How New Technology is changing the ‘Realities’ of Marketing

How New Technology is changing the ‘Realities’ of Marketing

In recent years, the immense growth of markets worldwide has been aided by the rise in technological advances. Indeed, The Importance Of New Technology In Marketingis being increasingly recognized by various brands, which have started utilizing the same to enhance their marketing strategies.

Using the new technologies that have evolved in recent times, various brands have been able to maximize brand awareness, facilitate a more personalized engagement with consumers, and generate higher revenue by assisting the rise in sales. So here are the latest techs that have broken into the marketing sector and are changing the game.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


The path-breaking trends of AR and VR usage have helped marketers ensure that consumers can engage with products in newer, more enhanced ways. AR has been used to introduce various kinds of virtual objects within the real world. SnapChat’s Lens Studio, Facebook Spaces, and Instagram Stories are only a few examples of how AR modifies a product’s existing features and introduces new ones. In addition to creating new virtual experiences by introducing filters and various common objects, it has also helped in facilitating social campaigns.

VR has re-shaped campaigning processes by allowing the creation of more impact narratives and letting marketers use them to improve the overall shopping experience of customers. Together, both AR and VR are being used by marketers to improve the immersive experiences of consumers, providing a more intimate and nuanced knowledge of products, thereby best demonstrating the Impact Of New Technology in Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

artificial intelligence

AI and the growth of chat-bots have deeply influenced Digital Marketing Services. Real-time interactive conversations between chat-bots and consumers have increased the latter’s comfort and ensured better product awareness. Such digital assistants have opened the boundaries of customer support and brand-consumer relationships, thus sparking definite changes in social conversations.

Moreover, AI has also expanded the scope of e-commerce by offering personalized options to a diverse range of clients, although there is still some caution about whether such technology contains natural human elements. It is up to the marketers to identify the human-friendly and genuinely authentic Artificial Intelligence tools that help customers feel safe and special.

Block-chain and Crypt-currency


Block-chain and crypt-currency are instances where one can truly view the Importance of New Technology in Marketing. Brands have to come to terms with the fact that consumer data cannot be anyone’s sole property. With the help of this technology, consumers will be able to access their own personal data, while marketers try to gain their attention through new modes of advertisement that might be expensive. Even though this may initially strain the relationships between consumers and brands, it will surely ensure the genuineness of their engagement in the long term.

Marketers have also considered the potential integration of block-chain into the Internet of Things (IoT). Using the combination of strengthened security and decentralized access to data, brands can make consumers feel more at ease while allowing them to access a large amount of brand and product information. Although this is still a less explored territory, more research needs to be done to ensure that the twofold effect of these technologies can create trust, transparency and consumer satisfaction while retaining the security of consumer data.

Therefore, keeping aside the skepticism, brands must strive to make the team-up of block-chain and IoT more palatable and acceptable to customers through prior planning. In turn, customers should also keep up with the pace of such technological leaps and be open to such novel changes in digital marketing services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

The introduction of technological modifications to live video streaming has gathered mass approval. Being a favorite among consumers, live videos have been used as part of digital marketing by huge brands such as Facebook and Instagram. While more than one user can be included in the live streaming of Instagram Stories, Facebook has recently taken the next step in social media fundraising by placing the Donate button on its live streaming screens.

Moreover, both these brands have been attempting to enhance live streaming by integrating AR features. The instant impact, outreach, inclusivity, and enthralling nature of live streaming will lead to more and more brands to employ and modify according to marketing purposes.


Thus, the present time has proven to be one where the Importance of new technology in arketing reigns supreme. These advances have enabled various marketers and brands to engage in more personalized and in-depth interactions with a wider audience of customers. Brands are also making further modifications of such technology to hold their ground regarding the future of marketing trends.


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