List of the Top 20 SaaS Companies in India to follow in 2021

What is SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the cloud-based services that hosts an application over the internet.
The main advantage for users is they don’t have to download the application into their device indeed they can operate it over the internet using their device. SaaS usually comes with a subscription payment model where it can be on a monthly, or quarterly, or yearly basis, confined to the company priorities.
Marketing, Data management, Project management, Accounting, Human resource, Travelling services, and so on are some of the widely hosted services.

SaaS growth in India

SaaS companies have seen tremendous growth in India since their inception yet due to unfortunate covid situations considering the cost-effectiveness, flexibility with SaaS, as per the IDC survey, at least 60% of Indian organizations are in thoughts to opt for SaaS models.
As per NASSCOM FY2020 reports, India's SaaS revenue boosted up to US$ 3.5 billion and others predict that the revenue is expected to reach up to US$ 18 billion to 20 billion.

Below are some of the best SaaS companies in India

Troop Messenger:

Troop Messenger is one of the best SaaS companies in India. It is an instant messaging platform that can be used as a work chat, business chat, and so on. Considering its services and the way it is designed would certainly boost team collaboration to a great extent. Some of its praised features that simplify the office chat are audio & video calling, one on one & group chatting, and burnout a private chat feature. It is a very secure chat that even military, defense, government organizations can also opt for.


1. Secured platform

2. New-age features

3. Fully integrated

4. The best option for team collaboration

5. Eases the remote work

Agile CRM:

Agile CRM can be considered as one of the top SaaS products in SaaS marketing companies which comes at an affordable price. It is a fully integrated CRM that makes it an all-in-one platform where sales, marketing, and service can be automated and users can work seamlessly.


1. Lead can be imported from multiple platforms

2.Marketing automation

3. Well-integrated

4.  Sorted customer history


Chargebee is a cloud-based software that helps in operating subscription management, recurring billing, revenue operations. It creates a flexible payment system that can be well integrated into your platform or in any accounting software, so for subscription-based platforms, it can be the best option. All the financial matters which are complicated by nature can be simplified with this efficient solution.


1. Can be integrated into any accounting software

2. Revenue recognition

3. Revenue recovery

Fresh works:

Freshworks is a customer engagement software that is designed to enhance the customer experience irrespective of any domain for micro, small, medium, large enterprises. Freshworks has some more platforms like Freshdesk, Freshcaller, Freshdesk, Freshworks CRM, and so on. Many reputed customer service companies opted for this SaaS company product.


1. Customer-oriented

2. Easy to use

3. Integrated with its products and tools


MailTrim is an Email Management Software that is very well designed with an intuitive User Interface (UI). All the emails of different domains will appear in one place chronologically for your quick access where it segregates based on its severity and your inputs boosting your productivity time. The various tasks can be led to this one tool in transitioning the multi-tasks to a single task like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), data management, task management, marketing campaigns, and so on. Considering its uses, it can meet all the business needs of any given domain. The aforesaid advantages made MailTrim join the league of the fast-growing SaaS companies in India.


1. Proactive tool

2. Fully integrated

3. Affordable

4. Easy to use


Exotel is a business telephony solution that helps you to deal with your large number of customers simultaneously without any service gaps. All you have to do is get an Exo phone number that resides on the cloud server, publish it as your official contact number, henceforth when a customer calls, an IVR voice will welcome them and route it to the concerned department as per the query.


1. API integration with your CRM

2. Call recording

3. SMS integration

4. Multi-level IVR system

5. Bulk SMS and calls


Kayako is customer service software cum help desk software that helps in dealing with customers. Its live chat software is designed to give 24/7 service to customers and available in multiple languages, which can be operated on mobiles also. And its ticketing software also can be very efficient in dealing with customer queries.


1. 24/7 live chat software

2. Ticketing software

3. Shared inbox


LeadSquared is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing solution for all sizes of businesses. This cloud-based platform can generate leads from various sources like calls, emails, blogs, lead generation sites, and so on, indeed field jobs can also be tracked and can be simplified.


1. Lead management

2. Sales management

3. Sales automation

4. Sales tracking


Byju is an educational and online tutoring platform. Most of the classes are explained visually by which the students could understand it better. It offers many courses like maths, physics, chemistry, biology, IAS, JEE, NEET, and so on. Many students irrespective of their age opted for this service.


1. Available on mobile

2. Designed for all age groups

3. Proficient platform to learn


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. It can be an ideal tool for startups and small businesses. It is a full marketing platform and it is designed considering the conditions of smaller organizations. Mailchimp ranked at no.7 position on the Forbes cloud 100 lists in 2016.


1. All-in-one integrated

2. Insights & Analytics tool

3. Ideal tool for smaller organizations


Zoho is a cloud software suite offering SaaS applications and online productivity tools which have been in the market for 25 years. Some of its wide variety of products list comprises Zoho One, Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho Finance Plus, Zoho Workplace, Zoho IT Management, and so on, which are serving 60 million users around the world.


1. Custom solutions

2. Multiple services

3. Complete CRM platform


TimeDynamo emerged to be one of the best SaaS companies in India with its services. It is a biometric attendance management system whose integrated features are payroll & HCM, GPS tracking, timesheet management, leave management, absence management, reporting/ analytics, and so on. Many clients from mid to large enterprises, schools & universities, government organizations, and so on opted for this tool.


1. Saves the labor costs

2. Embedded with ideal features

3. Seamless attendance recording & tracking

4. Automated backup


Slack is a business communication platform where users can join using the company’s workspace URL. Like any other team chat tool, it offers its users the privileges of creating public channels and private channels for group chatting.


1. A better option on email services

2. Channels creation

3. File sharing


GitHub is an internet hosting platform that helps development teams in collaborating for software development and version control using git, and it is a subsidiary company of Microsoft. With a free account, it allows unlimited collaborators yet repositories are limited. GitHub officially announced that in January 2020 they had more than 40 million users and 190 million repositories.


1. Unlimited collaborators for free account

2. Secured platform

3. Private repositories


Hotelogix is a cloud-based hotel property management software that helps the users in simplifying & automating the hotel operations like guest bookings, guest history, manage room tariffs in multiple channels, control on online reviews, and so on. By integrating the travel partners' room reservation process will become easy without committing overbooking and it offers a secured payment transaction. Many reputed hotel groups around the world are using this software.


1. Increase direct bookings

2. Centralized management

3. Analytics & Reports


Whatfix is a SaaS platform that offers inline help to its users without seeking help from the customer service team or without viewing How-Tos, blogs, and user guides. It provides in-app guidance in the form of screen tips or balloon instructions which makes the most complicated work process on any software products and web applications seamless.


1. Interactive guidance

2.In-app real-time training

3. Adaptable


Click2Magic is a SaaS-based platform that offers live chat for sales, marketplace, and support. It will help in understanding the users' or customers' behavior, and it can convert the leads to the customers. It can be integrated into any website which can potentially serve as a chatbot too. Apart from being a customer engagement software, it can also be a single interface hosting multiple web properties.


1. Supports Text, audio, video

2. Customizable widget

3. Archives


CustomerLabs CDP is a SaaS platform that helps marketers to store their customer data which doesn't require any code. It can track anonymous and regular visitor activities on the website with the event tracking setup. It's a great tool for marketers to unify the customer data scattered in different marketing channels.


1. Unified customer data

2. Audience builder

3. No codes required


HubSpot is a SaaS platform that can be ideal for marketing, sales, and customer service. After entering the customer data, it becomes so easy to track the data based on your requirement where you can apply filters for quick access.


1. Easy to use CRM

2. Marketing automation

3. Trackable customer data


Dropbox is a file hosting service that helps you to store and access your files, documents, photos, and so on from your device no matter where ever you are. Many companies around the world have opted for this service by integrating it into their tools.


1. Secured platform

2. Smart sync

3. File and version recovery


In the era of digital evolution, SaaS companies or SaaS products are in regular demand and with its aggressive growth, they can embark to greater heights boosting the country and global economy. The aforesaid listed companies are just a few of the best SaaS companies in India, there are many more companies that are efficiently operating their services using the SaaS model. Henceforth, SaaS can be inevitably considered as the future.



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best SaaS companies in India
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