What You Should & Shouldn't Be Doing with Your SEO Campaign?

What You Should & Shouldn't Be Doing with Your SEO Campaign?

The Secret of Successful SEO Strategy - A List of DOs & DON'Ts

Coming up with the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign has been a long running challenge for many businesses. They've gone all their way to find the best solution to allow them to dominate the online searches. Unfortunately, this easier said than done. With the current standing of Digital Marketing Services, things can get a little confusing. Because of this, some of them tend to commit mistake when they decide what to do next.

As they struggle what to do, they often fall behind the competition. This causes them to fail at reaching their goals. So, to help them get at better position on search results, there are quite a few lessons they have to know. It mainly focuses on things they must and mustn't do when running their campaign. Below are some of them.

DON'T : Link Building at Random Sites

DO : Find quality and relevant sites where you can submit your links. If you want to gain more visibility and increase ranking position, you need to understand the importance of backlinks. As valuable this factor is, many are misinterpreting the whole idea behind it. Some of them would simply drop their links even on websites that are totally unrelated to what they’re offering. For this, instead of helping your campaign, you may drive it to manual actions. This is why whenever you’re building links choose reliable and quality sites. This will influence the way Google and search engine will look into your website.

DON’T : Picking or Using Same Set of Keywords

DO : Diversify your keywords and choose search phrases that are suitable and related to what you’re offering. The whole point of keyword research is to give you the best set of search terms to match up with what your target audience is looking for. Since your strategy would revolve around the keywords, you need to pay more attention on what you’re targeting. Otherwise, your campaign will unlikely to succeed. Digital marketing agencies like Concinnity Limited understand the importance of this element. This is why they provide keyword research solutions that would exactly match to what your company is looking for. You need to work with the best people to ensure you’re getting the most relevant keywords.

DON’T : Publishing Same Set of Content

DO : Produce relevant and informative blogs every now and then. Google has a clear stand on websites with duplicates. This can almost gain you manual penalty which can block off your chance to rank or even appear on search results page. If you want to remain on the good side of search engines, you need a new and fresh set of content. You may even use content in different forms or format. It can be in text, infograph, images or even videos. As long as it is not an exact duplicate, you’ll be okay.

DON’T : Ignoring the Mobile Version

DO : Ensure your website is optimized in both desktop and mobile version. Based off on the updates launched by Google, you’ll notice how the search engines favor websites that are mobile-friendly. There’s even the “mobile-first rule” as a proof. So, if you want to make your website look even more pleasing to Google, start optimizing it on mobile.

May these information help you in restructuring your overall SEO strategy. Ensure your strategy is sorted out based off on what search engines would like to see and avoid doing any suspicious activities. Another important thing to note is, you need to stay updated with the latest trends and algorithm updates. With these, there’s a greater chance for you to succeed.


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