How to Use Quora for Marketing | SAAS & B2B Marketing

How to Use Quora for Marketing | SAAS & B2B Marketing

Suppose you are a SAAS and B2B marketer or business owner and still haven’t considered quora for marketing, you are going to miss out on something. Quora is the hub where people seek and share information in the questions and answers form. It will help individuals to seek answers to pressing queries. Without any doubt, Quora is the best platform that can be used in b2b and saas marketing. Before discussing this further, let's know about quora

What is Quora?

It is a question-and-answer site where people ask queries on a specific niche, topic, or subject. Within a few days, you can expect answers from knowledgeable individuals. It has a higher user base and is the better platform where you can find essential and informative content. 

Here the users can upvote the answer if they find it best, and they can even downvote if they are not satisfied with the response. Many companies use quora for marketing to share knowledge with their customers. Here, you can follow questions posed on different topics and share and reshare the answers in your space. 

Why do you think quora works as the best B2B and SAAS marketing platform?

Quora is the best place to build brand reputation and awareness for expertise and helpfulness in your niche. It is mainly because of its question-focused nature. So if the individuals are posing queries, your company's answer might be what they are looking for. 

Quora is most suitable for b2b marketing and saas, but b2b has a deliberative and lengthy process that depends steadily on research. Many purchasers are taking the help of social media and user-generated information to research even before they are going to buy something significant. Many prefer quora for marketing because it has become complicated to find an original review to buy a product through advertisements. The buyers can find resources for information on different B2B and software products. 

The people who ask the query here might become customers. So on quora, you are more likely to engage with high purchase intent leads than on other platforms like LinkedIn. 

Using quora for SAAS and B2B Marketing

Here are the main tips on utilising quora for marketing SAAS and B2B products

Ensure that your answers on Quora have the correct mix of promotional and educational content

A person never likes to read an answer on Quora, which is trying to sell something to them. This is not the right way to use quora marketing to promote your business, as there is another way. 

The other way is following the 80/20 rule, which means 80% of the content should educate the user about your business information. The remaining 20% is about promoting your business. 

The uses of marketing through quora are, for example, if you are a business owner who sells video editing software, you will be more likely to search for queries related to video editing. It might be any question regarding video editing. Your primary focus is helping the person with the best possible answer. 

So, if you find a query on how you can add music to a video using your software, you can answer it in the detailed procedure. You can also integrate the pictures of the entire process. You can also even show them some shortcuts and hacks for better understanding. You can also explain the transitions of adding music to a video accessible on your software to educate the consumer and promote the software. 

Profile optimization for business

The first step for b2b saas marketing is profile optimization to illustrate your brand’s credibility. You must start by providing a short description under your name because it is essential as it's the first thing people check when they find your profile. It is the one element in the search results besides your profile name. Ensure to explain it in a short way mentioning to the users who you are and why they have to take your answers to their queries seriously. 

It is better to mention some data related to your knowledge and background. Make sure not to explain the description in a lengthy post form. 

The essential elements that you need to include for your business content marketing are  - 

  • The topics on which you have knowledge.
  • Any of your achieved credentials and awards.
  • Information related to your company and the part you play in it. 
  • Any prominent publications you have written or published.

You can even add a profile bio by using Quora. So it will be simple to direct the followers to your landing page or website. Use b2b content marketing and saas content marketing techniques to promote your business brand. 

Run advertisements on your best answers

  • An excellent way for b2b lead generation and driving quality traffic to your website is by promoting your best answer as an ad. To make effective ads with ease you can use video ads maker. The primary purpose incorporated here is
  • Many individuals search on Quora for text content and not videos or images. So, if you promote an answer that people already like, the chances are higher for the people to engage with your advertisement. 
  • Next, search for business ideas quora to get various concepts for promoting your business. It will help you to target the audience looking for specific queries. So promoting your answer depending on these questions can also guide you in targeting the correct audience. 
  • As you know, Quora is a question-and-answer site where your given solution for that particular query should possess some exceptional value. So, don’t assume that this will increase the conversion rate of your b2b saas marketing

Add your website link to drive organic traffic

On quora, you can add links for the purpose of marketing for saas and b2b in numerous ways. You can embed the link in your responses and your profile's bio. However, some conditions exist in quora for business while adding various links. Quora has mentioned that the links that get on direct traffic to outside commercial sites and not offering any value back to their community can be erased as spam. 

Based on the quora marketing strategy, add only the links related to your topic, not the ones that can get traffic to your site. For example, if the topic is about content marketing and the answers are related, then linking to a blog with content marketing information is okay. 

Also, in Quora, adding various links will make the moderators of quora will not let your answer rank at the top. 

Consistently monitor your content’s performance

You require an analytics tool for tracking content performance on other platforms. In the same way, you need a device on Quora. The quora platform consists of its analytics feature where you can review every one of the analytics for the queries that have been answered. You can monitor all the things like the number of people who looked at your response and how many persons upvoted your answer.

Analysing your content’s performance can help you understand what works and what is not working. So go on to tweak the manner you give responses to the questions. 

Interact with other person’s answers to questions

For better b2b saas marketing, it's best if you engage with other people's answers to the questions the same as you interact on social media posts. You can upvote or downvote a response depending on your liking towards the answer to that question. You can add your thoughts in the comments and share them with others. It will let you analyse the trending topics in your niche and how people respond to them.

Why should we hire you quora?

Hiring quora is the best decision a saas and b2b company can make because quora's marketing strategy is effective for b2b and saas brands. It allows a company to connect with knowledgeable people and the individuals who need it. This way, they can drive more traffic, generate leads, and promote their business. 


So, many saas companies in India and b2b companies in India are using Quora for SAAS and B2B marketing to present themselves as a helpful resource before their target customers. It is a fantastic add-on to your present marketing technique.

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