WhatsApp Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Business

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Business

We don't need an introduction to WhatsApp as we all know that WhatsApp is a free mobile messaging service that has been connecting friends and family all over the world. It is the most used messaging app in the world. So naturally, businesses take advantage of it being the top messaging app. This is when WhatsApp marketing comes into the picture.

What is WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp marketing refers to the marketing or promotion activities that occur on WhatsApp. The marketers use WhatsApp Business account and WhatsApp Business Platform (formerly API). These two interfaces differ from the regular WhatsApp, which focuses more on personal messaging.

You can technically use your personal WhatsApp account to send WhatsApp marketing campaigns, but it is not recommended. Who wants their personal lives to be jumbled with their work life? There are high chances that you might run into issues with sending messages to a large number of contacts, plus you won't have access to the essential features you need for marketing, which are exclusive to the WhatsApp business profile. Dig deeper into the blog to learn more about marketing through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business

It is a free business app that is designed for small businesses. They can connect and interact with their users and customers in real time. WhatsApp Business account is separate from WhatsApp.

Small business entrepreneurs can create an in-app store with complete product catalogs and details like pricing, physical location, store timings, and links to the website and social media handles. Hiring a digital marketing company team is a must for handling all social media handles.

Through this WhatsApp business profile, you can set up broadcast messages, which can be sent to up to 256 contacts simultaneously, and you can also set up quick responses to basic questions or messages. In contrast, the targeted audience finds very little difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. They receive WhatsApp business marketing messages just like regular messages.

WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp business platform is another WhatsApp marketing tool where you can send WhatsApp promotional messages and is targeted toward larger businesses.

It gives businesses complete access to the product's full suite of marketing tools. It also connects your WhatsApp business profile to the CRM or email service provider. This helps in managing large numbers of conversations simultaneously.

Though Whatsapp's business platform doesn't have a front-end interface as it is an API, it has more advanced features than the mobile app. It allows you to send mass marketing communication campaigns and supports strategic customer services.

Why should you use WhatsApp marketing strategy for your business?

WhatsApp Marketing is great for businesses, and the benefits of WhatsApp advertising are very tempting.

  • WhatsApp has almost 2 billion active users globally. Since it has a worldwide reach, you can find an interested audience to tailor your products and services.

  • With a large number of active users, the channel gives you access to an unlimited number of audiences.

  • Apart from being a messaging app, it can also be used as WhatsApp marketing for business.

  • Marketing with WhatsApp offers personalized offers personalized marketing and one-to-one interactions that consumers prefer.

  • Conversing on a social media platform like WhatsApp gives the client the impression that they are talking with a buddy.

  • WhatsApp campaigns bring you close to your targeted audience and guarantee that the users view your marketing messages on WhatsApp.

  • Click-through rates are reasonable, too, as an average WhatsApp campaign is being clicked through.

How do you create and how to use WhatsApp business profiles?

Creating a WhatsApp Business Profile is simple and only requires three steps.

Step-1: Download the WhatsApp Business App from Google Play or the App Store.

Step-2: Enter your business-related contact number to set up your business account, and simultaneously, you will be prompted to enter your business name.

Step-3: Now, you can start setting up and using your account. Tap on "More options" button, the three vertical dots, then settings, and input your company name.

Simultaneously, complete the rest of the elements of your business account and start using it.

  • Profile: This is the information your target audience will see about your company. Include a brief description, address, business hours, website, social media, etc.

  • Short Links: This tool produces a QR code for you on your website, social media, or emails, allowing consumers to start a transaction with you on WhatsApp immediately.

  • Greeting message: This greeting message is automatically emailed to anyone who contacts your company.

  • Away message: This message is automatically sent to anyone who contacts you after hours.

  • Quick replies: This feature allows you to write and save replies to send with a single click, reducing response time and increasing conversation efficiency.

  • Status: This feature allows you to share products and businesses as WhatsApp status for business promotion.

  • Statistics: This section contains information on messages sent, delivered, read, and received.

Developing a successful business-to-business (B2B) strategy using WhatsApp Business involves careful planning and execution. WhatsApp Business is an essential medium for business-to-business communication, and with the correct approach, you can streamline communication, strengthen partnerships, and drive development.

Some of the examples of Social media marketing strategies using WhatsApp Business

Here are some of the well known brands with excellent social media marketing strategies.

1.Netflix: Netflix continually searches for methods to keep people interested in their service. Netflix began a campaign in 2017 that offers recommendations and reminders to its viewers via WhatsApp alerts. The promotion urged customers to communicate with Netflix using WhatsApp Messenger. It only applied to individuals with Netflix and WhatsApp installed on their phones.

2.Absolut Vodka: To celebrate the release of the Limited Edition Absolut Unique range, the company hosted an exclusive "Absolut Unique Party." However, just two tickets were available to the general public. To win the ticket, users had to persuade Sven, a fictitious doorman, with creative WhatsApp messages.

: Thousands of people use BookMyShow every day. The platform usually sends SMS and emails to their customers about their purchases.

However, they now send M-Tickets over WhatsApp with a QR Code, which is essential for entering the theaters.


Now that you've learned what Now that you’ve learned what is WhatsApp marketing, how to do marketing on WhatsApp, and what WhatsApp marketing can do for you, it's time to get creative with your approach! WhatsApp can help businesses of all sizes with their marketing campaigns. The channel can aid in developing long-term client connections, increased retention, and increased revenue.

Using message templates, you can develop interactive messages to engage clients using WhatsApp Business API. Use automation to keep your consumers updated on delivery status and sales, and make it simple for them to connect with your business whenever needed. Don't simply send messages. Start conversations!

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