Business Promotion, Use Tumblr Phrases and Photos in Gadgets

Business Promotion, Use Tumblr Phrases and Photos in Gadgets

Do you want to advertise a business, or cultivate personal branding as a blogger, influencer? The winning choice is to amaze customers and followers with an original gadget to be distributed around. If you are looking for business promotion, here's how to use Tumblr phrases and photos in gadgets, to catch the public's attention!

Tumblr phrases, what they are and how they are used in business to capture attention and promote business

Tumblr phrases, what does this strange word mean? The Tumblr-mania was born in 2007, thanks to twenty-David Karp. It is a platform that uses smart tools for networking. In detail, there are contents for the so-called microblogging, made of short and surprising sentences. Who uses them has chosen the Tumblr blog, that is a synthetic and schematic communication but with a strong content, with short posts, quotes, thoughts, written or audio impact phrases. There are also Tumblr videos and photos, which work alone or accompanied by comments.

This Social Media Marketing is very popular with young people all over the world, which guarantees the success of content with the youth target. Currently, users have exceeded 250 million and use 13 languages. In short, with Tumblr communication is fast, since there are no advertisements on the platform. Yes, but why would you do well to choose the Tumblr blog instead of a traditional content? For these reasons:

  • If you want a dashboard full of content that affects the user, forcing him to visit your site more often
  • If you don't have great writing skills and you want to capture followers with less effort and effort, but using valuable content
  • As a leader, when you need to communicate offline with the public, to do business promotion in advertising gadgets.
  • To grow personal branding and engagement as an influencer, both online and offline.

Do you think it is worth experimenting with the phrases of the Tumblr platform to advertise in gadgets? As a first step, access the social network and start with a search, keeping in mind that:

  • Tumblr phrases and photos must have impactful content, but suitable for the brand you want to advertise
  • Being synthetic, Tumblr content should be used in large quantities. "Bombing" (in a good sense of the term) online users with posts and offline users with objects that can be carried around (gadgets). Do not limit yourself to a single content, choose multiple sentences and images to propose
  • Take a look at comments and reactions from Tumblr users, so that you can find out which are the most appreciated phrases, they might be for you. In general, participating in the network gives you useful ideas and ideas on what affects the imagination of your customers.

After downloading useful content from the platform, find out for your business promotion how to use Tumblr phrases and photos in gadgets, increasing the business.

Business promotion, 5 tips on how to use Tumblr phrases and photos in gadgets

Are you going to use Tumblr phrases and photos in promotional gadgets? Select the most suitable, based on the type of activity and the length of the chosen sentence. Here are the tips on how to choose them:

1) Promote a company or a professional job

The gadget in this case is a useful mass object. You will use it as a support for a short sentence, or an effect image, to arouse empathy every time someone looks at it. An example are key rings, containers, t-shirts, cups, cushions, objects appreciated by everyone, which are always carried with you or are willingly displayed at home.

2) Develop your personal branding as a food blogger

Nothing better than a kitchen item to write a funny Tumblr phrase on: your followers will compete for it and keep it like a trophy. It can be an apron, a dish towel, an oven glove, a plate. Exclude cutlery, pepper and salt.

3) Meet the followers in an event organized by a sponsor (if you are an influencer)

The prettiest idea is to give a gadget-prize to those who clicked the most like. A cover for smartphone or an iPad port are perfect and have a suitable surface. Have Tumblr phrases printed that express your unique and original personality.

4) Grow up as a blogger or writer already having a personal site

In addition to networking on social, think of potential fans around the web you would like your gift. Give away gadgets with a Tumblr phrase that is your personal motto.

5) Loyalty of e-commerce customers

Provide a periodic gadget, free of charge on purchases, to be collected in multiple versions, month by month, based on the Tumblr phrases written above. The business will certainly grow.

Well, but remember not to make these 3 mistakes

If you have followed our advice, you just have to match the gadget to the phrases or photos, being careful not to make these mistakes:

  • Too many words compared to the surface: avoid making the writing smaller, which must be clearly visible. Rather, choose a shorter sentence. The same goes for Tumblr photos
  • No surprise effects: evaluate the position of the writing on the gadget well. The ideal is to position it where you cannot help discovering it, perhaps by opening or turning the object
  • Difficult concepts, phrases that are not in tune with the message you want to convey. Content must be of value but also reach everyone.

The next move is to fix the Tumblr sentence or photo on the object. If you are undecided between printing and the sticker, read below how to do it.

Tumblr phrases and photos in gadgets: print or apply stickers?

The time has come to produce gadgets with Tumblr phrases or photos, chosen precisely to target the public and promote the video animation company. To decide if it is more convenient to print them directly or make stickers to stick on the objects, remember that:

  • The printing techniques have a different yield compared to the support materials: the final effect on fabric is different compared to wood, plastic and paper. Get samples before you decide
  • Choose direct printing, if you intend to produce large quantities of gadgets. Avoid exaggerating instead, thinking of using them for long periods. The beauty of gadgets with Tumblr phrases is the constant novelty. They must be renewed often with new writings, to keep up the surprise effect on the public. Nobody uses a boring object, the promotion doesn't work
  • Choose sticky Tumblr phrases and photos to apply on gadgets, if it is small quantities and you have precise ideas on graphics. For example, you can understand the difference between materials and colors of Sticky Vinyl, to get an idea of ??the yield. The sticker allows you to test the gadget, but be careful: contact an expert if you are unable to glue it properly.
  • Are you smart in writing and do you mix content in your head? On or you can form effect phrases by also taking care of the fonts. We recommend, however, to test them on Tumblr by posting them, before using them in gadgets. If they are successful, go ahead with the offline experiment.


In summary, becoming a Tumblr user allows you to download phrases and photos with a strong impact, to be used in gadgets to promote a company or a brand. Follow our tips and invent the best gadgets to put on the market!

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