Why Your Business Needs SEO in 2020. 10 Reasons to Invest in SEO

Why Your Business Needs SEO in 2020. 10 Reasons to Invest in SEO

Before knowing the SEO Importance for business in 2020, let’s know what exactly SEO is?

Every company hopes to find a way to attract additional customers. It seems that there is no secret formula for this that ensures that customers are flocking to your company. There is nevertheless a method on the Internet that can certainly help to increase interest in your company and thus to increase your number of customers. This method is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization and ensures that your website gets a higher ranking with Google search results. If someone searches in Google for your product, service, region or a combination of these, they will see the link to your website as one of the first options.

In the meantime, you have probably heard that SEO is an important tool for Small Business in marketing and the visibility of your company. Without optimizing your web content, it is very difficult to attract visitors via organic search - people who end up on your page because they clicked on it in the search results, and not through an advertisement. But SEO not only gives you a higher ranking with a search engine.

We list below 10 Reasons for SEO importance for Business in 2020.

1. Optimization not only ensures a higher ranking, but also a better user experience

Good user experience means that your website gets higher in the rankings. A mobile-friendly design, a good integration of relevant photos and videos, interesting texts that ensure that users stay on the page longer and lower your bounce rates: SEO optimization is also a user-friendliness optimization.

2.Organic search makes up 64 percent of all website visits worldwide

According to a sample study by marketing organization Conductor, globally up to 64 percent of all traffic would come via organic search, 15 percent through links, 12 percent directly, 6 percent through SEA and 2 percent through social media. So you miss a lot of visitors if you ignore hiring the top SEO companies for your business growth.

3.SEO leads on average to a higher conversion rate than marketing aimed to attract customers.

Customers who come to your website via a search term are more inclined to make a purchase effectively than customers that you consciously attract through marketing.

4. You collect more leads through inbound methods (including SEO) than with outbound methods.

In line with the number three reasons, it has also been established that many more customers generated more leads through inbound methods such as SEO, links, blogs, and social media than traditional marketing practices.

5. A high ranking in local search results leads directly to more visitors and higher sales.

We have already elaborated on why local SEO Companies pay off, but the numbers do not lie. According to Google, 50 percent of people who used a local search term on a mobile device visited a store the same day. 18 percent of those searches resulted in a sale within the same day.

6. Marketers find SEO to be one of their most effective digital strategies.

A Salesforce study among marketers found that 66 percent of them consider SEO Services to be very effective for effective results. But 7 percent said their SEO attempts were not very or not at all effective.

7. SEO gives more credibility to your brand.

A higher ranking in the search results signals visitors that you are a relevant player in your segment, while a place on pages 2 or 3 of the search results gives you the perception that you are earlier, are new or do not have the budget for what to do your ranking.

8. SEO usually requires less work than other inbound methods.

A page, once optimized for search engines, requires less maintenance than, for example, maintaining a blog or maintaining some social media accounts. All you have to do is keep an eye on your visitor numbers, if they fall back then you may have to redesign your optimization.

9. The second or third page of search results have visibility of almost zero.

If you look up something, do you look beyond the first page of search results? If your answer is no, then you are definitely not alone. More than 7 out of 10 of the total number of clicks happen on page one of the search results. If you want some degree of visibility then you will have to turn to SEO or invest part of your budget in SEA.

10. The lion's share of consumers first conduct a digital survey before they make a purchase, digitally or physically.

Research shows that the vast majority of consumers and B2B buyers first look for information about products online. If you do not have a digital presence in search engines, you will miss out on a lot of potential customers.


Executing quality SEO has heaps of advantages for your business, regardless of how large or little it is. It will consistently be advantageous to take the greater part of your SEO and increment the chances to develop. Contrasting with other paid marketing strategies, SEO has the assurance of a long-lasting result oriented.



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