Branding With Best Social Media Marketing Agency

Branding With Best Social Media Marketing Agency

What is Social Media Marketing & Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Agency?

The use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and so on to connect with your audience to promote your company, drive revenue, and drive website traffic is known as social media marketing. With a social media marketing agency, it will be very easy for your company to establish your Brand.

Why does anyone need Social Media Marketing?

Do you think your product or service can still be relevant in this modern digital world without social media marketing since you rely on print media and television advertising, or do you think you don't need any media because your brand is so big that it doesn't need any marketing, just word of mouth, and your quality is enough to bring the customers?

Let me put this to you chronologically;

It is estimated that there are over 2 billion millennials in the world, with a large percentage of them spending the majority of their time on internet-connected electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets or iPads, and other similar devices, which have effectively become their alternate personality or an extension that organizes their daily activities, in which they primarily use social media platforms, and reaching this group of the audience will be a cakewalk.

Why do you think a major fast-food chain of restaurants organizes fun activities for children rather than their elders or parents?

Because their fun activities entice children, who subsequently persuade their parents with their impulsive thoughts to visit the particular restaurant although they are the hosts, bill payers' children become decision-makers, maximizing the restaurants’ sales.

There are approximately 3.96 billion active users on social media platforms, including techies, non-techies of this generation, millennials, and so on, who are easily accessible for social media marketing. Your target customers may be of an age group that is unaware of social media platforms, but they will still rely on the advice of their friends and family who will acquire information from social media platforms such as company information, customer reviews, blogs, and so on and will provide an educated view to create an effective decision in opting to a product or service.

Although you may have a devoted customer base that requires no marketing, don't you want your sales, company, and brand image to expand beyond your fixed customers?

Since no one could anticipate the actual market potential of a given product or service, after the adoption of social media marketing strategies, numerous companies have been saved from exile and others have exceeded their targets. All you have to do is hire a quintessential social Media Marketing agency like GeeksChip, which is known to be the pioneer in incorporating unique social media marketing strategies with 420+ reputed clients who expanded their reach globally.

Benefits of having Social Media Marketing Services

The following are the benefits of Social Media Marketing Services:


You can market your company globally by engaging existing consumers and attracting new customers by having a presence on social media networks. You can find customers almost anywhere virtually, regardless of demographics. Your company's posts, images, videos, and other content can attract a new group of people from which at least one from every three people could become your potential consumers, and the numbers will grow as your brand does.

Delighted Customer Experience

Today’s customers judge a company’s brand image based on its presence on social media platforms.

Most of the customers will not contact the customer care executives to solve their issues unless it is more complicated or it cannot be solved on others’ suggestions, because they don’t want to consume their time in listening to your lengthy IVR message.

When customers see your company on a social media platform, they feel at ease contacting you with their issues or seeking your advice on the product. They may also discover an expert's recommendations as a result of interactions with your other customers. As a result, you may find more delighted customers turning to long-term customers.

Inbound Traffic

Simply being on a social networking site won't help you promote; you'll need to post consistently to drive inbound traffic and make sure each post is unique to prevent being monotonous. Your postings may be intended to entice visitors to visit your website, while the majority of visitors click intending to buy or learn more about the product, thereby converting them to quality leads.


Customers will be able to communicate with your staff not only to inquire but also to participate in useful discussions that are triggered by your posts.

With a social media presence, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with your customers, gathering necessary customer data such as their opinions, where they are from, what they expect, and allowing your company to make necessary changes that can help with your social media marketing strategies, which you will not be able to obtain accurately through customer surveys.

Customer Loyalty

Customers will regard your social media presence as a commitment to provide excellent customer service. Encourage your customers to post reviews, which will not only enhance your customers’ loyalty base but also attract new customers.

Targeting becomes easier

Using social media platforms you can know the customers’ profiles who are clicking the posts and who aren’t, it becomes easier for you to identify whether your marketing is reaching the targeted audience, through which you can instruct your social media marketing agency to plan the strategies more effectively.

What are our Key Services as a Social Media Management Company?

GeeksChip is considered the best social media marketing agency in India, which offers its key services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Many companies from large to micro acknowledged our devoted services and recognized our teams’ efforts which are posted as reviews on our official website.

Our social media marketing agency team comprises certified and experienced professionals who are experts with social media marketing services. The experience working with the vast variety of domains or brands made us decisive in applying accurate social media marketing strategies and made us stronger than ever in engaging the right audience with social interactions. Social CRM is one of our expertise, we know what it takes to engage your prospective customers and leads them to visit your website.

The following are some of our most well-known skills:

  • Incorporating social media marketing strategy
  • Target the accurate demographics
  • Optimize the right social Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Social listings
  • Run successful User Generated Content (UGC) campaigns.

Our Magnetic Social Media Marketing Strategy for Exponential Business Growth:

It is highly recommendable to hire a social media marketing agency for your company’s social media activities. Yes, you may have a dedicated marketing team confined to your company for print, television advertisements, bulk messaging, and email marketing, but you need a highly experienced team who are well versed in social media marketing strategies, as we are known for, and who has worked with a variety of companies or brands.

Outsourcing a social media management company is a beneficial decision because it saves your time in hiring the required and experienced team, and saves your money in experimenting with social media marketing whereas conversely, we don't have to experiment with social media marketing because we've already implemented them with our strategic approach, and as a result, our clients have received high-quality leads and generated their revenue.

Our services include:

    • Target audience segmentation for fine-tuned servicing
    • Meet segments at targeted social platforms
    • Understand your clients closely
    • Target manageable segments with varied relevant strategies
    • Marketing strategy tracking and evaluation
    • Analyze your brand position and reputation
    • Evaluate your online presence and product or service quality
    • Act on marketing strategy
    • Heighten campaign success rate
    • Content creation
    • Improve product management
    • Armed with skilled marketing strategy
    • Potent audience search
    • Reach optimization
    • Pull quality traffic
    • Higher user engagement etc.,

Is Social Media Marketing Cost-Effective?

Rather than allocating your budget gratuitously to TV advertisements, print ads that are scattered to a mixed group of audience, it is a smart decision in hiring a social media marketing company to reach your targeted audience, indeed they are less expensive compared to the aforementioned list.

A competent social media marketing agency can demonstrate your customer base, design accurate marketing strategies in reaching your target audience, and can give you good results in the form of leads and revenue.

When you can envision your company’s growth with the budget you spend on social media marketing is undeniably inexpensive.


The average person has 8.6 social media profiles, 90.71% of mobile internet users are engaged on social media networks, and according to reports:

    • 2.8 billion active users are on Facebook,
    • 2.1 billion active users are on Youtube,
    • 1.074 billion active users are on Instagram,
    • 756 million active users are on LinkedIn,
    • 478 million active users are on Pinterest.

Given the aforementioned information, you can envision the reach of your brand, and you can't afford to miss out on the opportunity to market your products or services. As Geekschip is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad so, take advantage of GeeksChip's social media marketing services and let us demonstrate your true market potential, which will drive your revenue.

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