Importance of seo services for doctors & medical practices

Importance of seo services for doctors & medical practices

As a small, medium, and large business, you naturally want brand awareness for your medical practices as quickly as possible. And perhaps more importantly, you want to be found through Google when potential customers search for those specific keywords related to your industry. Many hospitals, therefore, want a good position within search engines such as Google or Bing; preferably as high as possible with SEO services for medical practices

It can be quite complicated to get a high ranking in a search engine if you as a doctor have to realize all this yourself. And if you already have a high ranking, you also have to keep it - your competitors also do their best every day to get high in the ranking. Google uses at least 200 factors in the algorithm with which they determine the ranking in the search results. It is therefore important that you take this into account if you want to score well in Google.

Why is SEO important for medical practices?

SEO is important for medical practices that want a good ranking and want to generate extra traffic to its website via the internet. The internet can be a great resource for more customers and can bring you a lot of traffic and money.

For many people, the search for service starts over the internet, and then very often the internet browser starts up with Google. With minimal effort in terms of both the design of your website and the technical side, you can rise in the ranking and therefore get extra visitors via Google. If your website meets the requirements, for example, a responsive website that can be viewed and navigated on a PC, smartphone, and tablet, you can get higher in the ranking.

Benefits of SEO Services for medical practices

No budget restriction

SEO has no budget constraints. If you achieve the desired organic top 3 positions, you will always be visible. That is not dependent on a budget. Many medical practices have a daily budget. If you advertise and your daily budget is used up, you are no longer visible. In busy months, this ensures that you do not get the most out of your website.

Also visible with long-tail keywords

Long Tail keywords are queries that are longer than three words. With SEO it is possible to process many long-tail keywords in the content. This is a lot more difficult with advertisements. Most long-tail keywords are informative and therefore less interesting to advertise. By incorporating many long-tail variants of your keywords in your texts, it is possible to get more website visits.

This is not to say that it is not possible with advertisements. It's just a lot more difficult. Using broad search terms, you have to show the advertisements very precisely for the correct search terms. You really need to be a master in Google Ads for this. You don't have this problem with SEO.

You can include enough variations with the desired keyword in the content you write. Your search volume will increase enormously.

Higher CTR

If you reach the number one position through a correct SEO Services strategy, you will achieve the highest possible CTR. Many people no longer click on ads these days. The number 1 organic position achieves 30% of the search traffic within. The number 2 averages 15% and number 3 around 7%. The rest of this CTR will be split between positions 4-10 (about 12%) and the ads (about 36%).

Low costs

SEO isn't cheap, of course. When you can do everything yourself, it is free. Nevertheless, in practice, it turns out that you do need to be knowledgeable. Without this knowledge, you waste your effort and it is a waste of time.

The advantage of SEO is that the costs are one-off. It is an investment for a longer period of time. The texts you have written remain on your website forever. An optimized website can often last for years.

This ensures that SEO delivers the highest ROI of any marketing opportunity. This is of course the case when you perform the search engine optimization in the right way and achieve the intended positions in the search engine.

More relevant website traffic

Bringing in relevant website traffic is perhaps the greatest benefit of SEO. Relevance drives conversions. More relevant website traffic thus means more orders, completed lead forms and achieved goals.

How come? With SEO Services for doctors - you bring in the website visitor because, according to the search engine, you have the best answer. The website visitor also knows this. The number 1 position receives the most clicks for nothing. Your content is therefore relevant enough. You pay through advertisements to get visitors to a page. This is also possible if your page is not relevant at all. The bounce rates (abandonment of website visitors without clicking through) are also higher for visitors via advertisements.


Evergreen content ensures sustainability. An advantage that is often underestimated. This is not only interesting from a cost point of view. By placing the right content you can easily always be at the top of the search engine.

Evergreen content is content that is not subject to change. Articles about, for example, today's “medical treatment for diabetes” are not evergreen content. An article on the benefits of SEO Services for hospitals is. This will always remain relevant. It may need a few adjustments here and there in the future, but the core remains the same.

Visible in all search engines

Unlike the ads in the search engine, SEO Company ensures visibility in all search engines. Google is still the largest search engine, but you can see that Bing, for example, is popular with the elderly. They do not install a new browser after purchasing a Microsoft PC or laptop.

With search engine optimization you improve your website. The basis for ranking is the same for all search engines. By using the right strategy, you are not only visible in Google, but also in Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and all others.

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Anyone can start with SEO

Anyone can perform SEO work, a great advantage. You can also start with this without any budget. By following the basic rules of SEO you can bring in more organic visitors without paying any money.

The low costs make it easier to experiment with SEO. We write this content for pages a, b and c, for pages d, e, and f we create content in the form of video, infographics or we work with memes. This way you can easily see which content is most popular with your target group.

Number 1 organic inspires confidence

The organic number 1 (or number 0) in the search results instills confidence in the searcher. You are above your competitors and you receive the most website visits. Your website has actually been approved by Google. This is reflected in the conversion percentages of the pages that are at the top of the organic results.

Achieve different search intentions

It's no secret that many advertisers capitalize on purchase-oriented search terms. This makes sense because an advertisement must be profitable. 3% of all searches are purchase-oriented. 97% of the searches are not.

This is where the true power of SEO comes out. With SEO you can therefore also reach those 97% of website visitors. By writing blogs, answering questions (online), and offering added value, the reach is enormous. The trick is that you stimulate this informative website visitor. You want the visitor to make a purchase or leave his details.

This is possible with the best Digital Marketing Company strategy. The pages you create are packed with information but also send the customer to the desired promotion. With this, you not only bring in new website visitors, but you also convert them into customers.

SEO creates new opportunities

When creating content, you often focus on one main topic. With various tools, it is reasonably easy to estimate what the search volume is for these topics. However, these tools are not 100% reliable. It is therefore often the case that websites miss opportunities that are literally there for the taking.

Highest ROI of all marketing channels

Digital marketing services have the highest ROI (return on investment) of all marketing channels. Search engine optimization is nothing more than putting your website right, writing the right content, and building online authority. With a correct SEO strategy, you can bring in thousands of visitors per month.

You often read that you need a lot of knowledge of SEO. If you want a 100% optimized website, then that is also correct. Only 95% can do it yourself. The last 5% is often the most difficult. Still, you don't need that at all in the beginning.

Optimizing for the search engine basically consists of 3 parts.

  1. Optimizing your website
  2. Writing content
  3. Build online authority

Optimizing the website is the most difficult part of this. This often comes down to improving the factors on the website that are important to the search engine. Follow the list and you can do 95% yourself.

Income continues to flow

With an investment in SEO, the results continue for a long time even though you only invest time or money once. If you write content that ranks, you will achieve results for years. Writing the content and gaining online authority are also steps that you can take yourself. You just need to know which steps to take. You can go a long way with research, which saves you money.

A few tips for writing good content:

  • Use tools like Ahrefs to find potential keywords,
  • Write about problems for which few correct answers have been given
  • Make the content beautiful, many websites forget this
  • Determine your competitors and write double the number of words
  • Offer added value and leave out what can go, less is more.


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