. Because you only pay for the desired actions once the goals are achieved, so you get what you pay for.


The business owners can determine the value they will acquire from their investment with this marketing. Marketing agency social media and software platforms provide performance tracking and real-time results. It will let the businesses see what type of desired actions are accomplished. They also display which partners perform better regarding subscribers, conversions, metrics, and clicks. It will allow businesses to utilize such insights to boost a company's bottom line and enhance their campaigns.

ROI focused:

ROI guides performance marketing to always focus on improving the end goal. This will ensure that performance campaigns are moving further toward the best outcomes. It will help you uplift your brand on every metric and boost sales.


Performance marketing campaigns offer you the ability to measure everything from brand awareness to conversion rates to a single advertisement. Advertisers of a performance marketing Hyderabad company are looking beyond branding to build marketing strategies with proven ROI due to transparency in advertising. From this need, performance marketing has been born. It is turning more advanced and sophisticated as time passes. So try to hire the best company offering performance marketing in Hyderabad to gain the benefits of measurement, tracking, and optimization for your ROI.

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