Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important for all Hotels and Resorts

Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important for all Hotels and Resorts

Nowadays, most weekend breaks start with a search on Google. That's why coming higher in Google is a big wish for many hotels. Put your hotel on the map, both geographically and digitally. Start with a strong website (have it made) and then ensure that it is easy to find in Google. You can do this through Search Engine Optimization Services. In this article, I show you how to apply and why SEO is important for hotels

The SEO is Importance for hotels

To get higher in Google, there are more than 200 factors that you have to take into account. These are subdivided into several groups. Each of these groups influences your position in Google and are part of the SEO strategy.

  • Technical SEO
  • Onpage SEO
  • Offpage Optimization
  • Local SEO

In this article, let’s focus in particular on the opportunities for hotels in the field of SEO.

  • SEO for hotels starts with keyword research

Doing keyword research is the basis of any good SEO strategy. It not only gives you insight into all the important keywords on which people are looking for a good hotel, but it also gives you insight into which keywords you actually generate reservations and which only generates visitors to your website. It makes the difference between a website with visitors and a website that ensures revenue growth.

For example, Google at the top of the keyword "book hotel the Hyderabad" is much more valuable than the top of "hotels the Hyderabad". The first search shows that someone is ready to book a room. The second shows that someone is at the start of the purchasing process and is still looking at the full range.

  • Make good SEO titles for your hotel

You can tell by the keywords above, location is the key to success for hotels. After all, you rent rooms at a fixed location. This means that the location is essential. When someone books a weekend away, the location is already fixed at the end of the purchasing process. Therefore make sure that you include the location of your hotel in your meta tags. Writing a good SEO title for your homepage, for example, it is a title that includes the city name.

So what really is no longer possible is a title like [hotel name]: Home. It is therefore not surprising that you will find the website of the hotel below on page 9 of Google.

What would have been better was a title as Best Hotel in Hyderabad: [hotel name]

Make sure you place the name of your hotel at the end of the title instead of at the front.

Moreover, your description below must be straightforward: name your location, extra services and room facilities, such as' room on the beach ',' reception open 24/7 ',' breakfast included ',' outdoor pool ',' free cancellation "or" no prepayment.

Keyword-based Meta tags structure:

  • Process the keywords in your URL.
  • Name the keywords in the titles of your website.
  • Place the keywords in the content of your website.
  • Use the keywords in the file name and alt text of the photos on your website.
  • Google sees where you place the keywords and lets you rank on your chosen keyword. Discover how you can conduct your keyword research in more detail!
  • Content is essential for your SEO hotel

However, it does not stop there. The texts on your website pages tell Google what your website has to offer visitors. Google knows nothing about any website before they analyze the website. The texts, content, on these pages, tell Google which searches the pages should be found on. That's why you create pages for your hotel that tell you what you have to offer. The location also plays a very important role in this. Google does not know where your hotel is. The more you tell, the clearer it becomes for Google what the location of your hotel is. And with that, the search results for your hotel’s website should be shown.

You not only create pages about what your hotel has to offer but also pages about locations around your hotel. Is your hotel, for example, close to the Peace Palace? Then you create a page about a visit to the Peace Palace. Of course, you also make a page about all the sights in your city or nice restaurants. In short, what is there to do in and around your hotel and state here which city or district it is.

  • Link building for hotels

What helps you to get higher in Google is link building. These are the links from other websites to your website. This is very important within SEO. However, these links are difficult to obtain. Websites do not simply post these. It is strange because it is also of added value for their own search engine optimization but it is how it is. This SEO Services strategy can often only be applied if you create unique valuable content.

In this way, Hotels makes very valuable content about the role that bees play in the food we eat. The reason they chose this subject can be explained by the fact that they own several bee hotels. Hotels provided this valuable content with more than 50 links to their website. And that has great added value in the SEO field. What is essential here is the proactive approach to distributing this content. This will happen with the best SEO companies because they contact the owners of the website for whom your content is relevant. Mail the right people and ask for a link to your content.

  • Good images that are suitable for SEO

The images that you use on your hotel website not onnly beautiful and radiate experience, but also they must be placed correctly on your website. SEO for your images is not as obvious as you might think. I have just viewed the website of a large hotel chain and to my surprise, the images are not optimized for search engines.

The simplest things you need to arrange for this are that you give the images the name on which you want to be found when saving. Also, you always also enter the alt text. This is what the search engine uses to determine what is on the image. Search engines cannot yet interpret images. With the alt text, you help them to recognize what the image about.

  • SEO is a long-term strategy

Don't give up if you don't see progress immediately. You have to fight against very big organizations to get to the first page of the search results. Continue to create content and apply search engine optimization and you will slowly start to see growth.

The advantage of your hotel is that you only have to focus on one location. With a chain of several locations but never as many locations as for example. So you can produce more content about a region than they can. Besides, you know the region much better and that gives you many advantages in terms of creating the right content.

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