Top 10 SEO Tools to Help Rank Your Website in 2019

Top 10 SEO Tools to Help Rank Your Website in 2019

Three days ago, one fine day, we were flunked in indexing some of our pages. We dig in the content, image, tags, keywords, and many factors to understand if we have had missed something. Some teeny-tiny thing. While we were going through these iterations, Google has officially confirmed that “they were experiencing some indexing issues that may result in the stale search results.” But the thing that hypnotized me is how Google tormenting with the recent bugs. Right from the de-indexing issues to canonical URL issue to an indexing issue. It has been little rough for Google search. Isn’t it?

Thus, over these months, some people whispered that SEO could be slightly on a dead bed. It is an open fact that the search engine algorithm is going through quite a few changes but as a food for thought, Google is not going to die. Stay back! However, with the recent fluctuations in its algorithm, you might have to brace yourself for anything. For that matter, you gotta be dead sure about your SEO services, how good you have optimized, and how well you are playing it.

Since we are living in a generation where our personal and professional lives run by applications and tools. Now, online marketing is never simple. But, marketing tools can be, right?

#1 Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

The very first thing to win the SEO game is to do keyword research whiles helps in understanding what people are actually looking for. That research could not get any better than Google AdWords Keyword Planner – one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools exists in the market. It provides you the insights of keywords, how those searches have changed over time, historical statistics, and traffic forecasts.

The reason it is #1 is that Google Keyword Planner is a part of the Google ecosystem.


  • Determine the keyword competitiveness from its respective CPC
  • Generate new keyword ideas
  • Figure out the search volume for any keyword

#2 Google Analytics

Google Analytics

GA is the best website visitor tracking tool to get a deeper understanding of your customers and their behavior. Analytics is the collection, procession, analyzation, and reporting the data for the purpose of analyzing your visitors’ behavior to a particular product or service. Google Analytics allows us to make use of the statistical reports that help in the betterment of futuristic approaches.


  • Able to discover how the visitors locate your website
  • Display the traffic flow right from a visitor entering the website to exiting
  • Discloses the website bounce rate
  • Analyze the sources of traffic

#3 SEMrush


An Online Visibility Management Tool that helps in making online competition clear and transparent. Along with being an extraordinary keyword research platform, SEMrush also offers vital information about your competitors like the traffic they get, the keywords they are targeting, the number of backlinks they have, traffic from paid campaigns, etc.,

If you are the person who loves to dig deeper to figure out the target keyword, then this tool is must in your arsenal. On the other hand, if you are naive and fragile in SEO, there are several SEO companies available across the globe. But ensure you make good use of it since it provides the exact information about product listings, keywords, traffic.


  • Sneak peek at other websites’ backlinks
  • Ability to see for what keywords your competitors are ranking for
  • Win conversions

#4 Moz


In layman overview, Moz is more like SEMrush. It is a set of tools developed to tackle and tweak the SEO with a data-driven approach. With Moz Pro, you can research and find out the specific long-tail keywords, offers on-page optimization suggestions, link building opportunities, crawling errors, and much more.


  • The analytics report of Moz is quite detailed and approximate
  • Built-in spam score feature helps in identifying the spam links of a particular web page
  • Improves your rankings and keyword visibility
  • Can do a site audit and crawl very well

#5 Ahrefs


Yet another widely-known and used SEO tool in 2019. Ahref’s has its individual competitive analysis tool that is ideal for keyword identification, tracking, competitor analysis, content ideation, etc., It helps you learn why your competitors rank so high in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP) and what does it take to outrank them.

#6 SimilarWeb

Similar Web

SimilarWeb – measure the digital world with just a click! It provides web analytics services for organizations such as referral sources, website traffic volumes, keyword analysis, and many such features. The reason this SEO tool made its way is that it allows you to gain insights into any website you are browsing.


  • Empower you the insights needed to win the market
  • Helps in understand the audience on a whole new level
  • Intuitive platform with a truly global perspective

#7 Alexa


A name that does not need any introduction. Isn’t it?

Alexa, an Amazon’s company is keyword research, competitive analysis, and website ranking tool you all needed to improve your presence across the search engine. This tool exclusively provides the richest and meaningful analytics about your customers. Alexa also provides the users the global rank and rank in a country with an input of the website’s activity over the past 3 months.


  • Transforms data into meaningful insights
  • Compares your performance with the direct competitors

#8 SmallSEOTools

Small SEO

This is so far my favorite SEO tool in terms of accuracy, relevance, and smooth interface. SmallSEOTools is widely used by the Digital Marketing Companies since one can find everything in one place. They have started with simple three tools and made it to 120 powerful tools now in the industry. It turned out as the go-to platform for all kinds of online marketers and I personally believe this is a powerful SEO tool that exists.


  • Enhance your website performance with the web management tools
  • One stop to measure, analyze, track, and optimize your website performance
  • A wide range of domain tools that tells you the domain authority, age, DNS records, etc
  • Conversion tools at your fingertips

#9 SEO Review Tools

SEO Review

SEO Review Tools is a compilation of several real-time SEO tools that helps you keep track of your competitors in Search Engine and analyze the website. It is a reliable tool for people or companies who want to improve website performance through valuable insights and actionable recommendations. SEO Review Tools says it feels proud to collaborate with some of the best in the industry SEO tools center such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Alexa, etc.,

#10 UberSuggest

Uber Suggest

An awesome free tool that helps you in discovering 100s of long-tail keywords within minutes.


  • A free yet effective keyword research tool
  • Generates keyword ideas for content marketing strategy
  • Estimates how easy or difficult your keyword would rank






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