Importance of digital marketing for manufacturing companies

Importance of digital marketing for manufacturing companies

Digital Marketing Services for the Manufacturing industry importance and benefits 

Manufacturing companies in India, they are well tucked away in our industrial estates. If you regularly visit these industrial sites, you will only realize how many manufacturing companies there actually are. And that is strange because in this time of digital media you would expect that you would have to get a good picture of the companies in India online.

In recent years we have noticed that more and more manufacturing companies in India are also interested in a good, integrated online marketing strategy. But how do you do that? I would like to talk about that today.

Where do things go wrong at manufacturing companies in marketing?

Okay, fair enough, most manufacturing companies have a website. Built by a nephew. Or the son. Or that guy in the village who is good with computers. On the homepage, just 20 words can be added to welcome the visitor. They are only released when we get to the product descriptions. Product specifications, technical details, and at least two A4 pages of text. Cut and pasted from various quotations. Well, I write a bit sarcastically, but let's be honest, a manufacturing company that is really good at their niche doesn't need much more. However?

However, the competitor is doing well. To stay ahead of that, a solid marketing strategy is really important. Read on and discover how to do this.

What do you want to achieve?

A good digital marketing service for the manufacturing industry, the strategy starts with the right goals. It may seem obvious, but this step is often skipped. We simply put all products on the site and we choose the keyword that is most searched for to optimize for. But do you reach your target group in this way? Maybe you want to say goodbye to a service, or do you want to become much better in a different product group? You can manage this perfectly online. The most common digital marketing services for manufacturing companies are:

  • More new customers/leads for the sales department
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Improve reputation
  • More up- / cross-sell to our existing customers
  • Improve services / provide service to customers
  • Recruiting new employees

How are we going to use the online options?

You know what you want, now we can work out how you want to achieve it. Which actions are necessary and which marketing actions will we carry out? A lot is possible online and for every type of purpose, there is a legion of marketing campaigns. Think about:

 #1. Search engine optimization:

If you have a website with a good ranking in Google, it has a very positive effect on the number of visitors to your site. Every day there are millions of people in India who look up something on Google. They often use the search engine when they are looking for a product manufacturing Industry. If your site is at the top of the search results, then you have a potential customer who has indicated that they are actively looking for your products or services. To explore your business ROI in the search engine, choose

 #2. Search engine marketing:

In today's competitive market, digital marketing services help you with Search SEM- Also known as search engine marketing. In this way, they allow your organization to grow very effectively. SEM is the collective term for Search Engine Optimization  (SEO Services) and Search Engine Advertising ( SEA). Did you know that more than 95% of all orientation and purchasing processes start on online search engines? That is precisely why it is important to stand out and profile your manufacturing industry online. Together to achieve optimal visibility go for the best digital marketing agency and catch up with well-converting advertising campaigns.

#3. Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing services(SMM) is a form of online marketing that is mainly used as part of an online marketing strategy. Social media is used as a marketing tool as part of the marketing resource mix. On the one hand, the aim is to achieve a high degree of engagement among existing and potential customers. On the other hand, social media is often used to achieve more brand awareness.

What are our challenges?

Every new step in your manufacturing company also brings its challenges. This includes implementing and setting up an online marketing strategy. Fortunately, otherwise, everyone would do it. Think well in advance about what those challenges are and try to come up with a solution before you start. This way you give the project the best chance of success. The challenges we often encounter are:

  • Too little time has been released
  • There is too little (visual) material available
  • Too many people have an opinion
  • The project is deposited with the youngest colleague. He understands the internet the most.
  • There is too little budget


Digital Marketing is an ongoing project:

We now have a good idea of ?? what we want to achieve, what we are going to do, and how we make it a success. But beware, we have not yet had the biggest pitfall, only if you pay attention to online marketing on a daily basis will it be a success. Just take a look around, the competitor that bothers you the most is actively engaged in online marketing. The website looks modern, the latest news on the website is from this month and the last LinkedIn post is from this week.

Analyze and optimize, keep it up, and eventually, you will lead the way in your niche!

Need help with your marketing strategy?

Hire the best digital marketing agency which is particularly good at helping manufacturing companies achieve online success. The company should have a lot of experience and an affinity with the manufacturing industry. Also, take a look at our customer cases to see what we do for companies like yours. Combine your technical knowledge with our online experience and together to create a strategy that yields money below the line.



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