Top 10 App Marketing Strategies To Build Your Brand

Top 10 App Marketing Strategies To Build Your Brand

We are living in a world where mobile applications are popping up everywhere. The quantity of apps is rising rapidly. To stand out in the competition by keeping user retention is a challenging one. You need to mind the interest of the user community with killer strategies from the very beginning of your mobile application development. Promote your brand with the latest marketing strategies is like creating a buzz of your application around the world.

These are the Top App marketing Strategies to build a brand that helps in making a good first impression.

Top 10 App Marketing Strategies To Build Your Brand

1. Intrigue Your Audience With Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies

How to make your app capture millions? Creativity captures your targeted audience.

You might be aware of the Film industry where they promote their films before it releases. The pre-launch app marketing strategy is the first step and paramount for the successful launch of your mobile app.


  • Understand the customers and their interests
  • Competitor Analysis through Alexa, SEMRush, and SimilarWeb
  • Address the pain points and how your app resolves it
  • Influence marketing
  • Build a website and write app-featured Blogs
  • Use Infographics
  • Updates on the progress of app development
  • Utilize social media influence
  • At glance videos (app trailers and teasers)
  • Use press kit
  • I think you have already owned the suffice hype and buzz for your App with Pre-Launch Marketing.


2. Improve App appearance through App store optimization (ASO):

It is another big strategy to make the attracted audience retain. App Store searches are the way to find apps for most people. Like SERP, App store results will be visible based on the ranking. If you want to be found by many, you have to get a good ranking in-app store. Continuous play store optimization gives you ranking and more traffic hence huge installs for your app. Improve search appearance using

  • Use Product screenshots
  • keywords
  • Analysis of KPIs
  • App icon
  • Title and description

3. Engage the audience with Push messaging:

Promoting your app in other apps by pushing messages is a way to engage the users more and you will get a high engagement rate from the users who opt-in for push notifications. You can use either automated push notifications through tools or behavioral-based notifications. Keep an eye on

  • The timing
  • The days (weekdays or weekends)
  • Message frequency (the number of times the message is visible to each user

4. Retain your app users with In-app messaging:

In-app messaging, the feature provided by the App Store Optimization Company while developing the application is a way to make your app users retain by sending messages related to

  • The added new features and
  • New versions

5. Use customer satisfaction metrics:

There are many tools and metrics to evaluate customer satisfaction with your app.

e.g. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This is a metric to know customer satisfaction and loyalty. On the scale of 0-10, the score is broken down to 3 categories. 0-6: Detractors, 7-8 Passives, 9-10: Promoters. It is like a star-based online review. It is an accurate method to calculate and measure customer opinion. Set an online poll with NPS.

Let’s break it down:

(Number of Promoters — Number of Detractors) / (Number of Respondents) x 100

Calculate your score out of 100. If you get enough score, you are on the track. Otherwise, mend the things which you lag.

6. Content marketing through social media channels:

You know the content is king. Your content including blogs, posts, testimonials, reviews, feedback from the customers, influencers’ articles, etc. are great players in making your app go viral. Posting relevant content in the large crowded platforms will be a big hit for your app.

7. Use social media management tools:

Using social media management tools is one of the Android App marketing techniques Utilize tools such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer to manage all your content on all social media channels.

8. Press Release:

Do you know the game app named “Temple run”? It has gained greater hype using the Press Release strategy. Write a description of 300 character length about the app and include your app unique features, how your app is better than the existing apps, and the benefits with small bullet points. Then, watch your results.

9. Reviews and Ratings:

Reviews and ratings can play a vital role since people see them decide whether the app is worth downloading or not. Allow the users to rate and provide reviews for your application.

10. Monitor results and repeat the above steps:

Connect your app with Google analytics and monitor the results. In this competitive world of mobile apps, the app’s ranking and attention to them also change as time changes. So, keep on doing the things to avoid the loss of chance of gaining traction of the users.

Wrapping up:

In a nutshell, these strategies suffice to build your brand. Go the extra mile with these strategies with the help of  Top Mobile App Development Companies in India and reap good returns.









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