5 Mistakes You Should Not Let Go In Optimizing Instagram Account for SEO

5 Mistakes You Should Not Let Go In Optimizing Instagram Account for SEO

Every individual requires support to climb up the ladder. So, how can B2B marketers not consider optimized practices to rank higher in digital marketing? Instagram SEO is a hot topic in today’s B2B digital world.

You must be thinking about the success points to generate more leads on your Instagram account. But, you should also think beyond this level because with mistakes, one can grow and improve its skills.

SEO is the most common practice that B2B digital marketers never fail to implement. This is the reason why every B2B company is fighting the battle to prosper and flourish like never before.

Are you ready to learn from mistakes and perform better Instagram optimization in the future? This post will help you understand the mistakes you should avoid in Instagram SEO.

Let’s begin!

Top 5 Mistakes in Instagram Optimization that B2B Marketers Should Avoid

1. Inconsistent and Cheesy Feed:

You must not be new to Instagram. Aren’t you? It is easy for anyone to create an Instagram account and start sharing their visual activities to the world.

In the case of B2B digital marketing, such activities have nothing to do with the business. The only thing that matters is consistency and professional outlook.

To achieve consistency in Instagram optimization, you have to play smartly and invest some time. Look out for some great B2B marketing examples and infuse them in your work.

You can also use other smart tools for Instagram SEO. It is better to take help and practice rather than just hitting the keys and posting irrelevant stuff on the feed.

2. Irrelevant Hashtags:

Did you know the optimal amount of hashtags to use in the caption? According to the new Instagram trends, an individual can post about 30 hashtags under one picture.

Now, as you are a B2B digital marketer, you have to play wisely with this tactic. Instagram SEO game is a bit tricky because it has entirely different social media algorithms compared with other platforms.

So, now you are a pro in Instagram optimization; it is important to understand hashtags' use. If you are marketing an automobile manufacturing company on Instagram, then do not add hashtags that are inappropriate or unfit for the niche. Instead, always choose the tags that perfectly relate to the products and niche.

Many people prefer adding trending yet appropriate hashtags for Instagram post for likes to gain followers and recognition for their brand or page. This digital marketing strategy works pretty well, as people love surfing through these hashtags for ideas and entertainment

You can also see the work of several manufacturers affiliated with the Hong Kong B2B Marketplace. They have not just used relevant hashtags but also implied better B2B optimization practices throughout digital marketing.

3. Vague Instagram Username:

Just like the name of an object holds greater worth, your business name also serves great importance. No matter which platform you use for marketing your B2B company, it is essential to create a username that presents a clear brand name.

In Instagram optimization, the username of a B2B company is essential. This is because it becomes convenient for the target audience to reach out to you.

For instance, if you own an electronic wholesaling company but have a username that has inappropriate words, then your potential followers might face difficulty in getting back to you.

At this point, you have to go back to the time when usernames on social media defined businesses. Instagram SEO works the same way now.

4. Missing Alt Text:

There is another mistake that every B2B digital marketer should not miss.

Alt-text is one of the features that is best used for Instagram optimization. Initially, the feature was used to support visually impaired people in the digital world. Yet, it is effectively used now for Instagram SEO.

B2B marketers must take notice of this fantastic feature. If you haven’t seen this before, choose the picture to share and then scroll down after writing the caption. You will find a blank space under the accessibility section. This is the place where Alt text is written for Instagram optimization.

Next time, when people will be searching for internationally recognized manufacturers, your business name will pop up on their screens.

5. Missing Keywords in Bio:

Were you aware of this mistake before? We have got your attention for sure.

For Instagram optimization, this feature plays a very important role. You should take notice of adding particular keywords in the bio as an Instagram SEO strategy.

However, it doesn’t mean you overwhelm the space by adding too many keywords. This can compromise readability and will end up losing its worth.

If you add valued keywords in your bio, then the followers can easily find you on Instagram. Yet, Instagram optimization is necessary to outshine B2B digital marketing.

So, what you will do next is add keywords that are professional yet strong to help you rank the page in the search results.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram SEO is not a piece of cake for newbies. B2B digital marketers have to be very careful in choosing the right optimization techniques.

It is time to outperform in digital marketing. You have got a chance to improve and fly high in the most competitive B2B digital world. Keep sharing the post because it can educate many others, struggling to become first in the search results.

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