How to Brand Your Recruiting Agency With Digital Marketing - Geekschip

How to Brand Your Recruiting Agency With Digital Marketing - Geekschip

As a recruiting agency, your job is to hire the finest talented candidates. Similarly, the candidates and companies look for the finest recruiting agencies. 

How do they find you? 

The advancement in technology made many wonders. Now, we are in a world where we can find anyone online. The marketing of any business can also be done online. What a digital transformation! Make this digital transformation as your platform to make your recruiting process easier and faster.

If you are a recruiter and are hiring candidates on behalf of your agency, then you must be online. You need not do anything. Digital marketing speaks on behalf of you. Its power is not unknown to modern recruiters.

How does Digital Marketing speak on behalf of your agency?

  • By creating brand awareness and loyalty 
  • By giving a good rank through SEO.
  • Through social media management
  • By marketing the content
  • Through cost-effective advertisements

How to brand your recruiting agency with digital marketing?

  • Website – the index of your recruiting agency

The face is the index of mind and the website is the index of your recruiting agency. Online search is the first thing a company or a candidate makes when they inquire for the best agency.  When they search, the top sites gain the attention of theirs. So, keep in mind that your site must be in the top position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Hire aDigital Marketing Company that designs a responsive website for your agency and updates it.

However, how to stand tall in SERP?

#1. By performing SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key player in website ranking. The more you optimize your site with on-page and off-page techniques, the more you will be visible to searchers. 

#2. Content Marketing

The content plays a big role in branding your agency. Write articles on  “how to crack your first interview”, “tips for job seekers”, “tips on maintaining a body language in interviews”, “how to write a cover letter”, etc. will attract and engage the candidates to your brand. Promote this content on every social media platform too. 

#3. Social Media Management

Social media platforms work well for any brand to go viral. Where there is a large crowd, you must be there to promote your brand. You can also create social media ads such as Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, etc. Hire a Social media management company that helps you the way.

 Let us go in detail. 

A. LinkedIn:

Most agencies prefer LinkedIn for recruiting candidates. 85% of recruiters are creating separate profiles to recruit job seekers. LinkedIn Pulse is a platform where you can publish your content, articles to reach many in a single platform like a community. Boost your branding with

  • LinkedIn ads
  • LinkedIn communities and groups 

B. Instagram:

Don’t wonder by thinking about how this image-based posting platform will be helpful for your recruiting agency. You can use this images creatively with curated content and hashtags and post it on Instagram. It appeals to millions of users and makes them ready to make quick decisions to visit your site.

C. Twitter - increase your followers with short bursts

Twitter is a platform where users share their ideas publicly. Their interests and ideas will act as insights for you. As a recruiter, your bio of 160 characters and your tweet of 140 characters length will do wonders.  Make sure that you introduce yourself well so that it gains more attention and the simple and straight forward tweet with hashtags appeal millions of Twitter users. Include all the essential details for which position you are recruiting.

e.g.:#recruiting, #digitalmarketingjobs, #SEOjobs, etc.

You can improve user engagement with 

  • Direct messages
  • retweet
  • mentions
  • hashtags
  • Feed

D. Facebook:

It is a popular platform to get the social media brand after LinkedIn for recruiting agencies. To find the potential candidates

  • Create a Facebook page and different jobs tabs
  • Share your company culture and specialized recruiting content
  • Use Facebook Live
  • create a community
  • Facebook ads 

All these techniques will give you branding and enough engagement through likes, shares, comments, etc. These days, most of the candidates are aware of jobs through Facebook.

#4. Paid Advertisements

You can also go for paid advertisements such as PPC Management services, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, etc.

  • Alerts
  • Increase the talent pool with alerts on all types of jobs, articles, and by offering custom alerts that attract the job seekers. It helps in more user engagement.
  • Communication
  • Last but not least, communication is the thread that binds all the digital marketing techniques together so that help in branding your recruiting agency. Be responsive to all the comments, feedback, queries, and inquiries from both candidates and companies who want to fill the vacancies with the help of recruiting agencies. 

No doubt!. All these digital marketing techniques will give untapped brand growth for your recruiting company if you effectively adopt them. 


To sum up, utilize every channel of digital marketing technology to its full potentiality for your recruiting agency. It helps you in reaching active and passive job seekers and the employees who want to change their jobs. Besides, the most branded agencies are trusted by the top companies who want candidates to fill the vacancies. So, adopt all the techniques and reap profits for your company.

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