9 Steps to Build A Great Digital Marketing Strategy | Infographic

9 Steps to Build A Great Digital Marketing Strategy | Infographic

I bet this is not the first time someone suggested you integrate an effective digital marketing strategy to your business. Stepping into the digital marketing is pretty much fine, but why does one need a strategy for that?

Because a strategy helps you in “setting the direction to the destination you want to reach.”

Whether you just started your startup or in business for years, it is never late to create a plan that creates a real impact on your bottom line. Any Digital Marketing Services provider basically follows this pipeline for the best possible chance of success.

1. Goals and Objective

 Okay! Do not raise your eyebrows. This suggestion or advice might seem certain that does not need any special mention. However, we have seen many marketers who are eager to get into the nuts and bolts of postings and campaigns without any prior plan which is necessary for a productive outcome. As a business holder, you should be clear of what your goal is. Whether you want to mark your presence in the neighboring state or rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page? The end objective can be determined by your current business standards and how you want it to be in the long run.

2. Identify “your” customers

One of the vital things to be contemplated during any digital marketing strategy is that you need to identify your customers. See, if you do not know who you are marketing to, what is the point of discussing a “great strategy?”Isn’t it? With the available digital channels, you sure can REACH people, but the question is WHICH people? Identifying the target audience is not rocket science if you could create the fleshed-out persona. And a persona is something that gives a detailed description of your audience. Get started with their gender, age, and location. Then dig deeper to identify their hobbies, interests, occupation, emotional desires, goals, etcetera. Google Analytics can help you determine such factors and whom you should actually target.

You can also identify your customers by :

  • Analyzing the competition in the market.
  • Using social media.
  • Creating customer surveys to understand their needs exactly.

Try to modify digital marketing campaigns for recognizing your ideal customer by creating content and images so that it captivates the customer. Then, ask yourself whether the correct results are generated with these things. If not, try a different approach to appeal the consumer.

3. Competitor Research

It is essential to get the current online landscape in terms of competitiveness. Analyze what the competitors are doing. It could help you in discovering the areas you need to hone up. Create a spreadsheet and note every single activity on every single channel. With the help of SEO services companies and tools, you can discover the keywords which are driving the high volume of traffic to their site.                                               

  • Note: You are studying your competitor’s way of marketing not duplicating their strategy. 

4. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way of internet marketing that is basically the promotion of your website. It improves the site visibility in search engines by bidding on search terms. SEM enables businesses to get precise success tracking and in-depth campaign analysis too. You can get to know how much value you are generating which further helps in making educated decisions. 

On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a component of Search Engine Marketing. SEO’s ultimate aim is to increase the number of visitors to your website. It includes on-page and off-page optimization that helps in maximizing the visitor count.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing(SMM) is a form of internet marketing that includes composing and sharing content on social media channels or networks. The primary activities involve in SMM are posting any kind of media such as text, image, videos, memes, and updates that drive user engagement. Social Media Marketing is mostly executed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

It needs an evolving strategy with more significant objectives, and it includes :

  • Posting videos, stories, live videos, and pictures to showcase your brand to attract a specific audience.
  • Respond to the shares, likes, and comments, and then monitor your business popularity.
  • Engaging with customers, influencers, and followers to build a community across your brand to create brand awareness.

6. Email Marketing

You might be wondering why we set down Email Marketing as a separate tile amidst the resounding cry that email marketing is dead. But, it is not. We have many email marketing software available. It is still one of the effective ways of sending a commercial message to a group of people that actually matters.  As a matter of fact, 72% of people still prefer email communication instead of chat. Besides email marketing, you can also integrate the best Instant Messaging software into your website to convert visitors into business clients. 

7. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a form of marketing that primarily focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for the target audience through online mediums. It is implemented to increase brand awareness and credibility through constant blogging, press releases, guest blogging, webinars, ebooks, articles etcetera. 

8. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a route in which technology is used to promote products and services to the end-user who is constantly connected to the network. It involves promotions sent through downloaded applications through push notifications, SMS text messaging, and MMS Multimedia messaging.

It utilizes modern mobile technology features that incorporate location services for tailoring marketing-based campaigns on an individual location. Mobile marketing is better and more affordable than marketing your products or services on radio and television.

A business owner can measure the mobile marketing campaign's success through mobile marketing. Furthermore, it is cost-effective as there are various choices to pick from any budget, and the influence it can produce when compared with the cost is essential.

9. Measure Results

It is essential to measure the results or outcomes of using a digital marketing strategy in your business. First, you need to observe the total website traffic to know if there's a rise. Also, try your best to monitor returning traffic, and mobile traffic and analyze the traffic resources to understand in what ways your customers are visiting your website.

Another critical aspect is to learn the average time a particular user is spending on your website. These things will offer depth insights to show how digital marketing in your company is successfully operating.

Great that you have made up till here. Now let us explore how you can implement this digital marketing strategy below:

 9 Steps for a Great Digital Marketing Strategy – Infographic



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