How to Use LinkedIn Search to Find a Job: A Great Profile Is Not Enough

How to Use LinkedIn Search to Find a Job: A Great Profile Is Not Enough

LinkedIn is a widely used professional platform with millions of users across the globe. It is no secret that many employers use LinkedIn for hiring the right candidate for a job role. It is the best place to network and explore job opportunities if you are a student or a professional. You need to update your profile frequently to experience the benefits associated with it. If you are neglecting to update your profile then you are losing so much. This can sometimes lead to taking a long time to identify your right job. If you are a new user and have doubts about how to use LinkedIn, it is very simple to use and easy to understand. If you want to know about LinkedIn then you can know about it on their support page.

How to use LinkedIn to attain your dream job?

The major reason to use LinkedIn is to get discovered by recruiters and organizations. However, your connections also play a very important role in getting identified. Hiring on LinkedIn is the most common thing and companies search for appropriate candidates for desired job roles.

How to see a saved post on LinkedIn?

You can find my items on the left side of your home page. Click on the saved posts and you can find all the content you have saved.

How to make your LinkedIn profile private?

If you are wondering how to make your LinkedIn profile private, here is a quick guide. There are various privacy settings and you select either of those on LinkedIn.

  • Open the LinkedIn website and sign in to your account by entering the username and password.
  • On the menu bar, you can view a dropdown arrow beside "Me". There you will find your profile picture in the form of a small icon. Now, click on the "view profile" beneath your profile summary.
  • Open the "Edit public profile and URL" which is located around the top right corner of the screen.
  • Discover the "edit visibility" on the right side of your screen and there you will find the text "your profile's public visibility" which is set to ON currently. Click on it to alter it to off. This will conceal your account from being visible on search engines. Moreover, your profile will also be hidden from non-LinkedIn users. You will now see a confirmation message that your profile is hidden.

If you still have a suspicion about how to use LinkedIn, you can explore their help page.

How to approach recruiters on LinkedIn?

If the recruiters are not in your network then send a connection request.

Begin your conversation by thanking them. Give a brief introduction and mention your skills and work experience for the specified role. If there are no openings for that job role then ask them to consider you for future openings.

How to upload a CV on LinkedIn?

You can upload the resume by clicking on the upload media. Then click the post option to share it with your connections. You can search for the connections on the LinkedIn search and you can send them a connecting request.

How to make a LinkedIn profile?

Enter the LinkedIn website and then click on the signup option. Enter your email address and type a new password to create an account. Now, you can add all the information regarding your education and work experience. You can explore hashtags relating to your work and hobbies by exploring them on LinkedIn search.

How to share a LinkedIn profile?

Open your profile and there you can find the more option beside the add profile section. You can select the share LinkedIn profile option and once you click on it a new message window gets opened. This is how you can share your LinkedIn profile link.

How to add open-to-work on LinkedIn?

If you want the recruiters and your network that you are preferring to change your job or are open to doing a job then read below.

Click on your profile and then click on the view profile option. Now click on the "open to" section and select "finding a new job". Now provide the necessary information and then add it to your profile. You can find all your desired jobs on LinkedIn search.

Why is LinkedIn important?

  • Having a LinkedIn profile will enable you to connect with professionals from various industry backgrounds and domains. It provides you with opportunities to meet like-minded people.
  • You can stay updated about the latest hiring trends like Linkedin job posting in different organizations. If you are looking for a job then you can follow the official pages of many organizations. With this, you can remain updated with the job openings posted by the respective companies.
  • If you have a LinkedIn profile then your profile will appear on Google search. This will increase the chances of getting hired or your profile can be viewed at least. Many recruiters find it easy to select a candidate suitable for a specific job. This is one of the best benefits of having a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn people search will enable your profile to get appeared on Google search.
  • Having a LinkedIn profile and being active will make your profile visible to a wider audience. LinkedIn is used beyond India by many countries exclusively for hiring. So, using relevant keywords in the content can make your profile visible to people beyond India by erasing the barriers.
  • LinkedIn is authentic as it collects genuine and precise information. Candidates upload their actual photos and update their original educational and professional backgrounds. Many working professionals and job aspirants use LinkedIn. However, we will get appropriate and relevant information only if we upload the correct information. Therefore, many candidates avoid uploading inauthentic details and wrong information.
  • LinkedIn has a set of character and word limitations. So, there is no room for writing unnecessary and lengthy details. There is no limit to writing information in a resume. Hiring managers advise candidates to restrict their resumes to not more than 2 pages, candidates still add more information which is unnecessary. These kinds of resumes are removed or moved to the junk. However, LinkedIn will not permit us to go beyond a single word or a character by following the stipulated rule.
  • On LinkedIn, you can follow up with the hiring manager or the company. This will make you appear as a visionary professional.

How to get post reach on LinkedIn?

  • A custom URL will direct users easily to your profile. So, you don't have to worry that they do not discover you.
  • Incorporate keywords that showcase your experience and work because hiring managers use keywords to find suitable professionals. LinkedIn hashtags will also work best to make you discovered by employers.
  • Develop new skills and include at least 5 skills to get more profile reach.

Here are some tips to make the most out of LinkedIn to grow your professional network and acquire your dream job.

Your profile picture says it all

Many job seekers are aware that it is significant to include the most recent and professional picture in their LinkedIn profile. It is difficult for recruiters to find your profile in a job search if your profile does not contain a profile picture. A LinkedIn profile without an image seems unimpressive and inactive. Never keep selfies or group photos as your profile picture even if you crop yourself in them. Too formal pictures might not do good either.

Write a headline that makes you visible

Your headline is the primary thing that is noticed by any employer. It should be in a way that your profile should appear on the "LinkedIn people search". Make sure it is attractive and portrays the skills you possess. Avoid any boring headlines. Mention your latest work experience, your part-time work, etc.

If you want to get discovered by managers, then choose the right keywords. LinkedIn hashtags also play a crucial role in getting you found.

Add a professional summary to your profile

The summary box is the greatest place to display your achievements and goals. Write down why you are a great employee and how you can benefit an organization with your work and skills. Try to write enticing content with relevant keywords and also that showcase your skills and achievements. Remember that your profile can appear on the LinkedIn people search too.

Boost your work experience on the LinkedIn job posting

Follow LinkedIn prompts to record your work experience and the certification courses you have completed. You need to choose wisely from the hefty list. It is unnecessary to add all of them. Choose those that add worth to your profile. Moreover, add those that enable you to appear on the LinkedIn job posting. Add blog posts, any business you created, artwork, videos, and magazine articles that inspire you. Stick anything that you are proud of and show it off. Scrutinize for any typo errors and broken links. Any mistake in this section will affect you badly and your future employers might develop a negative impression.

You can also apply for the jobs that you desire. You can save the jobs for which you want to apply. You can find the saved ones in the "saved jobs LinkedIn" menu.

It is not about what you did but it is all about how your contribution has made a difference.

Acquire endorsements and recommendations for your work skills

ask your connections, former and current colleagues, and employers to publish testimonials to your profile. This adds weight to any projects and skills you have listed. It is not necessary to include those that you do not want to show off. Also, including appropriate keywords all over your profile will make a difference.

If you are looking for a job change then include the tag "open to work LinkedIn" tag to your profile picture. This will notify the recruiters about your willingness for a job change.

Showcase your success through LinkedIn posts

It is no secret that LinkedIn is all about endorsing yourself. If you achieve something like a successful project or an award then add a fancy caption and share it with your network. Do not just focus on the good things, you can also discuss your failures and the challenges you have overcome in your professional journey. You can share relevant posts about the industry you are working in or any latest trends in your field. Subjects like interview feedback, free certification courses, or internships can generate a lot of talks.

Summing up

LinkedIn profile for freshers is very much beneficial if you are looking for a good start to your career. Following the tips mentioned above will help you land a high-paying job. If you are doubting how to use LinkedIn then simply visit their support page for more information. A great LinkedIn profile is not just enough you need to be active and share engaging posts.

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