How to Nail TikTok Ad Management to Promote Businesses?

How to Nail TikTok Ad Management to Promote Businesses?

I am wondering how marketers are adopting the idiom “leaving no stone unturned.”

These days marketing methods and trends are transforming dramatically because marketers are going after every way that appears to turn out well to reach a wide audience.

You might be heard about the buzz created by TikTok videos. It has risen its brand in no time. Especially, the Ad facility that is provided by the TikTok has become a new marketing trend now.

Quick insights of TikTok:

It is a video-centric mobile app.

  • It has been incorporated with great features that help in making quality and interactive videos.
  • It has 500 million monthly active users.
  • The average time spent on this platform is 50 minutes.
  • Half of the users are millennials (especially, the age groups between 18 to 26)
  • It has a notable record of increased monthly new users

What is needed more than this platform for a businessman who wants to promote their brand?

It is such a platform where there are global daily active users. How can one ignore this platform to create a buzz around their business?.

If you have a business and want to advertise your product or services on TikTok, you can hire a digital marketing company that manages your ads and promote your business through TikTok.

Using TikTok for marketing is killing two birds with one stone. It is more or less an influencer marketing method and a powerful Social Media Marketing strategy. Here TikTok is the influencer. Make this influencer influence your business to the heights.

Make investments on these ads for your business is profitable. Here is the guide for TikTok ad management for marketers.

How TikTok is helpful for building brands?

Before going for ad management, produce different short video clips relevant to your business. Leverage TikTok as an effective social media and influencer marketing strategy.

1. In-feed native ads

Like Google AdWords, these ads allow bidding methods such as cost per click (CPC), cost per mile (CPM), and cost per view (CPV). You have the availability of demographics based on gender, age, region, etc. Moreover, you can create a custom audience list that includes CRM list, white list or blacklist based on your preferences and targeted users. Whenever the users click on your ad, it will redirect the users to the landing page or website. As a marketer of the TikTok ad marketing company, you can set up and run your clients’ ads.

2. Brand takeover ads

This ad format acts as a first impression. The ad shows up as soon as the TikTok user opens the app on their mobile. If they are interested in your product or service, then they will click on it. It helps in giving traffic, engagement to the website. And keep in mind that TikTok allows this opportunity to only 1 user (one ad) per day. So, you have to impress the users within that stipulated time. Indirectly, you have to create a video in such a way that users should not overlook it. Make this turnover time a takeover of business success.

3. Hashtag challenges ads

Encouraging user-generated content is a way to creates a positive reputation for a company. Be responsive to their content and sharing their content is an attention-grabbing strategy. In this TikTok hashtag ads, you will let the users participate in a challenge (the challenge may be about anything either business-oriented or general-purpose) by creating their content and allowing them to share it.

For example, the business is related to e-commerce, say wristwatches. Make the users wear their brands' wristwatches and create a video and post it on TikTok. Offer discounts or gift cards who can perform better. It creates zeal to partake in the challenge. Likewise, it generates more user engagement for businesses.

Their posted and shared content (videos) can influence others too. It will become contagious since one-by-one user participation will spread any brand worldwide in less span.

4. Branded lenses and filters

This is another TikTok marketing guide for Marketers that shouldn’t be overlooked. The main aim behind using this feature of TikTok is USER ENGAGEMENT. The available face filters, 3D objects, and Augmented Reality (AR) will make videos more effective that creates more user engagement for a brand.

5. Lead capturing ads

Lead capturing ads are similar to Facebook lead capture forms. In this scenario, the users will be redirected to the link lead form after clicking on the video. Users can fill the form by providing their details if they are interested in the product. Likewise, businesses can capture the leads and able to nurture them to convert them into sales, called customer relationship management. With this data, businesses can create more campaigns further and win loyal customers.

6. Influencer marketing

Furthermore, You can create TikTok ads with celebrities and influencers as the fans have the habit of following and engaging with the content relevant to their celebrities. It provides user engagement and wider brand awareness.


Many brands have already adopted TikTok ads for their business and have succeeded. Having profound knowledge of the new and emerging TikTok ad management will guide the marketers on the latest marketing strategies that can be adaptable and they will be succeeded in making the new-born companies viral and branded one to a top-notch

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