5 Simple Steps to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy in 2019 | infographic

5 Simple Steps to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy in 2019 | infographic

I hope everyone remembers the #metoo movement which literally shook the country. It has spread like a wildfire on the internet. Or you might be aware of the Tik Tok application and of course, its recent ban in India. That application has opened the gates for normal people to become so-called social media influencers.

Do you know how these instances became world-known?

Social media! Yes!

When a normal person can become a celebrity by just using social media, don’t you think your business can turn into a brand using the same?

You certainly can. But it needs an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy to get noticed. To become known among your target audience.

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

The following are a few steps you need to implement to win the social media game.

#Step 1: What are your goals?

First things first, if you are not sure of where you want to go, what is the point in traveling at all? Isn’t it?

The same thing applies to business. What is the point in having a digital marketing services presence when you do not know why you are there? Thus, you need to have goals. The potential goals such as:

> Brand awareness

> Drive traffic to the website

> Boost Sales

> Generate Leads

> Build a strong community or network or

> Improving the ROI

#Step 2: Conduct a Social Media Audit

In geekspeak, Social Media Auditing is a sequence of steps that are to be considered to evaluate and optimize business social media profiles and strategies. This activity gives you an idea of what’s working, what’s failing, and everything in between.

You need to observe keenly of every social channel and its metrics. Compare the types of content you have posted, the engagement you received, the frequency, user engagement, and the response rate.

Following is the check-list for any social media auditing. If you are outsourcing for any Social Media Marketing company, make sure they do all the below activities:

> Dispose of unnecessary accounts and profiles

> Locate and Identify unauthorized profiles

> Analyze all the content on third-party sites

> Check every profile for completion

> Save all information

> Evaluate the performance of each post and channel with a media filter

Along with these, you can log into Google Analytics and track down social media acquisition reports.


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#Step 3: Create “Your” Audience Persona

Although the term Audience Persona seems quite a jargon, it is not such. A buyer persona is a fabricated representation of your ideal customers. You can develop your audience persona with profound market research and real-time data about your existing customers. While creating buyers’ persona you could consider their behavior patterns, customer demographics, and objectives. And for understanding your audience's pulse better and quicker, you must start reaching your customers with a live chat software application, like Click2Magic.

The more specific you are, the better your ROI is.

For instance,

  1. Arya Stark – Brave, independent, headstrong, rejects traditional female pursuits, badass
  2. Cersei Lannister – Complex, multi-faceted character, dangerous, strangely sympathetic figure
  3. Jon Snow/ Aegon Targarean – Kind, independent, warrior, and takes hard decisions
  4. Daenerys Targaryen – Courageous, strong, confident, and the monarch

You see, this is why buyers persona matters. It tells you who your audience is. It gives a broader and deeper understanding of whom you need to take care of without wasting time and money on developing products that are of no use. When you know the tactics of social media and the gist of your buyer persona, you are all set.

#Step 4: Figure out your platform

There are a hell number of social media marketing tools or channels out there. Although it does not mean every social media channel works for you. If you have a problem with your eyesight, you do not go to a gynecologist, right?


It is launched in 2004 and still the most powerful social media for businesses. With more than 1 Billion users worldwide, Facebook opens the doors to stay connected with friends and family irrespective of their region. Now, you can connect and engage with your end audience through business pages, likes, comments, and messages. On Facebook, you can find the people who just entered into the teenage to who are late into senior-citizens. It is for everyone! 


Instagram is the second-fastest-growing social media application and has its presence globally. Although on the surface, both Instagram and Facebook look alike, they are different. Their user groups are different. On Instagram, you can find people ages 18 to 30 mostly. And Instagram has made #hashtags known and showed us how effective they can be.

Fun fact: The most popular hashtag is #love


LinkedIn was named as the best social media platform for helping Businesses achieve specific objectives.LinkedIn hosts a Group of more than 500 million professionals around the world. No matter who your B2B customers are, they are almost certainly on the platform. The best Linkedin strategy is the key to achieve any type of business in 2020.

Now it is your duty to find out who is using the other social media channels such as  Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat.

Step 5: Create Content

No matter how much you are willing to spend on your campaigns, without the relevant, rich, and receiving content, everything goes in vain. Social media is meant for entertainment and thus your content should also be. Never stick with the text. Include visually-rich images, gifs, memes, and videos. Keep ‘em entertaining!

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