Reasons why a strong brand is an Importance for Small Business

Reasons why a strong brand is an Importance for Small Business

Every brand has to deal with it, but what is branding and why is it important? To understand the importance of branding for small or large business a little better, we go a little back in time.

Branding: After all, branding was not what it is today. Branding was used to indicate which cow belonged to which farmer by branding (yes, you read that correctly. Branding was used to indicate that something belonged to you so that it could not be stolen easily. But that was not the only origin of branding. Branding used to be used by influential families to indicate that they belonged to a certain family, but also to radiate power.

Later branding was used on barrels and crates of liquor, to make it easier and more efficient to transport without having to open it. The surf made clear here which drink was in the barrels or crates. In addition to a huge gain in time, this resulted in better quality, but also for better service.

Importance of  Branding for  Small Business or companies

Branding is still used to indicate that something is owned or that something is made by a certain brand (guarantee of quality), but it does not stop there. Many people think that branding is about logos, house styles, advertising, and marketing, but there is much more to it. It's about converting the values of your company into a visual (and non-visual) identity that represents your brand to perfection.

That identity is largely determined by brand values. Brand values are the DNA of a brand. With good brand marketing strategies, the values are reflected in the expression and communication of a brand, so that it really comes to life with the consumer/customer.

Examples can be:

Branding is reflected in the advertisements you place, the emails you send, communication with the customer, conversations you make with social media management services, the visual identity (logo, corporate identity, business card, etc.) and the products that you sell on your website or webshop, for example.

Examples of bad branding

If your brand is not correctly perceived by your target group or radiates something completely different, there is bad branding. That means that your target group misinterprets your brand. This can have huge consequences, for example, customers who leave or stay away from your company. Imagine; You enter the high end of your industry and you are experienced as a low-budget brand. You want to prevent that.

1. Another recent example of bad branding is a Pepsi advertisement. In that commercial, the message arrived at the target group incorrectly, because they suggested that riots could be solved with a can of Pepsi, which was wrong for the target group.

2. In addition, improve brand can ensure that your brand is presented as unreliable, which means that customers will undoubtedly stay away. Credibility is one of the most important factors for a successful brand.

3. Poor branding ensures bad business. If your brand is not experienced in the right way, it means that your customers go to the competitor or will not consider your brand/company at all. Not because the services you provide are of low quality, but because your brand is being misunderstood.

There are many more examples of bad branding, a logo that evokes the wrong association is just a small example. This is certainly not the only thing that can go wrong while burning or rebranding (repositioning a brand with a new identity) of a brand.

Examples of good branding

Fortunately, there are also many brands that use good branding. Major Importance of Branding for Small Business should know what they stand for, breathe their values and are always associated with them.

But as said before, branding is much more than a logo.

1.A few good examples of brands with good branding are-  Apple's innovation, the ease of Google, and the magical effect of Disney. They are all experienced exactly as they wish. That is because they allow the brand values in their marketing, image, products, and service to be reflected so that the consumer actually feels the set values.

2.Another well-known example: Facebook does everything in its power to inform you as well as possible and appeals to you on a personal level. Facebook acts like your friend. This message is interwoven in every way that Facebook tries to reach you.

By making the values of your brand known and actually proclaiming it, more people will experience your brand the way you want. Good Social Media Marketing Companies will help ensure that your brand evokes the right associations with your customers.

In digital products such as websites and applications, good branding provides the right User Experience (user experience) and enables you to distinguish your brand from the competition:

  • Your brand is experienced the way you want your brand to be experienced;
  • You increase the recognisability and credibility of your brand;
  • You increase the loyalty of your customers;
  • You attract more customers through an appropriate and attractive visual appearance.
  • Branding has an expiration date

The way we experience image and communication changes over the years. It is, therefore, possible that branding becomes outdated. Companies must, therefore, remain alert and apply to rebrand before it is too late.

For Example

What would you think about Windows if they would still use the 1995 logo in all their communications?

Rebranding is always exciting since change is not always received with open arms. When consumers have familiar feelings with a logo, innovation can provoke strong reactions. A good example is the renewal of the logo of Italian football club Juventus in 2017. The classic shield was replaced by a "mobile-friendly" logo. The fans were not happy with this.

However, the idea behind the logo is not wrong. Juventus distinguishes itself by being the first major football club to introduce a modern logo like this. The logo is more recognizable than ever and clearly visible on the small mobile screens that we all use nowadays. In addition, Juventus now not only identifies itself as a football club but also as a brand. It will not be long before new clubs follow the example, and Juventus will be seen as one of the precursors.

Optimize branding: By using your organization as a brand, you connect positive emotions to your service or product. By applying consistency to your brand expressions, your desired image better matches how it is perceived by the target group.


People get the right feeling with your organization and your business. This leads to more purchasing decisions that end in your favor, loyal customers and a strong image that matches both the target group and your company. You can best monitor the use of your brand by documenting it. We have also packaged our own branding in a Brand Book. This is a manual in which all kinds of visual and non-visual details about our brand are mentioned. We use this book to make our communication consistent.

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