Top 10 SEO Tips and Strategies for Healthcare Recruiters

Top 10 SEO Tips and Strategies for Healthcare Recruiters

We are carrying on in an era where everything is just a click away. With the moderate price of high-speed internet and smartphones, job hunting has never been easier. Both the employees and employers are rhyming along with the changes in the industry. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project report, 93 million Americans, 80% of the internet users are dependent on the internet for information on health-care-related topics. This is what propelled the businesses to acknowledge the prominence of SEO Services for Healthcare Recruiters.

The search engine is our only savior as we approach a search engine for every little thing. For instance, if our browser speed has been reduced we search for “why is my browser slow and how can I fix it.” Irony! Isn’t it?

Some are still reluctant to invest in SEO even though it is cost-effective and provides long-term benefits. But based on our experience, we have found out how it can be a gamechanger for healthcare recruiters. Here are your ten nuggets from a well-known healthcare SEO Services

SEO Tips and Strategies for Healthcare Recruiters

#1. Mobile-Friendly Website

If your website is not responsive or taking time to load, the end-users will immediately hit the back button and try another site. You see, they have several other options. Hence, your website must be mobile-responsive to give the finest experience for the end-users.

In a nutshell, if you do not invest time in making your web page responsive enough, you are leaving money on the table. Even a second delay in load time could result in a 7 percent reduction in conversion rates.

Make the layout and design of your website automatically get adjusted to whatever type of device being used to access the site. Just ensure to remove the plugins that are reasonable for slowing down your website.

#2. Local SEO for hospitals

Local SEO Services for Healthcare Recruiters is something you cannot ignore. Including local search factors in your business could help the customers in finding you. A proper optimization on local listings gives the relevant material they are searching for.

The local SEO campaign should include in setting up a profile in Google Places which in return gives the location-specific results. For example, if your hospital is located in Gachibowli, it should not result in “hospitals in Madhapur.”

Pay-per-click: A well -prepared paid search marketing campaign can make your ad appear in front of the targeted patients or audience. It helps in clutching the potential customers in no time.

#3. Social Media Marketing

Enough said. With a talented team, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can turn things upside down. An active Social Media Marketing agency improves brand recognition.

#4. Link Building

Evaluate your website and services to choose the keywords that actually drive the valuable and referral traffic to your website. As we discussed earlier, Medical SEO Services for Healthcare Recruiters is highly recommended as, on your website you maintain information about a doctor such as his/her specialization, education, experience, and photo. Use this to take the users to effective landing pages.

Recruiters are highly recommended as, on your website you maintain information about a doctor such as his/her specialization, education, experience, and photo. Use this to take the users to effective landing pages. Link building is pretty "boring" but one of the most important Off-page optimization for your website. A tool like Linkio helps you with your link building activities by giving you the right percentage of anchor texts to use in order to get over your competitors in a fast time. 

#5. Local Listings

Local visibility enables users to find you at the right time. Healthcare is the only industry in which Google allows the end-users to submit both physical business listing and also the listing of each doctor who serves there. Give a priority to this and you will thank me later.

#6. Fresh mint content

Strengthening a brand begins by enhancing the quality of a brand’s content. But the thing here is, the majority of the visitors do not even have time to read word for word. Instead, they just look for critical information and relevant keywords.

So in order to make your content appealing, make sure of the font size, font, and line spacing. Thick blocks of words without visual breaks are hard on the eyes. Write short paragraphs including breaks to give a proper structure to the content which enables you to read the elements they are interested in.

Subheadings and bolding in necessary areas play an imperative role in making the readers adhere to the content. It is the recommendable way to connect with the customers and to build recognition among the community.

#7. Identify the keywords:

Think from a candidate's end. Understand what keywords they are used to search for that position. There are many tools available and many SEO Services for Healthcare Recruiters to assist you in finding the frequently searched words online.

In dealing with marketing problems, search engine optimization does not work as a one-size-fits-all. It is essential to adjust according to your specialty and location and pay attention to know what’s in #trending. Search for Google Trends that are hot right now.

#8. Guest Blogging

Get in touch with other medical professionals in your discipline and inquire about guest-blogging on their pages or websites. In exchange, allow them a space on your blog. The more your site’s link and optimized headlines visible on other sites, the better is your search engine ranking.

#9. On-page optimization

The ultimate aim is to strengthen the website’s search engine placement. Proper optimization includes in the crispy meta description, title tags, page speed, and relevant images.

Bottom line

Implementing the right SEO tactics could certainly hamper your medical practice. Benefited patients can represent your work either by word-of-mouth or through social networks which in result acts as a backbone.

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