How Content Management Could Improve your Online Reputation Management

How Content Management Could Improve your Online Reputation Management

Content Marketing for Online Reputation Management:

We all agree on the fact that each and every coin has two different sides, right? Likewise, the gift of today’s world – the internet also has two different sides. It could either be a boon or bane to any business.

Imagine you manufacture leather boots and get them listed in all the top e-commerce websites. Rahul is a customer going through the products and found yours interesting. Do you think he would straight away move to cart and do the payment?

Absolutely, no!

Rahul would go through the reviews and ratings of your product and service in every possible on the internet and come to a conclusion. There are a hell lot of review sites such as Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Glassdoor, etcetera. According to a recent study, it is known that 86% of consumers consider reviews while making a purchase. The customers believe the online reviews as the recommendations from the friends and neighbors.

At this moment, Rahul also goes through the reviews and by any chance, if he has found negative reviews he would stop there and turn around. And, you have lost a customer. Just because of some negative review he found on the internet. You see, the reviews could make either the customer buy your product or sidetrack from you.

That is the power of a brand or business reputation. But with the excess amount of review sites and possibilities of put-on stories, the review sites are flooding with many misleading and inappropriate reviews. By making use of Content Marketing For Online Reputation, you can shield yourself from these vulnerabilities and preserve your customers.

#1 Branded Content

The inappropriate or brand-damaging reviews could possibly torment your search landscape and ultimately your bottom line. For that reason, it is suggestable to publish a high and quality volume of content that is relevant to your subject. Make sure you do not include any unimportant or irrelevant content that drags you down to the unnecessary attention. In this prospect, you could branding content or articles.

Branded articles could be defined into two vital categories such as paid media and earned media. However, both aspects can only be achieved through rich content.

As the name suggests, earned media is to be earned, it can neither be owned or bought. The best way to gain this type of media is through word of mouth, consistent engagement with the end audience through social media channels, press releases, journalist pitches etcetera. The authoritative publications would increase the trust in your customers and rankings in the search engines. Any Online Reputation Management Service provider could fetch you the authority websites.

Paid media is a sponsored content like magazine advertisements, posters, and flyers. In contradiction to the earned media, this content solely focuses on the brand mentions. It may not help in the prospect of a search engine but helps in creating a positive image that offset negative press.

#2 Microsites Creation

A microsite is a small set of web pages that are built to function as a different entity within an existing website. But a microsite can have its own theme, content, and interfaces. It is majorly used for the digital marketing campaign.

I agree with the fact that blogs and social media could certainly impact your online presence but with the implementation of microsites, you can actually target particular pages without disturbing the main website. I believe HBO deserves to be the precise example for microsites since it has created one for Game of Thrones. That site has been quite helpful for the show promotions and keeps the users up-to-date.

#3 Infographics Also Matters

When we talk about Content Marketing Strategies, it is to be understood that content is not just blogs or articles. Content written in thousands of words cannot onlyimprove your online reputation. If you have sufficient visual content, the search engines like could include incorporating image carousel in your search results.

You can improve your online reputation through this way by getting backlinks of infographics from credible websites. You must need catchy visuals with engaging captions that must all ages of people. Any SEO team or a public relations team must promote your infographics on the reputed websites to store a few quality backlinks in your bag that promotes credibility and clean online reputation.

Pinterest and Slideshare are few examples.


Please understand that these are very few ways you use Content Marketing For Online Reputation Management. Every individual or agency follows a different approach in making the online presence clean and reliable.

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