Importance of Social Media Marketing for Fashion Industry in 2020

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Fashion Industry in 2020

Fashion brands on social media: A modern platform for interaction between brand and customer

Before the inception of the internet, all the promotions and marketing for business were done through glossy magazines, TV, etc. Fast forward the years until now, a digital arena, we are seeing an online revolution in everything. And social media is ruling many facets of businesses and their impact on our lives is enormous. That is why incorporating social media strategies into the fashion industry has become a basic need for entrepreneurs of fashion brands and is like infusing the latest trends online on a global scale. It is a golden chunk of digital marketing and acts as a mediator between the brand and customers.

The reason for the need for social media?. It’s exclusive.

Because there are innumerable benefits of Social media marketing to the fashion industry. From entrepreneur to a seasoned veteran to small boutique vendors, all will get a brand new success with the enormous infusion of social media tactics to their business.

Benefits of Social media marketing to the Fashion industry Network

1. It reinforces brand awareness and credibility

Social media is the best platform to showcase your fashion studio and it acts as the best medium for brand recognition. Enhance your brand’s awareness and increase your following in all social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest by presenting all your designer collections. Businesses can create more awareness by conducting photo fashion shows and events on the aforementioned social networks. Fashion brands in social media can help fashion-conscious people to acquire fashion trend information through social media.

2. It increases customer engagement and loyalty

As people spent a lot of time on social media, it is not a tough task to attract new customers through social media. Content, quality, regular posts related to the fashion industry are three factors that make any visitor a loyal customer. You can increase customer engagement through exclusive offers and deals and engage them by showcasing various designer collections.

3. Social networks impact buying decisions

Most of the people search for designing trends and latest fashions and aware of them through social networks only. It acts as a word of mouth so any matter can spread within seconds. Your business pages’ likes, shares, comments, etc. will influence and be a huge impact on the customers’ purchasing decisions.

4. Demographic targeting and retargeting

It is a vital reason why social media brings success to any business. Millennia is the targeted customer for the fashion industry and social media is a customized platform where fashion retailers can target the audience demographics wise such as gender, age, location, hashtags, etc. Besides, it is very easy to track user behavior patterns online. Based on these signals, you can target specific and the right audience and promote your business. Also, fashion brands can remarket their collections by retargeting them.

5. It maximizes conversion rates

Increased conversion rate is the core benefit of social media marketing that helps in hitting the sales funnel. Fashion trends can increase the conversion rates through Facebook marketing that includes Facebook ads in which you can target custom or lookalike audience as per your preferences. Also, you can increase sales growth through Facebook retargeting campaigns.

Instagram maximizes conversion rates because it is a visual platform that is the best platform to showcase the latest fashions and collections. Using the right hashtags, high-quality images, attention-grabbing content clicks well.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a highly visual medium in which people discover the latest fashions and trends. Plan well to pin your collections with the right hashtags so that you can grab more eyeballs on your brand.

Sharing user-generated content (UGC) will give a positive impact on the brand and helps in hitting the sales funnel. These are some top social media strategies to include in your marketing bucket list. Test and trial different strategies and implement what works well.

6. It gives low to zero overhead cost

No need for expensive expenditures any more in this digital arena. Creating and implementing top social media campaigns and strategies are free to cost-effective. The availability of analytics helps fashion retailers help in their expending habits. It helps them how to spend the budget effectively without a loss. Thus, it gives them a low to zero overhead cost and doubles revenue.

7. It is an effective marketing tool

Whether you want to get high traffic, brand loyalty; provide better customer service; increase the sales volume, social media acts as a marketing tool for your fashion and apparel industry. You can streamline your business process and marketing strategy more effectively with the help of social networks.

Why is social media marketing necessary for the fashion industry?

Nowadays, social media marketing is an industry-standard for fashion brands. Therefore, taking advantage of this online space is necessary and making sure that your industry stands out as the best among your rivals. So if you implement a social media strategy for your fashion application, it offers various benefits such as:

Connecting with your audience:

It is essential to be up to date with the new trends related to fashion and its thought leadership for creating a close connection with your customers. And also for building the followers with enthusiasm. When Facebook updates the business insights, it highlights the brand value significance.

Implementation of advertising campaigns:

You can utilize social media for paid marketing. A significant presence on the social media platform will lead your company to success. You can even provide rewards to your followers with exclusive offers and deals to the users on social media platforms individually.

Raise brand awareness:

Although you are not using a social media platform for promoting your fashion brand, having your brand on a specific platform will automatically increase loyalty and brand awareness.

Providing fantastic customer service:

When your users already have a presence on social media, they wish to interact with customer support from the different choices of the platforms. Therefore, allowing the customers to talk with your business team in their manner offers an excellent service. In addition, it is beneficial to enhance positive feedback and brand image.

Driving traffic to your mobile application:

Social media platforms offer you different chances to drive traffic to your mobile app or website instead of sending traffic to product pages. You can also acquire a bigger audience by looking at your look books, landing pages, and official blogs for sales and special offers. In addition, promoting mobile applications on social media will increase the installs.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is crucial for your entire strategy while handling social media accounts. The budget for this marketing increases after every passing year, where 17% of the companies think of spending more than half of the budget on this marketing method. You can find different ways to work with influencers to spread brand awareness and increase sales. They are -


The brands of the fashion industry can gift items to the influencers. It is to review or share based on their wish. It is the method of influencer marketing that is effective for the confident brands that a specific product will be highly rated later.

Placement of product:

The product placement is a paid agreement for sharing your products on a particular influencer’s social media account. For instance, sharing it on TikTok, snap, or Instagram. Therefore, it's essential to match advertising standards when you spend on product placement, like embedding the text in the description, clearly showing that it is a form of paid advertising.

Collaboration -

Working closely with an influencer will help you create blog posts, look books, and other curated content formats on your in-app, different social media channels, and website. This information can be cross-promoted on the influencer’s accounts and yours. The collaboration type is to offer an influencer a discount code. The code can be shared with their customers. You can later use a unique code to identify the sales allotted to the marketing method.

Social Media Marketing for the Fashion Industry: Four Best Practices

Below are the four best practices to help you get the most out of your everyday content.

Integration of social media:

Integrating social media into your application can increase the driving traffic to your app. It will make users share the content of their in-apps among different channels of social media. For instance, if your fashion application allows you to create lookbooks, they also need to share these things with followers and friends.

Post frequency:

When you post content too often, the end-users will unfollow and get irritated. It will not allow you to accomplish your brand’s full potential on social media platforms. Developing planning and monitoring social media output will enable end-users to manage content to flow steadily. And provide an analysis for interacting with followers and gaining them.

Variety is Key:

Having a content strategy that is mixed often operates among the channels of a brand’s social media. It allows you to prevent the account from being unengaging and impersonal. It is better to share different shareable content, look books, blog content, etc. The mixture of the overall strategy includes distinct formats that make use of other characteristics accessible on every social media channel.

User Engagement: 

You and your team need to develop a voice for communicating directly and publicly with the end-users. For example, various brands succeed on social media platforms by enabling their marketing team to talk with consumers through direct messaging, tweets, and comment sections.

Wrapping Up:

In a nutshell, let social media marketing be a brand ambassador for your fashion industry and social networks are the channels to present your fashion trends and designer collections effectively to millions.

Reach out to the best Digital marketing company to get the aforementioned benefits from social media marketing to your fashion industry Network.

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