Importance of Facebook marketing for bakeries & food delivery Business

Importance of Facebook marketing for bakeries & food delivery Business


For every person who often thinks to grow a homemade food business, one significant question has been raised in his/her mind, how I could achieve the best yielding position? Social media marketing is the best answer to this question and influencing part of digital marketing and online promotion as well as shopping. The incorporation of ‘Facebook marketing Services for bakeries’ has helped the home-based bakeries & food delivery Businesses to grow unlimited than before.

Why Facebook marketing is important

The best element of Facebook promotion is the freedom and flexibility it allows all businesses to create and integrate a brand while growing its appearance within a broad horizon if they wish. Simply, you can say, simplicity and easily understandable tools are available here to use for an ad promotion.

Many people have some relevant skills and use them to create cheerful quality food and bakery products and other types of services that other people prefer to have. Especially, Baking is simply one home-based business that enables numbers of people to work from home.

How to promote bakery or food products through Facebook

Let’s discuss 5 tactics for the promotion of small bakery businesses that are utilizing Facebook to optimizing and boost their brand on the social media network.

The details of the 5 tactics are narrated as follows.

Let Your images explain It All

Food is such a product where a combination of color and textures of pictures presents the quality of food visually to convince people what you truly offer. For instance, often a well-captured picture of baked cakes ever succeeds to draw out excitement and influences people to place real comments and place a query right away.

So whether it's luscious creamy cupcakes like the ones featured by Sandra or the Simpsons theme anniversary cake…most times all you require truly are images to make people be waited and have a view! The mind-blowing images with clear cut descriptions about ingredients improve the popularity of cake among the viewers.

Highlight your business territory or deliverable area

Also, use Facebook to let the viewers know where they can detect you. For instance, Simpsons does whenever they take part in a local market or any type of pop-up. Social media marketing Companies helps in highlighting these pop-ups.

The promoters of these brands use Facebook page to let viewers know where they can reach the promoters or website of suppliers which I think is valuable as the local market is just the spot to go to if you wish to see their real creations in person and check their samples before you place a costly order.

Share Some Health beneficiary features

Since the products are into the food category for which you are standing in the market either offline or online, it should be 100% qualified for positive sides of health. There shouldn’t be any single reason for putting down the health after consuming the same.

With emphasizing public consciousness about healthy food products and what to eat to live healthy and happy without grudging of sweets, cakes, snacks and savories once in a right approach, a great obsession to do to spot your bakery brand is to share some health features on and off.

For example, Geekschip has conducted here with their highlighted post on buying Vanilla cake. Assist people to get their true needs right, educate them, and let them convince you to consider their well-being not just selling your products.

Likes and Rewards: A trick That Never Fails

If you wish people to stay excited, happy, and engaged in your brand then prizes need to be included. In this approach, here’s a great chance of growing your fan network or catch people to rage about your status information and news by linking likes with rewards. The best rewards of liking are offering some food products like smaller cakes and snacks for a better taste introduction and growth of popularity.

Allow people to know what’s truly in it for them when they realize your updated information and products. Practically, Dual-approach promotion is possible here and Geekschip has done it when it rewarded likes 498 to 504 with lemon cupcakes! You must imagine the importance of Facebook marketing for bakeries in this Pandemic situation to win the competition.

Post a Menu or Banner

If we consider Indian Bakery business, ‘Geekschip’ is a charming bakery business that often posts its updated menu for each week on its Facebook page, people can place an order online and door delivery could be charged extra or the consumers can pick the same from the bakery or your home in case it’s your homemade business.

Top 7 reasons why use Facebook marketing for bakeries and home food delivery business

Steps to market products on Facebook

 Following are the ideal steps for Facebook marketing for a homemade food business.

Step 1: Fix up Your Bakery’s Facebook Ad Goal

Before initiating any ad campaign, consider your end goal, or you can assistance of ad manager. Are you going to improve brand awareness or to drive more traffic or influence people to stand by for this featured cake flavor? Once you’ve selected a goal, Ads Manager recommends a particular adoption.

Step 2: Know Your Facebook Audience

The Audience Insights tool within Facebook Ads Manager allows you to collect information about whom you wish to reach out to makes sure you’re obtaining the most out of your venture.

Step 3: Use existing Bakery Facebook Followers to reach New Ones

“Even if the number of your organic audience isn’t large enough, don’t panic,” says the director of Geekschip. It still carries significant information that you can utilize to develop a profile for focusing on future customers.

Step 4: Consider Your Facebook Ad Metrics

Before launching an ad for Facebook marketing for bakeries, take a moment to figure out which metrics are valuable for your goals. The matrics may be total impressions like counting of ad view, numbers of buyers, counting of clicks, frequency of views by a single viewer, and many more. Facebook ad manager analytics can help you out a lot in this regard.

Step 5: Track Facebook Ad and focusing on Success?

With the use of Facebook’s split testing, you can track clicks and ad performance.

What are the benefits?

  • Huge numbers of audience.
  • Increased numbers of loyal customers
  • Instant updates about new products, prizes, or any discounts.
  • Well, the establishment of Social media networks.
  • Great Turnover with profitable ROI.

How Geekschip helps to increase their orders and sales

Geekschip attempts always to share the latest products, feedbacks of existing buyers, rewards like additional products and discounts, coupons, and health benefits, to increase their orders and sales. It focuses on highlighting more high-quality products and tasty bakery products. Social media marketing for bakeries promotion works well for better promotion with the latest tactics.


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