7 Online Lead Generation Strategies for Businesses

7 Online Lead Generation Strategies for Businesses

The right strategy, right customers, right time are the key elements in any business’ success. This is the new era where a customer can find any business or business can find any customer online only.

The lead funnel is the treasure of any business either B2B or B2C. It is the #1 priority that most businessmen make for their business growth. And generating quality leads is a challenging one for most of them. However, Online Lead Generation Companies are sure shot ways to help in generating quality leads. These strategies not only generate leads for businesses but also help them to grow. These strategies are not just confined to B2B leads generation for businesses but also help them to grow.

Leads generation is not a new topic. So, let's dive straight (without defining the terms) into the strategies that yield more quality leads.

How Online Lead Generation Strategies Fill the Lead Funnel

1. Leads from the website 

Yes, the first source of leads is your website. It is the foundation for the fountain of leads. Traffic comes to your website, right?. If you incorporate your site with contact forms (should not be complex with more fields), they will turn your site visitors into leads. And if your web form is connected to an action-focused CRM, your conversion rate will definitely increase. However, we can’t say all the traffic turns to leads but there is a chance to get more leads if you raise your traffic by optimizing your site regularly. You don't get leads directly. Traffic leads to conversions and conversions lead to quality leads. This is the process and traffic can be increased by putting efforts into digital marketing strategies such as SEO Services, SMM, blogging, e-mail marketing, and remarketing.

2. Call-to-actions(CTAs) 

Pitch the content regarding what you need directly in 2 or 3 words. Make sure that the button size, color, the font must be simple and attention-grabbing. The placement of CTA buttons is crucial and use different CTAs on every page. This doesn’t mean you force them to act but it should seem welcoming by offering e-books, guides, etc. According to studies, e-books have higher conversion rates. The design, placement, content, text format are the key components in making the CTA either attentive or inattentive.

Possible placements of CTAs:

  • At the top or footer of the website

  • At the top or end of the blogs

  • Using pop-ups either entry or timed or scrolled or click or exit pop-ups (You can set timings for pop-ups: At the starting of visiting or after spending some time on the site).

Perform A/B testing on every strategy so that you could find the high-performing one. Measure results otherwise you will waste your time on unprofitable things. Having multiple CTAs may irritate visitors so keep adequate CTAs.

3. Content Marketing

You know that content is king. Produce relevant content through blogs, whitepapers, infographics, webinars, e-newsletters, lead magnets, blog posts, guest blogging, articles, etc. and promote them on all social media platforms to grab the attention of visitors and generate leads.

Some key takeaways:

1. Your landing page content should be of high quality.

2. Use attention-grabbing headlines.

3. Identify the high-performing and low-performing content so that you can pitch the right one to gain more leads.

4. Optimize the whole content regularly.

4. Email marketing through G-mail Ads

Analyze your competitors and research for keywords for better e-mail creation. Write CTAs in e-mails will be a hit. Create Gmail ad campaigns with attention-grabbing template design by targeting your competitor's keywords. Besides, use the brainstorming, Ahrefs (It reveals your competitor’s keywords), Google’s Keyword Planner for high search volume, and high-performing keywords. You can send cold e-mails and find the targeted customers through hunter.io which helps you in finding people’s email addresses. You can even hire an Email Marketing Agency to do the work for you.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the platform where the user engagement will be at peaks. Create business-oriented pages on all social networks. Use custom hashtags, host events, and live videos, perform contests, offer offers and discounts to yield maximum leads. Moreover, run Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads. Produce curated and gated content including landing page or lead form page URL and post it across all social media platforms. This strategy wins more leads for your business.

6. Advertisements

This paid marketing is the direct way among all the digital marketing services that can grab potential prospects. Run all Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Video Ads, Google AdW, Gmail Ads for more quality leads. Create as many ads as you want within the campaign and do A/B testing to find out the high-performing ad. What next?. Bid on that high-performing ad and generate more leads and gain high ROI.

7. YouTube Marketing

Last but not least, it is a powerful medium that grabs the attention of the customers. Create a channel and make videos relevant to your business and also create videos for YouTube advertisements. Use YouTube cards, content cards, end screens that appear at the end of a video and act as a CTA. Last but not least, YouTube marketing is an effective strategy for both B2C and B2B lead generation that grabs the attention of the customers.


Dumping leads into the funnel is not enough to succeed in business. You need to nurture the leads through Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Follow these online lead generation strategies to generate maximum high-quality leads and outperform your competitors and have a successful business.

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