Scale Up Your Startups With Best Digital Marketing Agency in India | Geekschip

Scale Up Your Startups With Best Digital Marketing Agency in India | Geekschip

You have successfully launched a new startup, you have quality products, and you provide various unique services.

How can it be if no one knows about it?

Today’s consumers look online for everything. There are millions of businesses all around the world. However, the fact is ONLY the first page of the search engine result page (SERP) is looked at by all.

If you are not on N0. 1 page, you will be out of sight. Out of sight means out of the business arena. If you want your business visible to everyone, you need digital marketing.

Digital marketing allows Startups:-

    • To reach a global audience, connect with the targeted customers, and identify the right prospects at the right time.
    • To build a compelling brand
    • To drive engagement and higher conversion rate
    • To get higher revenue within a small budget

It is not a tough row to hoe to be a No. 1 but just needs continuous efforts. Now, you need to do a little smart work. Outsource digital marketing services.

Why Are Digital Marketing Agencies Are Crucial For Startups?

  • It is not the only thing you have to take care of right?. Startups will have their core business and other business operations.
  • This new-age marketing technology is simple yet critical because of emerging businesses and rivaling competitions. So, it is essential to depend on a company that is dedicated to providing digital marketing services.

You will come across many digital marketing consultants who offer quality services. Tie-up with Geekschip, a top Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad, that plans outstanding brand-building strategies and can make any startup top-notch.

Consistency in efforts is the key to success. It has experienced marketing professionals who are adept at:

    • leveraging new digital marketing tools and technologies
    • Improving traction on all platforms for better visibility, reach, and engagement
    • Performing high-quality SEO to improve keywords’ ranking
    • Creating quality content
    • Running high-performing ads.

All these helped it to be present among the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India.

Its full-spectrum digital marketing services include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Lead generation services, influencer marketing services, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Optimization, Digital Media Marketing, App marketing, and video marketing, and website design as well.

These are the major magic wands of Geekschip that make any startup stand tall.

Read on to know the importance of these digital marketing services for your business as you start a new journey as an entrepreneur.

1- By Using PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns are simple and cost-effective. Businesses will be charged only if the user clicks on the ad. Otherwise, not. It is often used to get immediate traffic.

Moreover, you get full control of target customers, ad placement, and your budget. Its benefits of Pay-per-click include:

    • No need to spend time on nothing. Businesses can reach the right target i.e. persons who have a high purchase intent.
    • Businesses can use their budget effectively and profitably.
    • We can predict the business - traffic volume, ranking, costs, returns, etc.
    • PPC takes less time to reach any target
    • Businesses can get higher conversion rates
    • We can get brand awareness even though users did not click on the ad

2- By Doing SEO Strategies

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the primary source that makes your site rank higher on all search engine results pages (SERP) of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. As per the study of search engine journal (SEJ), around 40 percent of click-throughs go to the first three organic search ranking positions whereas 30 percent of click-throughs on page 1. And page 2 is not at all get clicked.

SEO is affordable but takes at least 6 months to drive results. However, the results will remain for the long term. Being the best SEO Company, Geekschip lets you gain all its benefits. The list of benefits of search engine optimization include:

    • It improves your overall visibility and searchability
    • It builds trust and credibility in your brand
    • Increased engagement, traffic, and conversions are guaranteed
    • High-quality SEO impacts the buying cycle. People buy or avail of services from the first three sites of SERP

3- Benefits From Social Media

Promote your startup on the most engaging and has a wide reach platform, Social media that includes:

    • Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
    • Bookmarking sites such as Digg and Flipboard
    • Media sharing platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube
    • Microblogging on social networks (Facebook and Twitter)
    • Social review sites like Foursquare and Yelp
    • Community blogs such as Tumblr and Medium

With a little creativity, Geekschip helps any business to get a global presence through attention-grabbing content on the aforementioned social media marketing tools.

The benefits of social media marketing (SMM) include:

    • It helps you reach potential customers without hassles.
    • SMEs or Digital startups can promote their products or services worldwide.
    • Social media brings you more inbound website traffic resulting in improved organic search results.
    • It also helps to connect with other businesses.
    • As it is cost-effective, you can cut down marketing costs thus improve ROI.
    • Quick response is a customer winner. And social media is a great platform to communicate with customers or users, respond to their queries, and solve issues (if any) immediately. Thus, with SMM, you can improve customer services.
    • It builds your brand and reinforces customer trust and loyalty.

4- Getting Leads/Sales From Facebook Marketing

As per Statista, Facebook has around 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide. So, Facebook has become the most lucrative way to generate quick and quality leads to your business. Facebook ads are well-versed with any type of marketing strategy.

At every stage of the sales funnel, Facebook marketing drives desired results. It is not limited to products or services alone, you can promote content as well.

Geekschip ensures Facebook marketing is organized well and scheduled to perfection. The other benefits of Facebook marketing include:

    • It increases brand awareness, website traffic, referrals, and word-of-mouth.
    • It has various ad formats based on your requirement which lets you create multiple ads.
    • It lets you target a specific audience (using demographics such as age, gender, location, interests, online behavior, and recent purchase) and helps you get more contacts. You can keep engaging with customers and build credibility.
    • You can find high-value customers as leads and transform them into sales.
    • Facebook lead ads are measurable. You can also get insights into your ad – clicks, impressions, conversions, high-performing or low-performing. You can retarget the low-performing ads or concentrate more on high-performing ads. Thus, you can reduce CPA (cost-per-acquisition).
    • You can download leads and save them for future use. You can also create an email list with the help of Facebook ads that help your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
    • You also can remarket as it is affordable.
    • Moreover, it lets you target the users of other brands.
    • It is fast and drives results immediately. You can improve leads and sales thus return of investment (ROI).

5- Having Proper ORM Services

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is how people perceive your business. The information you have online will influence people. One bad or misleading piece of information can make your brand fall apart.

So, it is mandatory to have good content regarding your business across all online platforms.

The advantages of online reputation management are as follows:

    • It is undeniable that no business will have positive information all-around. They may get negative content about their business because of their poor services, fewer quality products, reviews of unhappy customers, negative content generated by ex-employees and competitors intentionally, etc. With the right ORM strategies, all the negative content will be demolished.
    • Good content attracts customers. People love to visit businesses that have positive reviews.
    • ORM services not only suppress negativity but also increase traffic, customer loyalty, ranking in SERP, sales, and profits.
    • It also leads to a better brand reputation on all social media platforms.
    • It enhances trust & reliability.
    • With good content all-around, visitors can be turned into your customers.
    • You can get a better position of your brand from the competition

Best digital marketing companies such as Geekschip offer result-oriented ORM services. The ORM specialists evaluate your reputation online, set up dedicated online monitors, and strive to demolish negative content all-around thus safeguards your reputation.


Scaling up a business is crucial for its economy. Productivity and prosperity depend on how effectively you scale your business. Courtesy of Digital marketing, you can now build brands and scale up your startups.

Ready to raise your brand and authority? Come and associate with Geekschip, a notable digital marketing agency in India that recommends all startups to have planned digital marketing services.

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