List out 10 content Writing Tools in 2022

List out 10 content Writing Tools in 2022

If you are a writer, your main wish is to captivate the audience with your writing. Generating high-quality content for your digital marketing business or blogging is essential. Each marketer should be capable of writing, and they can absolutely write the content. It is about finding the correct writing environment that operates best to ask for customer feedback and extend your vocabulary. So, it is essential to use different content writing tools. You need content writing software tools to improve your writing, organize your articles, raise the readability score, get fresh ideas for writing your next article, etc., every day.

Let’s discuss the best ten content writing and productivity tools you can use in 2022, which can help you simplify your work to produce unique content, improve your writing, and develop your writing skills.

10 best content writing tools in 2022


It is the best content editing tool where you edit your content to improve it. The tools for article writing integrated into Grammarly let you check your content spellings, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes in real-time. The Google Chrome extension makes corrections in grammar while you write in any app or website such as Slack, Troop Messenger, Gmail, etc.

It is one of the best content writing tools that is free to utilize. However, the premium version will offer you extra features like fluency, word choice, tone adjustments, sentence variety, and many more, etc.

You can use some features freely. However, the premium version is $12 per month, offering additional features.


It is one of the best free content writing tools for seo that help you write error-free content. The writing assistant is AI-powered and the most used one by users for improving their writing in different areas like adjusting their style, tone, increasing vocabulary, etc. In addition, it provides you with editing solutions in real-time to help you write the best content in a lesser time.

You can also check and correct grammatical mistakes, spelling, and other writing issues. You can improve your article’s readability score and sentence variety if a passive voice is present in your editing content.

You can utilize this content writing online tool by integrating it with Google Docs, Open Office, Scrivener, Microsoft Office, and a Desktop app. You can even add its extension for Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, through which you can check your writing from any website online.

There is a free version of this tool, and the premium version begins at $20 a month. You can also get a lifetime license which costs $399. It is now $199.50 with 50% off.


Frase is one of the best free content writing tools for seo that lets you create SEO-optimized articles to make them rank at the top in search engine results pages(SERP’s). In addition, it scores each written article of yours and offers recommendations against your rivals so that you can find ways to improve your writing to be visible on the web.

It possesses exciting features like suggestions and keyword research. With the right suggestion given by this keyword writing tool, you can enhance your content quality and with deep keyword research, you can let your website rank higher on the results page. It provides an AI-generated content brief and helps you create answers for your users. It will allow you to gain user engagement and let you know the customer’s opinion about your service or product.

For one user, Frase pricing starts at $44.99 a month.

750 Words:

It is an outstanding content writer software tool that helps you begin and maintain a practice of writing daily. 750 Words is the perfect device for bloggers, students, journalists, writers, or anyone who wishes to write often.

If you are somewhat struggling to write professionally, this software content writing tool will guide you. You can even write your everyday thoughts using 750 Words. You can polish your writing skills in depth when you write here with thorough practice every day. The security provided in this app is impressive. You will have better privacy as you can only have access to what you write. It takes a one-time fee of $5.

Hemingway Editor:

It is one of the perfect free content writing tools for different kinds of writers. It will help you write in a unique, robust, and straightforward way. It is a processor which makes your writing clear and bold. Through Hemingway editor, you can even correct common grammatical mistakes. Finally, it enhances your writing style by highlighting passive voice, adverbs, and other issues present in real-time.

As the best tool for content writing, it uses an automated readability index to judge your text grade level. It also simplifies complicated sentences without using additional passive voice and makes the content easy to read.

You don’t have to sign up here. You just need to copy text and paste it into this tool. So now your job is done, and now this tool takes charge in finishing the task and delivering you the best results on time.

The price of a Hemingway editor is free. But you can buy it at the rate of $19.99, enabling you to save and export your reports and then direct to publish options to Medium or WordPress.

Before discussing other productive free content writing tools for seo, let’s know the significance of using writing tools for seo content writing.

Why are writing tools essential?

  • Using content writing tools for seo is essential for improving your content to become high-quality in many ways: They allow you to write better by correcting all the mistakes and errors you make while writing any content.
  • They not only enhance your writing skills but enhance your writing process.
  • The free content writing tools for seo simplify all the complex sentences in your content to make it easier to read.

Any of the content writing apps can promote your digital marketing business services or products through global content.

Which productivity tools can be used for writing skills?

There are many productivity tools used for improving your writing skills that are prominent in providing you with remarkable outcomes, such as:

Text Expander:

Text Expander is where you don’t need to spend more of your time writing lengthy messages. It is the best productivity tool that allows you to design test snippets that extend into code or text blocks when you type an abbreviation. These text blocks include signatures, code, form letters, links, styles, email addresses, and images. You can add them with a custom abbreviation or shortcut. The pricing of this tool begins at $3.33 every month.


It is one of the unique free content writing tools for seo used for screenwriters having excellent and competent features. It is a platform that creates outlines for your scripts and novels. Scrivener enables you to break the writing into chapters and screens. Then it moves the complete actions without compromising with the full masterpiece of your writing that is in progress. This device is suggested mainly for individuals who are learning academic writing courses. The cost of using this tool starts at $49 a month.

SEMRush Writing Assistant:

SEMRush is one of the fantastic content writing tools for seo that is underrated when writing content that ranks on the search engine results page (SERP). It is an overwhelming blog writing software free tool that also has tools for analyzing social media and PPC. SEMRush is the powerhouse of digital marketing.

It is a Google Docs add-on writing assistant with seo friendly content checker that allows the user to optimize on-page SEO to perform things such as readability and keyword research. This seo content writer tool is free of cost if you use it as a standalone product. There are three subscription plans: $119.50 for pro, $229.50 for marketing consultants and growing agents, and $449.50 for business.


Organizing your writing efficiently is a big part while you attempt to write. You can utilize a tool like Trello for gathering content ideas, assigning them to different team members, attaching due dates, working with other team members, tracking their work progress, and moving them from conception to finishing of the project. Trello is a free content writing tool offering exceptional productivity to its user or business.


For assessing your writing, you can use AtomicWriter, which is one of the excellent free online content writing tools. It is also going to evaluate based on the reading level of your specific target audience. Because while using the right content marketing strategy, writing for your target audience is essential.

Simply collaborate this tool with social media accounts and Google Analytics, and paste the content into this application. It will inspect your engagement data and historical information from those accounts. AtomicWriter is a free tool used by most content marketing business owners.


Thus, combining the above-mentioned content writing and productivity tools helps in improving your writing skills. They allow you to write in a better way and generate high-quality content by correcting your tone, style, spelling, grammatical mistakes, etc. Using these content writing tools for seo and productivity tools, you can make your content easier to read. Every seo content writing tool here has its pricing plan but comes with various features. So finally, these are the ten writing tools used for your business growth and enhancing your writing expertise in the current era.

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