Bike Rental App Development: How to Develop Your Own Bike Sharing App

Bike Rental App Development: How to Develop Your Own Bike Sharing App

For many of us, the sight of open, boundless roads unraveling between miles of vacant, sprawling land reminds of a motorcycle ride. The wind in our hair, a certain Bonnie and Clyde-like adventure. But that wishful thought is as quick to disappear as those roads when it shifts from the scene to the practical concern of being able to afford a motorcycle.

And one that has enough horsepower to get on an adventure like that. Fortunately, long gone are the days when the only option was to buy a motorcycle or borrow your brother’s or your friend’s after much labor is lost.

Today, one has the option to rent a motorcycle from the ever-increasing list of companies that cater to the needs and wishes of bike lovers at affordable, pocket-friendly rates. What’s more, consumers today have the choice to rent it for a day, for a month, or even for an hour, depending upon their need.

So, what is Bike Rental App Development and why is it important? By now you have understood that bike rental apps are basically digital applications used by companies that consumers can use at any place and at any time. It is crucial in this sense since it’s basically the process by which one can build a bike rental app.

Know the Market

Mobile app solutions for motorbike rentals are on the rise for the past couple of years. To provide statistics in this case, in 2013, there were about 700,000 recorded motorbikes for rental purposes across the globe. However, the market for rental services motorbikes, as well as for rental cars, has grown exponentially since then, not just in the United States but across the globe.

Indian company Ola, Uber’s primary rival in rental car/auto services in the Asian market, made a 100-million-dollar investment in the start-up Vogo, which provides scooters for rent. Moreover, the latest report created by the Bike Sharing Blog states that there has been a significant increase in motorcycle rental services since almost as far back as 2016 when the numbers of units of vehicles suddenly shot up to 2.3 million and has been growing ever since.

How to Approach Before You Develop Your Bike Rental App

Armed with the information provided above, you will now be better equipped to decide for yourself what kind of a marketplace you are looking at. But, it goes without saying that further research is necessary to know what kind of an intervention the market now needs to make the transformation that will turn the tide. For this purpose, it is essential that you go through all the current available avenues providing bike rental services so that you may zero-in on the lack of features and build it into your platform.

Before creating any platform, you must look at the existing ones, the services they provide and, most importantly, the  App Marketing Strategies Company that you hire must fit your business plan.

In this context, a Google search might make you aware of the many app development services that you will require in the process and which Mobile App Development Company out there is equipped with them. As you may already know, mobile app development is one of the most crucial markets in today’s world as everything, all our services from food rationing to building a house, is gradually being transformed into digital platforms and is being accessed with the touch of our fingers.

Defining Features

Before you jump headfirst into the bike rental app development, read the following section as it will provide you with a list of features that one can avail on a platform meant for renting bikes:

  • Login/Registration: This section is where the user registers into the application after having all of their credentials checked and cleared. This will equip the user with full access to the services of the application.

  • Bike-type: This will wholly depend on the extent and the quality of the service that you think you can or are willing to provide. The kind of business funding you receive will come to play a major role in this.
  • If you are entering the market with a large initial investment, you can opt to provide quality services, such as some companies have a range of motorcycles to offer from Honda to Yamaha to Vespa. Along with the type of vehicle, this section will also deal with the color, make, and other specifications regarding the vehicles you provide for rent.

  • Booking Options: This allows users to manage their bookings. This contains further sub-sections, such as options to Book Now, Schedule Another Time, Select Location, Number, and Hourly, Daily, or Monthly Rental options. Along with these, one can also build a Premium Booking Section where Premium Members/Customers can be catered to. Cancellation, Pickups, Delivery, and Fares can all come under this section.

  • Payment Gateways: When it comes to providing options for payment to the consumers, the more the number of options the happier your customer is likely to feel. However, that can also often mean a huge pressure on the back-end development of the application, especially for those managing finances. This is why the admins are free to include payment methods as they can afford them. This brings us to our next point.

  • Admin Panel: The Admin panel is for those who run the app and provide and manage the services provided. It contains a Dashboard, Analytics section, Verifications bar, and Database among countless other options, which you can build too with the right bike Rental App Development Company.


Although this is no exhaustive account, it should be clear to you by now that to build a Bike Rental App, you need a company who works across platforms, a solid cost estimation plan, and a team of managers and developers to work together in clearly outlined roles for professional app development.

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